We Are Young

24 Jun 2015
Part 1 of We Are Young

They’re teenagers, they’re young and they can worry about love and life.

A collection of character and relationship-centric, interrelated stories about some students of Fairy Gakuen.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 23
Words: 377,513

We Are Young

Chapter 3
All Your Life


..aka “Juvia Is Gray-sama’s One and Only”

Chapter Notes:

We’re on our third track! Thanks for the reviews, everyone. Now before the chapter, let me answer some questions…

Why didn’t Lucy and Natsu get together at the end? — I honestly don’t prefer fics where everyone pairs up one after the other. There are different phases and progressions of love and while I will ship these ships till the end of the universe, I don’t want all their stories to be the same. Besides, not all chapters are gonna be “romantic” chapters too. Lucy’s wasn’t intended to be NaLu at all, but when you get Lucy, Natsu comes with the package and well… yeah, it went that way. 🙂

Why are Gray and Cana flatmates? — I’m still world-building but that shall be partially answered in this track.

Why is Loke Lucy’s bodyguard? — Because I have a backstory for him and they all shouldn’t be classmates, dammit. I already put Mysto and Cana in different classes, so yeah.

Where are the others? — Soon!

Why are the chapters so different? — Because our characters have different problems.

Now, finally I present to you the longest chapter so far, because it is the epic love story of-… well, basically it’s just how Juvia and Gray got together and stuff, okay?

Hell, this is gonna be fluffy. Brace yourselves. Gruvia is coming.

Track 03: All Your Life
..aka “Juvia Is Gray-sama’s One and Only”

“Lately I’ve been writing desperate love songs and mostly singing them to the wall.
You could be the centerpiece of my obsession if you would notice me at all…”
— The Band Perry


Juvia, at seventeen, had a clear timeline: she fell in love when she was fifteen, confessed that love when she was sixteen and a half, and then she got that love returned exactly on her seventeenth birthday. This year, she had decided, was going to be her sweetest year.Lucy came in with Natsu’s cat early in the morning, teasing Gray about winning in a game of some sort, but Juvia only had her eyes for Gray. As soon as the raven-head headed over to her, Juvia was smiling her winning, adoring smile.“Good morning, Gray-sama!”Gray, whose seat was just in front of her, dropped his bag on his table and then sat on her desk. “Someone’s happy today.” Gray remarked, ruffling her neatly-combed hair, but Juvia didn’t mind.

“Of course! Juvia started the day by cooking Gray-sama’s lunch and filling it with love!” the girl held her hands to her chest as she declared her never-ending love for Gray and for cooking for Gray.

Gray simply chuckled and withdrew his hand. “Alright, alright. I get it. I’ll be eating your cooking for lunch again.”

Juvia looked hurt. “Is Gray-sama getting tired of Juvia’s cooking?”

“No! Your cooking’s the best.” he quickly said, then yawned. “I’m just a little sleepy.”

“Did Gray-sama stay up late?”

Gray rubbed his eyes. “Lucy kept me up all night. Damn.”

Then he realized what he just said and quickly turned to see his girlfriend glaring daggers at Lucy and then taking out a literal dagger to stab the blonde with—

“Shit! Juvi, oi, not that way! She and Natsu were over our place last night and we played a shooting game!”

Juvia quickly calmed down. “Oh.” then she smiled as if nothing happened, putting her dagger back in her bag… “Ahaha! Silly Juvia! Of course it was a game!”

Gray swallowed. “Y-Yeah— WHY DO YOU HAVE A KNIFE?”

The girl pouted. “It comes in handy sometimes.”

“You’re crazy.” Gray said with a small grin, poking the bluenette’s nose lightly. Juvia blushed. She knew that between them, it was Gray’s own subtle way of showing affection. For a while she was content to watch her beloved Gray-sama as he greeted their other classmates who were just coming in. Max and Warren headed for him and soon Gray stood up from Juvia’s desk and the boys started talking.

Juvia will never forget the day she confessed her undying affections for her Gray-sama. Everything had been a big surprise and it took the joint efforts of their friends to get them together.

Levy was a good actress. She convinced Juvia to practice for her confession and pretend that Levy was Gray. Juvia had told them that she had been wanting to confess for months, and Levy was being her kind self, wanting to help Juvia by helping her practice what to say.“J-Ju-Juvia-… ahhh! Levy-chan, I can’t do this!”Levy had smiled then and pat her fellow bluenette on the shoulder. “I think you’re just afraid, Juvia-chan! Why don’t you try closing your eyes? It helps me when I’m afraid…”Juvia nodded and, facing Levy, closed her eyes, clenched her hands together and stammered out her words: “Juvia has been admiring Gray-sama since the day they met, and.. and..”

