Why yes, indeed.
It is your friendly neighborhood gremlin.

Alison Jane P. de Silva.
1993 • Lipa City, PH • BS Computer Science
Freelance digital illustrator and web, print & graphics designer

(All of which does not explain this, I know.)

(Like I said, I write in my free time.)

(I needed somewhere to dump all this stuff in.)
(Wattpad is confusing, Tumblr is a void and a hellsite,
and Inkitt wasn’t working for me either. So.)


Anyways! You’ll learn more about me reading my stories above anything.

You can also find me in the internet at these other addresses:

  • Curiousest.Net – a playground and a collective.
  • Creative Sites:
    • Art & Lit Blog – regularly updated Tumblr blog containing both original and fandom-related art and written works.
    • Art Portfolio – professional digital illustrations and recent designs.
    • Redbubble | TeePublic – online shops for merch of some of my art.
  • Social Media:
    • Twitter – regularly updated Twitter containing art, fic updates and irl shenanigans
    • Facebook – duh?
    • Instagram – a photo diary of sorts.

Wanna get in touch?

  • You may e-mail me via ali@curiousest.net
    You may also leave a comment here in the site
    …or just message me in any of the sites above, really.
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