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Cor Aut Mors, lit. "Love or Death". Independent stories about the members of Dwyre House, a noble family of weaponsmiths, warriors and enchanters. (Original concepts and characters taken from an old unfinished novel.)

Stories: 2 • Rating: T Genre: drama, family, fantasy, romance


Four young travelers - a librarian with a gift for finding lost books, a huntress with a list of places to go, an artist longing for a purpose and a healer with a special connection to nature - find themselves on a journey together.

Stories: 2 • Rating: T Genre: family, friendship, romance, fantasy, adventure


Andrei and Tristan had always been an odd but perfect fit, and they've settled into their odd but perfect normalcy. Hunter was new in town, and the two strangers who took him home from that one godawful party were the most fascinating people he'd met yet.

Stories: 2 • Rating: M Genre: drama, friendship, humor, romance


Dunstan and Ezra are not normal high school kids. They're partner superheroes Luck and Chance! Together, they fight villains and they... well... they really quite suck at the whole secret identity thing.

Chapters: 7 • Rating: GGenre: action, friendship, humor, romance


Some people were born with Gifts. When the hunt began for the laboratories to capture them, to study and weaponize, a group of ordinary and Gifted people stepped up to resist. They're not heroes, they're volunteers. They simply do what they can.

Chapters: 3 • Rating: TGenre: action, family, friendship, romance, science fiction, slice of life