Levy’s voice urged her gently. “And what, Juvia? I’m listening.”

Juvia, blushing harder than ever, covered her face with her hands and shouted out her confession: “Juvia is in love with Gray-sama! Juvia probably doesn’t deserve someone as great and magnificent as Gray-sama, but… b-but Juvia thinks that Gray-sama has the right to know, a-a-and, J-Juvia would be honored to go out with Gray-sama, but of course Juvia will honor Gray-sama’s decision if he chooses to reject Juvia because after all, Juvia is just another admirer, although Juvia can assure Gray-sama that Juvia loves him best…”

Lucy and Natsu were the miracle-makers. They fooled Gray into following them to where the girls were rehearsing. Well, that was the easy part — the miracle part was that they got Gray to NOISELESSLY go with them. How they did that, Juvia didn’t necessarily know.

When Juvia opened her eyes, Gray was standing in front of her, cheeks stained red and expression slightly embarassed, but desperately holding his ground. “Um, yo.”


In her peripheral vision, Juvia noted a head of blue hair and an orange headband disappearing behind a nearby wall.

It was a set-up.

“Juvia.” Gray sighed, he didn’t know what to do — Juvia had been his friend and then this happens, and it all just feels so goddamn awkward.

“GRAY-SAMA!” Juvia tried to prevent her tears, but she eventually broke down. “Juvia is so sorry, Juvia will just go away now—”

“Are you cry— Oh, come on—”

The crying bluenette made to turn. “Oh no, you must hate Juvia now—”


“Juvia understands! It was a bad confession!”

Gray gaped. “Wha—”

“Juvia promises Gray-sama that he will never see Juvia again—”

Gray grabbed both of her wrists and pulled her to face him. “Juvia, listen to me.”

Juvia sniffed miserably. “Juvia will always listen to Gray-sama.”


Another sniff. Gray realized what he was doing and quickly let go of the young woman’s wrists, then kept his hands in his pockets to keep himself from fidgeting. He looked away. “Is everything you just said true?”

Juvia looked up at him, still teary. “Juvia will never lie to Gray-sama!”

Gray rolled his eyes. “Does Gray-sama have to be Levy for Gray-sama to know what you feel about him?”

The girl looked down then, fiddling with her school skirt. “Juvia was just practicing…”

“Alright.” Gray breathed out, trying to think of what to say next and making it sound rational. “Um, Juvia.”

She didn’t speak — she just kept fidgeting…

Gray sighed and although it took some effort, he finally got himself to raise a hand and pat the girl on the head. It was incredibly awkward but he thought that it was the least he could do to make her feel that everything’s okay. “I’m probably the one here who doesn’t deserve someone like you, alright? I’m not as magnificent and great as you make me out to be—”

“But Gray-sama is the best!” Juvia insisted.

“Well if I am, you’re twice that.” Gray said, looking her in the eye, and Juvia did everything in her power not to melt.

Juvia was looking at him as if she didn’t understand a word.

“Do you understand?”

“Juvia is still trying to.”

Gray groaned. “Here. Thing is, I don’t want you putting yourself down. Don’t ever think you’re just another admirer as you just said. You’re my friend.”

Juvia seemed to react the opposite way Gray expected her to. Gray wanted her to feel better, but the next thing he knew, she was about to start crying again. “I-I-Is Gray-sama permanently friendzoning Juvia?”


A little light of hope — “Gray-sama is just temporarily friendzoning Juvia…?”

“Noooo…” Gray was in the middle of giving up, but Juvia remembered how hard he persevered. ‘No one is friendzoning anyone-… Except Natsu and Lucy, but that’s not important.’ — in the background they heard a ‘WHAT?!’ from someone who sounded like Natsu. “Just shut up and just answer my question for a while, okay? You want us to go out?”

“I-I-It would make Juvia so happy, but if Gray-sama—”

“Will the offer still stand tomorrow?”

Juvia opened her mouth to speak and seemed to struggle on how to answer, then, teary-eyed, she said, “T-T-T-The offer will stand until the universe ends, Gray-sama!”

Gray flinched at the high-pitched squeals from behind the bushes. “Then let me think about it until tomorrow, alright?”

“Juvia doesn’t know how to thank Gray-sama for even considering!”

