So, you're here...

Howdy! I’m Ali, I love stories and so I write some on my free time.

This here little library is where I dump my original fiction, short stories and some comics. A lot of them are yet-to-finished, unpolished works, but I love them all the same.

Feel free to look around and read anything that may catch your fancy, and do leave a comment to let me know you dropped by!



  • Added 'The Road Home' series with 2 stories for #OldContentOctober ^^


  • The whole Curiousest Network was down for a bit due to problems with our former host. The site is back now, up & running well and is now being maintained solely by me!


  • 'Eraser' has been revamped into 'Gabby vs. the Friendzone'. I really like this version better.

  • 'Late Luck' short story has been updated. Comics were re-drawn too!

  • These were both sold as chapbooks in the Komura fair.


(COLLECTION)Stories: 2 Rating: T

Cor Aut Mors, lit. "Love or Death". Independent stories about the members of Dwyre House, a noble family of weaponsmiths, warriors and enchanters. (Original concepts and characters taken from an old unfinished novel.)

(SERIES, HIATUS)Stories: 2 Rating: T

Four young travelers - a librarian with a gift for finding lost books, a huntress with a list of places to go, an artist longing for a purpose and a healer with a special connection to nature - find themselves on a journey together.

(SERIES, ON-GOING)Chapters: 2/3 Rating: M

Andrei and Tristan had always been an odd but perfect fit, and they've settled into their odd but perfect normalcy. Hunter was new in town, and the two strangers who took him home from that one godawful party were the most fascinating people he'd met yet.

(SERIES, COMICS, HIATUS)Chapters: 7 Rating: G

Dunstan and Ezra are not normal high school kids. They're partner superheroes Luck and Chance! Together, they fight villains and they... well... they really quite suck at the whole secret identity thing.

(COLLECTION)Stories: 3 Rating: T

Some people were born with Gifts. When the hunt began for the laboratories to capture them, to study and weaponize, a group of ordinary and Gifted people stepped up to resist. They're not heroes, they're volunteers. They simply do what they can.


Andy fell for the age old tradition of falling in love with one’s best friend. Gabby believed there was nothing wrong with that – except that she was the best friend in question, and she didn’t feel quite the same as he did.

Words: 11,165 Rating: G

((Excerpt from an old unfinished novel)) Toni comes to work one day only for her little brothers to involve her in a mighty quest to interview the girl they both have a crush on.

Words: 5,233 Rating: G