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Posted on August 22, 2018 by Ali

Teeny update! This wasn’t planned at all, but I got encouraged by some wonderful people in Tumblr who were interested in more Dwyre stuff!

If you didn’t know already, I once worked on “Debauchery on Death”, which I always describe as a five-chapter novella that was two years in the making, a twisted dark love story involving magic and families and stuff. Then 17 year old me threw it in the trash when Game of Thrones suddenly blew up and everyone who I showed it to just compared my novel to it. Haha… ha.

While I did lose interest in the main story, some characters really stuck with me, namely the Dwyres, a noble family of weaponsmiths, warriors and enchanters. They’re interesting because while other noble families prioritizes power, ambition and wealth in arranging their marriages, their motto is to always follow their hearts and marry for love.

So! I made the collection “Cor Aut Mors”, to hold my Dwyre fam stuff, just in case there are more. It now contains “The Archer”, previously posted as a stand-alone story here, and now dug up and edited from my old pile of side-stories is “The Soldier” which features those two disaster gays Nyle and Garrett here. Hope you enjoy reading that, if you would. Imma go back to writing my original series The Road Home, comin’ up really soon!


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