They ended up dating for six months: Juvia in seventh heaven and Gray in an awkward but determined phase. He didn’t want to admit it, but he’s very fond of the girl. He found himself walking her home sometimes, going on the occasional movie and taking initiative to sometimes be the first one to text ‘goodnight’. For Juvia it was a dream come true. For Gray it was a lot of adjustment, but when your girlfriend appreciates every tiny bit of effort you give to pay attention to her, you feel at ease. Gray took his time, but pretty soon, the girl clinging to his arm and cooking him lunch and calling him every night for a short chat had been part of his routine. Juvia was a sweet girl. It’s hard not to appreciate her.Juvia was just happy that Gray was accommodating her so well.

It was on Juvia’s seventeenth birthday when they came across Gray’s other rival (he counts Natsu in) — Lyon Bastia ( “that bastard” as Gray called him) and the young man fell in love with Juvia at first sight.Lyon was on the middle of his speech of true love, carrying Juvia bridal style in his arms, when Gray promptly pulled his girlfriend aside for a pep talk, saying things like being careful and not going anywhere near Lyon and not listening to Lyon, murdering Lyon if she feels like it…Juvia blinked. “Is Gray-sama jealous?”Gray blushed and pouted, trying to keep cool. “I have the right.”

That caught the girl off-guard. She stared at the young man she adored with every fibre of her being and decided it was the right time to cry. Again. “Juvia is sorry that Gray-sama thought Juvia isn’t being faithful!”

“Oi, don’t be all mushy and teary and sorry and stuff! AGAIN!” Gray groaned, grabbing both of her hands and trying to get her to face him. Usually it was enough to calm her down, but this time she was definitely crying. Gray simply pulled her close so she can sob against his chest. “Calm down, Juvi. People are staring at us now.”

“Juvia is so sorry..” she mumbled against his shirt — oh hey, he had one on.

Gray, in defeat, slumped his head down on top of hers. IT WAS SO HARD TO TALK TO HER WHEN SHE’S CRYING! He sighed tiredly. “Juvia didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Gray-sama will always be Juvia’s one and only!”

“Yes, Gray-sama believes in Juvia. Gray-sama’s one and only is also Juvia so Juvia should stop crying now because Gray-sama is cool and Gray-sama doesn’t do this sort of thing in public.” Gray groaned out exasperatedly. He inwardly flinched when he realized that he had been talking in third person. ‘Talk to Juvia long enough and you’ll be talking like Juvi-.. err, her.’

Juvia cried harder. In happiness this time, but it was still quite a loud spectacle.

“Oh, hell.” Gray sighed.

Juvia smiled, remembering their ‘milestones’.Although she would have preferred it if that one time Gray finally called her a nickname, it had been ‘honey’, or ‘love’, or ‘darling’, or ‘sweetheart’… and not ‘waterworks’.Gray was now with the boys at the back of the classroom, talking about something that Juvia wasn’t able to catch. Juvia watched as Lucy joined in the fray, handing Happy to Natsu and the two teased each other about something before the blonde left the boys alone and went back to sit beside Erza. Juvia gets kinda envious of Lucy sometimes. Natsu practically drags her with him even when he’s with the other boys. Gray had a clear line defined between his girlfriend and his guys.Juvia looked down at her open math homework, a sketch of chibi Gray on the lower right corner of the page. It was a cute sketch. At the upper left, Gray drew a chibi version of her too, and she admired how her beloved Gray-sama has such artistic talent. She knew he was an ice sculptor but she didn’t expect him to be good in drawing too…

Then beside her chibi-self, there was an arrow and he labelled her ‘Waterworks’.

It’s been several months since Gray told her that she’s his one and only, and her beloved Gray-sama had been making her the happiest girl in the world. Almost.

Juvia was really really really happy, but it has been a few weeks since she last felt secure. Yes, Gray was still the ‘i-don’t-say-the-L-word’ type of boyfriend that he is, but in the past few weeks, Juvia has been feeling neglected. It wasn’t that she was being demanding — Gray-sama has his free will! — it was just that it looks like Gray had been keeping his distance. He approached her this morning with that little grin of his but Juvia is worried that Gray has been getting tired of her. Their last date had been last month and they haven’t been going out together after school like those first few months… Maybe she was being paranoid again, and Juvia, like any other girl, went to her girl friends for help. On their recess, Lucy, Levy and Erza found themselves listening to the girl’s laments.

