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Howdy! I’m Ali, I love stories and so I write some on my free time.

This here little library is where I dump my original fiction, short stories and some comics. A lot of them are yet-to-finished, unpolished works, but I love them all the same.

Feel free to look around and read anything that may catch your fancy,
and do leave a comment to let me know you dropped by!

Latest Updates

24 May '19

edits & revamps

Last May 18, I went to the Komura; Book Fair 2019 as a vendor! It was my first time being a vendor in an expo and it was such a fun experience!

I sold copies of two chapbooks: Late Luck – the short story edited and proofed, and the six-part comic re-drawn; and Gabby vs. the Friendzone – a revamped version of the short story ‘Eraser’ previously published here. I’m grateful for the lovely feedback on both of them!

So, it’s only right to update them here, too! Re-visit Late Luck, or read Gabby vs. the Friendzone! And as always, don’t be a stranger – leave a comment if you enjoyed it!

Novels & Series

Short Stories

Gabby vs. the Friendzone

Andy fell for the age old tradition of falling in love with one’s best friend. Gabby believed there was nothing wrong with that – except that she was the best friend in question, and she didn’t feel quite the same as he did.

Words: 11,265

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Pizza Girl

((Excerpt from an old unfinished novel)) Toni comes to work one day only for her little brothers to involve her in a mighty quest to interview the girl they both have a crush on.

Words: 5,285

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