Update Log


12/01/2023 – Website is up! As mentioned in the intro, I am still in the process of migrating my works from Ao3, FF.Net, Tumblr, and the depths of my hard drive. All pages should be functional though, and you can browse the archive by tags, series, fandoms, ships, etc. This is still the barebones of the archive, but I’ll be adding new features eventually as we go.

Soon: dark mode, “read all chapters”, maybe a better filter? but it’s a busy month ahead so we’ll see lol

Dev Updates

(but like,, there’s no dev team ok, it’s just me, adding things i like, pls be kind, this is a hobby)
(tho if u see anything wrong/broken, pls contact me!)

December 6, 2023

Most of the fics/stories have been migrated in here, except ones I still want to edit or revamp.
Might make those my main writing project next year. It'll be fun to revisit and explore old stories. ^-^


Quick Scroll-to-Top/Bottom buttons at the corner of the page


Story/chapter links go straight to beginning of work/chapter instead of the intro heading


Minor bug when sorting works under a series

December 1, 2023

Website is up! Adding Disqus Comments plugin temporarily. Let's see how it holds up 😛
Also we have an Archive Index now! Fic migration is still ongoing.


Archive Index page for easy access to all tags, series and ship archives


Disqus comment plugin for interactivity

November 13, 2023

Finished the first version of the site theme. Primary/barebones features are here - tags, series, story chapters, archives, etc.
Author page and contact info will lead back to Curiousest.Net for the meantime.


Started importing fics and stories while coding the theme. Need to find a host to upload this soon! 🙂

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