“Gray-sama used to reply with a smiley! Now there are no smileys anymore!” she sniffed, looking disdainfully at her phone, and her friends think it might be a bit much.

“Juvia…” Lucy started. She wanted to be gentle but she knew that she should be harsh sometimes. “That’s a bit much.”

Levy agreed.

“Well, it’s not really the smileys that Juvia is worried about the most.” Juvia sighed. “It’s something Gajeel-kun said.”

At the mention of the name, Levy turned just a little more attentive. She and Gajeel had always been… an issue with each other. Levy envied Juvia in that aspect: Juvia and Gajeel were flatmates and Juvia was the only person Gajeel really talked to, as both of them were old friends. Levy wanted to be Gajeel’s friend too, but for the meantime, the smaller bluenette prioritized her friend’s problem. “What did he say?”

“Gajeel-kun said that Gray-sama is a jerk.” Juvia says, disappointed.

“Juvia…” Erza kindly pointed out. “Gajeel thinks everyone is a jerk.”

‘Including himself.’ Levy thought bitterly.

“He says Gray-sama doesn’t treat Juvia right. He says Gray-sama doesn’t even walk Juvia home or buy Juvia presents or tells Juvia that her cooking is good or appreciates Juvia enough, and he says that Gray-sama totally ignores Juvia. And Juvia realized that she can’t even tell Gajeel-kun that he’s wrong, except the cooking part because Gray-sama says Juvia’s cooking is God. And Gray-sama still pays attention to Juvia, although he’s always too busy with his parttime jobs or going to play with the other guys and… well, Gray-sama talks to Juvia in the mornings and at lunch but then… it’s been almost a year since Gray-sama and Juvia began dating but Gray-sama hadn’t told Juvia that he loves Juvia yet… Juvia knows that Gray-sama can be a shy person but—”

The girls stare, because Gajeel did have a point. No matter how affectionate your boyfriend is, you’d still want him to say that one word… even for once, right?

“…But I love Gray-sama so much and he’s being so kind to Juvia. He told Juvia that she is his only one!”

But that one time really shouldn’t be enough, Juvia knew. She still thinks that Gray cares for her, but she has also been overlooking the fact that she loves him more than he loves her. Everyone can see that. Everyone KNEW. Maybe it’s enough for now. Maybe it won’t be enough later.

Juvia was very worried about that. Maybe she was being the overly-attached girlfriend. It’s just that…

“Juvia wants to know what Gray-sama really feels for her, but Juvia is afraid that Gray-sama will think that Juvia doesn’t believe in him. Gray-sama cares for Juvia, but maybe he will.. get tired of caring for Juvia and…”

“Oh, Juvi…” Lucy sighed, rubbing the bluenette’s back. Juvia is overly-emotional, but this time Lucy thought that Juvia is being reasonable for once. “We understand, okay?”

“You don’t.” Juvia groaned. They wouldn’t understand — “Natsu-san gives Lucy-san everything. Erza-san has a suitor who will bring her cake everyday. Levy-chan has all of Jet-san’s and Droy-san’s attentions.”

“Wha-… No!” Lucy and Erza were both about to start ranting about friendship and boundaries but Levy cut them both off.

“Here’s an idea.” the smaller bluenette started. “Gray would just blush and try to avoid the topic anyway, so why don’t you ask Cana?”

Erza, Juvia and Lucy looked at her and Levy simply smiled cheerfully and confidently. “Cana?”

“She’ll know.” Erza nodded.

Levy followed up. “I grew up with them, Juvia. Cana knows Gray best. In that girl-best-friend sort of way, of course! And they’ve live together!”

Juvia looked down — of course Cana will know. Cana-san and Gray-sama had no parents or close relatives left and they’re alike in a way that they’re both independent, working multiple jobs at a time and saving up for college. At first, Juvia suspected Cana because they were so close, but Cana has proved over and over that Gray was her best friend and she just wanted to tease Gray because “HE’S SO GODDAMN STUPID SOMETIMES, MAN! AND SO SHY! HE’S NEVER KISSED A GIRL BEFORE — BELIEVE ME, I TRIED — OH HERE, DRINK UP!” Juvia was loved by her parents in France and she’s living in the flat they’re paying for her. Gajeel, being her only friend from her rebellious days as part of the Phantom Gang (which she has long since abandoned because she has resolved to be a better woman for Gray-sama) is her freeloader. Gajeel really didn’t intrude much. He just came up to her flat one day, saying he disowned himself from his dysfunctional broken family and asking her if he can sleep in her couch. Of course, Juvia said yes — he was a friend, after all. So Gajeel slept on the couch with his black cat and he stuffed his belongings in one of the empty cupboards. Then he never left and Juvia never tried to make him leave. She felt less lonely when Gajeel was around. Besides, he may look like a delinquent, but Gajeel was a very honest and thoughtful young man. Gajeel willingly washes the dishes and cleans up on his free time.

