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Posted on July 18, 2018 by Ali

I spent a full week proof-reading some of my works and setting up this here website, and now this little corner of the internet is open. My sucky writing is now out (again) and y’all can read it here. Most of these pieces may look familiar, and that’s because they may have already been posted in Inkitt and Tapas before.

Anyways, for the first update, I’m presenting¬†Homemade Dynamite (yes, from the Lorde song). It’s about three very interesting characters who are all close to my heart. Right now, it’s got two short stories, drafts I’ve previously kept only to myself. It’s a bit different than my usual brand of fluff and cuteness, and you’ll probably find out why if you read it. Heed the rating warning, though!

So! Welcome to my new fic archive. Feel free to look around and read some. If you do, don’t be a stranger! Do leave a comment, they mean a lot!

– Ali


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