So Juvia thought that what Gajeel is to her, Cana is to Gray. The two pairs were kind of an ironic parallel that way.

And if anyone asked her for advise on Gajeel, she will wholeheartedly answer.

So right — if Cana cares about Gray just as much as Juvia cares for Gajeel, Juvia will trust the brunette.

At lunchbreak, Juvia stood up excitedly and tugged on Gray’s sleeve. He looked back at her and she said, “Gray-sama, would you like to have lunch with Juvia? Juvia cooked lunch for you…” She hoped she’s not being clingy… It’s normal for young couples to have lunch together, right? They’ve had lunch together before, too. Gray didn’t seem to mind eating his meal with her.Gray smiled but he removed her hand from his sleeve and squeezed it gently. “Save it for later, okay? I’ll be going somewhere. We’ll come back before classes start again.”“Where is Gray-sama going?” the bluenette asked, pouting.“We got a bone to pick with some Oracion Seis bastards. I’m going with Natsu and Elfman and the other guys. Don’t pout.” he lightly pinched her cheek and she nodded timidly. “We got it covered.”

Juvia watched him go as she held on to the bento. Just as he disappeared from sight, she realized something and immediately called out, “GRAY-SAMA, YOUR CLOTHES!”

“Aw, crap!” he dashed back inside the room in just his boxers, grabbed his clothes and then ran out without a second look back.

Gray hurriedly ate his bento two minutes before classes resumed because that was when they were able to come back — and then he thanked Juvia like always. He gained a bruise beside his lips from the lunch brawl but he insisted that he’s alright. Juvia tried to fuss and the best she was able to do is get him an ice pack. He sighed and pressed the pack to his bruise anyway, shooting Natsu the finger as the pink-head sniggered at the entire exchange.

In the afternoon, he asked her where she was headed after school. “Juvia will be going straight home after swim club training.”

“Good. Take care on your way.” he said dismissively. Juvia had thought that he asked because he was planning on spending some time with her. She looked down, but quickly scolded herself because maybe she was being too hopeful. “I’ll be going to the arcade with the guys.”

Juvia tried not to dwell on the fact that Gray simply decided not to invite her, while in her peripheral vision, she saw Natsu practically pulling Lucy to go with them too, and they weren’t even going out. She really hated the comparison, but again she envied how Lucy has Natsu, who paid her every bit the attention he can spare. Juvia dismissed the thought quickly — Gray-sama is different from Natsu-san. Very different. If Juvia wanted that kind of relationship, she would have fallen for Natsu-san, yes?

Still, she had to try. “Um, does Gray-sama want to drop by Juvia’s flat after the arcade?”

“What would I go there for?”

“Maybe you could join Juvia and Gajeel-kun for dinner?”

“Nah, I’ll be fine. Will eat out. See you tomorrow.”

She watched him go again and then she took a moment to feel disappointed. She was about to head over to swimming club when a hand rested on her shoulder.

“We’ll just have dinner without stripperjerk.” a rough voice said.

Juvia looked up and met black eyes and a face studded with piercings. Gajeel. She defended her boyfriend: “Gray-sama will just be tired after playing in the arcade with his friends and Juvia understands that.”

“Whatever. What are you cooking anyway?”

Juvia was worried about dinner for a while before an idea hit her and she looked up at Gajeel again. “Juvia is sorry. Juvia will be going somewhere else after swim club.”

“Eh? What about dinner? Lily doesn’t like my cooking!”

Juvia raised an eyebrow. “That’s why we have cat food in the cupboard. So only Gajeel-kun suffers from his own cooking.”

Gajeel sighed. “Fine. Where exactly are you going?”

“Juvia will have a short talk with Cana-san. What happened to Gajeel-kun’s face?” Juvia tried to reach out to the bruise beside her flatmate’s lips, but Gajeel leaned away.

“I was in the fight this lunch. Tag-teamed with Salamander and Frosty when the big guy got punched.”

“Is Elfman-san alright?”

“’Course he is. Big guy that he is.”

“Gajeel-kun should put something in his bruise.”

“I’m alright— Wait.” Gajeel stared at her, squinting his eyes and leaning forward to study her face.

Juvia cocked her head to the side and blinked up at him. “What is it?”

“You’re sad, aren’t ya?”

Juvia blinked repeatedly, looking away from him. “W-Wha-… Gajeel-kun?”

Gajeel shook his head and waved her away. “Nevermind. Just don’t go crying on random people, you’ll drown them.”

“Gajeel-kun!” Juvia looked at her best friend as he walked past her, slinging his bag behind his shoulder.

“Be back home before midnight or I’m locking the door!” he called, a few meters away.

Juvia simply pouted, then shouted back — “Juvia has keys! It’s Juvia’s flat, anyway!”

“Wow, someone’s taking things seriously.” the swim club coach, a blue-haired woman everyone called Aquarius, remarked as the whole team watched their star swimmer break her record for the third time in a single training session.Juvia came up the water and asked for her time, which one of the other girls were quick to provide alongside another congratulations.“Juvia is just focused today.” Juvia said, waving away her teammate’s compliments.“Alright, next! Bisca!” Aquarius called. Bisca Moulin stepped forward and began stretching, then eased herself into the pool and began her laps. While the other girls watched, Aquarius sat down beside Juvia. “Lockser, you mad at someone?”

“E-Eh? Not really… Juvia is just thinking hard about something.” Juvia answered her coach’s questions.

“Most people have a decrease in performance when they’re distracted, you know.”

“That’s just the way Juvia is…” the student looked down.

“If that’s the case, I would’ve preferred you to be distracted if it’s not so unhealthy.” the coach rolled her eyes. “Boyfriend issues?”

Juvia looked up, then shook her head. “N-No! Juvia is distracted with other things…”

Aquarius huffed. “Oh, who’re you kidding? Ya finally notice that you’re too good for that boy?”

The girl followed her automatic urge to defend her boyfriend — “Sensei shouldn’t talk about Gray-sama that way! Gray-sama is great and everything!”

The woman smirked and pat the girl on the head. “Aww, you’re so in love! I remember me and Scorpio…”

With that, Juvia knew that her coach was a lost cause. When Aquarius starts talking about her fiancee, everything else disappears around the woman.

Juvia watched for a while as Bisca surfaced from the water with a happy smile on her face when the timer said that she made a good time. Bisca then grabbed a towel and sat next to Juvia, ignoring their frantically talking coach. “Don’t listen to sensei, Juvi.” the green-haired girl said. “I’ve known Gray since junior high and I can see he adores you.”

“Juvia thanks Bisca-san for the encouragement.” Juvia smiled, blushing.

“I think he’s just having trouble with his priorities. You know, he has like five part-time jobs and senior year and you and his other friends. Give him time.”

“Bisca-san is being very wise.”

Bisca laughed. “Nah, it just comes with knowing people long enough! Besides, I share all my classes with Cana and she thinks it’s really cute that Gray likes you very much.”


“Yep! Have you talked to Cana yet?”

“N-Not yet… Juvia is just planning to.”

“Good decision. I’m sure she can help you. Oh, if you’ll hear her, you’re gonna cheer up so much.”

Juvia headed to Gray’s and Cana’s flat after swim club. Two friends have said the same advise now. Even though Juvia was comforted by Bisca saying Gray cares for her more than he shows after all, she is still going to make the best out of things. She may be a little bit paranoid but Juvia was just that kind of girl.

“Good evening, Cana-san!”

Cana blinked when she found Juvia in their doorstep. “Juvia! Come in. Gray’s… out with the guys, I think.”

“Juvia knows that. Juvia is here for Cana-san.” the bluenette said with an enthusiastic smile, letting herself in. “Cana-san has no work tonight?”

“I took the night off. I got paid double yesterday anyway.” Cana said, closing the door behind her guest. “What’s up?”

“Juvia is sorry for visiting without warning…” Juvia started, sitting down on the couch. Cana had apparently been watching TV while eating snacks, being a couch potato for once. Juvia ignored the obvious smell of beer and the ten or so cans in the floor, although she wondered how in the world Cana is still standing and talking like a normal person.

“No, it’s alright. I’m used to it.” the other girl replied, remembering the previous night’s affair with Natsu, Lucy and zombies. When Juvia looked at her in confusion, Cana quickly followed her statement up: “I mean, with people just barging in. We have a jolly set of friends, y’know that!”

“Oh.” Juvia smiled, relieved that she was not really being a bother. She accepted Cana’s offer of a pack of cheese-flavored potato chips.

“So what’s up?”

Juvia sat down. “Juvia had been feeling bothered about something for a while now, and almost all of Juvia’s friends told her that Cana-san can help me with it.”

“Yeah, what is it, then?”

The girl went straight to the point. “Juvia is worried that Gray-sama is getting tired of her.”

Cana stared.

Juvia blushed and looked down.

Cana sat up straight. “Excuse me?”

“Juvia is worried that—”

“Oh, no. WHY?”


Cana chuckled, abandoning her snacks and then giving Juvia a very amused grin. “Gray smiles like an idiot at the mention of your name, silly girl! He’s, like, this big stupid fanboy.”

“Eh?” Juvia said, truly confused this time.

“He likes you very very very VERY much.”

“Juvia knows that—”

“He’s more patient and… I don’t know, more… quiet? Trust me, Gray is freaking me out with the way he is since you two went out. It’s kind of cute.”

“Cana-san… Juvia doesn’t understand.” — Were they talking about the same guy..?

“Damn.” Cana said, trying to stop herself from laughing. “The idiot’s too shy to show you?”

“Gray-sama talks to Juvia normally—”

“Gray’s stupid.” Cana laughed this time. “He likes you a lot, Juvia. Believe me. And he’s so NOT tired of you.”

“Really?” Juvia said, a hint of a smile forming in her lips. “Everyone else says that but Juvia has been feeling like Gray-sama is growing distant. Juvia and Gray-sama’s last date was… last month…”

“Knowing Gray,” Cana said, rubbing her chin. “He probably just keeps forgetting about dates and stuff because he’s too busy.. um, gushing over you.”

“Juvia has never seen Gray-sama gush.”

“Gray gushes the Fullbuster way.”

“How is that?”

Cana cleared her throat, then crossed her arms across her chest, furrowed her brows and pouted in an effort to imitate her flatmate. When she spoke, her voice was several tones deeper. “I am Gray Fullbuster the mighty stripper and my girlfriend is a nice girl and, err, uhhh, she cooks good. Yeah. Um. She does cook good. And she’s a nice girl. And she swims.”

Juvia was confused.

Cana broke her pose and said, “That’s the Gray Fullbuster equivalent of saying that his girlfriend is the most wonderful girl in the world and he’s so in love with her.”

“And the swimming part?”

“Oh hell, girl. I swear he’s been trying his best to keep that nosebleed in whenever he sees you in your swimsuit.”

“Really?” — because maybe it’s the alchohol talking… but Juvia still hoped.

Cana looked at her with a confident smile. “Really! If you’re gonna ask him about any other girl — and this is by experience — his default answer is that ‘she’s okay’. But for him, you’re ‘nice’, and Gray is an idiot, so being ‘nice’ means a lot.”

“Cana-san knows Gray-sama a whole lot… Juvia still couldn’t fully understand but—”

“Oh hey, since you’re here and I’ve never had nice girl bonding in a while, d’you wanna see Gray’s baby pictures?”

Gajeel was a quiet, solitary guy and he really really liked being alone. That night, he was struggling with his math homework while eating instant noodles, his black cat Panther Lily eating the cat food Juvia bought. Gajeel didn’t want to risk both their lives by trying to eat whatever he cooked.They rarely have visitors, so it made him raise an eyebrow when the bell rang. He opened the door to see Gray panting heavily in front of him.“Is Juvia in?” the guest said, trying to catch his breath.“Isn’t she at your place?”


“Told me she’s gonna talk to your flatmate. The drunk one.”

“Cana.” Gray blinked. Why would Juvia-.. Crap, his girlfriend must be over at his place crying on Cana’s arms because he forgot what today is and promptly ignored her! Gray slapped a hand against his forehead and cursed. “Shit!”

“What?” Gajeel asked, one eyebrow raised.

Gray rubbed his temples tiredly. “I’m soooo stupid—”

“Oi, I’m warning you, Frosty. If you make Juvi upset, I’m gonna rip you to shreds—”

“I know! Gotta go now! See you at school, man!” Gray said hurriedly, then ran away.

Gajeel simply shook his head and closed the door. “She has poor taste.”

Lily meowed his agreement.

When Gray barged in the flat, Juvia and Cana were giggling at their old photo albums. But he will ignore that — he had to apologize to Juvia.He noted that she’s not crying, but what if Cana whipped up the baby pictures to cheer the girl up because Juvia HAD been crying?“Juvia!” he said, dumping his bags on the floor, catching both girls’ attentions.“Gray-sama!” Juvia said, almost dropping the album on the floor at Gray’s raised voice. He sounded… angry?

“Look, I’m sorry.” Gray said, looking troubled, crouching in the floor in front of her and shoving the photo album towards Cana. After freeing the bluenette’s hands, he held them in his. “If I knew that today was our monthsary, I would’ve gone with you to eat dinner together. I was mean, okay? I’m really sorry. Please don’t cry. Or have you cried already?”

They both stared at him.

“Monthsary?” Juvia asked, looking at him in confusion.

Gray paused. He had been sure! He set a memo on his phone for it ever since that one time he forgot and Juvia got upset… and then consequently all their friends (by all, he meant ALL, even the guys -coughGajeelcough-) got upset too and told him to go jump off a cliff and die for even forgetting such a special date. He had ignored the alarm earlier but when he checked the date, it was just right!

“Isn’t it?” he asked.

Juvia looked at the calendar in the wall, blushed, and then looked at Gray. “Gray-sama, Juvia is sorry! She forgot too!”

“What?” Gray blinked. Juvia never forgot a monthsary!

Cana sniggered, but they ignored her.

“Juvia forgot what day it is today, too.” Juvia said sheepishly. “Can Gray-sama forgive her?”

Gray grabbed at the chance of not being the bad boyfriend. He squeezed the young woman’s hands. “Of course! It’s not your fault! We’re-.. uh, let’s just call it even.”

“Hai.” Juvia nodded, finally realizing that all of their friends have been right after all. Gray’s not as distant towards her as he lets on. He was still holding her hands as he practically kneeled in front of her. It was basically the most romantic thing he had done. Ever.

Gray then had time to question why she was in his flat in the first place. “So what are you doing here?”

Cana answered for Juvia, covering up nicely for her friend. “We’re having some girl bonding, stripper. And it’s for girls only. So go away.”

“Give me a break! I ran all the way from the arcade and then to her apartment and then here!” Gray said, and all this time he was still panting heavily. He slumped his head against the nearest flat surface in front of him — which happened to be his girlfriend’s lap.

Juvia blushed and stuttered, but after a lack of what to say, she simply stroked his hair. “Gray-sama can rest all he wants!”

“You’re the best.” Gray mumbled against the bluenette’s skirt.

The girls exchanged looks and Cana winked at Juvia before she disappeared to the kitchen with the excuse of getting some beer to give the couple some space.

Gray sighed against his girlfriend’s lap and said, “Gray-sama is gonna die.” He couldn’t feel his legs. He had been going on adrenaline since a while ago because he knew how much of a crybaby the girl is. He hated it when she cries because she always looked like she’s gonna drown all of Magnolia.

“Gray-sama shouldn’t say that.” Juvia reprimanded gently.

“What is it with this flat and random lovebirds just deciding to make out in my living room?” Cana called from the kitchen. “Last night it was Natsu and Lucy—”

“We’re not making out!” Gray shouted. He looked up at Juvia, who was smiling contentedly at him. ‘Hey’, he whispered, reaching up to poke the girl’s cheek. “We’ll have lunch together tomorrow, okay? I promise I won’t be going out with the guys to beat shit up. Not tomorrow, anyway.”

Juvia simply nodded, feeling her chest well up with happiness. After a while of looking back adoringly at her boyfriend, tears started to fall from her eyes.

Gray doubled over. “Oh shit. Waterworks.”

She finally burst into tears and all out sobs. “Gray-sama is being so kind! Juvia was being paranoid but Gray-sama cares about her after all! Juvia is so sorry for being paranoid! Juvia is so sorry because she thought Gray-sama doesn’t love her! Juvia is so sorry for being clingy and paranoid and annoying and worrying too much and she must have been so—”

Gray desperately tried to get her to stop. “Juviaaaaa! Argh, don’t-… don’t cry, dammit! It’s okay — you’re crazy, that’s fine! That’s totally fine, okay?”

Cana laughed at him from the counter and teased him about making his girlfriend cry, Gray struggled to make Juvia stop, and Juvia was just content to cry her heart out because she was worried about nothing after all.

Chapter Notes:

We’re meeting more and more characters~

I just kinda figured out that after a bout of being bashful about it, when Gray finally addresses Juvia’s feelings, he’ll be mature about it. I guess that’s just the way I see him.

Now yes, there will be more chapters on the boys’ sides upcoming! But not all the stories here will be romance-centric. Take for example, the chap coming up next…

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