19 Dec 2016

A series of AU drabbles and one-shots for Mira, Freed and Laxus.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 8
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Chapter 4
Part of Your World


Little Mermaid AU except it’s not really

Chapter Notes:



If Mira could speak, she would have exclaimed, “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?”

And she could speak. Really. Just… very quietly. Well, soundlessly. She had no voice.

Last time she remembered, the man-… merman-… apprentice sea-witch-… ugh. The creature. Now standing in front of her. It was him. He was the one who handed her that contract, explained the terms, watched her sign it, took her voice, changed her tail to legs, and saw her off. She left to be with her beloved, a human prince – but she only had three days to get true love’s kiss so she can keep her legs… or she dies.

Now he was standing in front of her, no tail, looking very human, his long green hair tied back behind his head. He was dressed like those other humans that her prince liked talking to during the feasts and celebrations. What were they called? Right. Nobles. He was dressed like a noble.

Mira knew he wouldn’t understand if she just gaped at him, so she made sure her expression looked scandalized enough as she made a gesture seemingly indicating the entirety of her ‘guest’, and then swept her arms outward, to point out their current surroundings.

What she meant to say was ‘What are you doing here in a human castle?’

He understood.

“Look, I’ve said it a million times, I’ll say it again… I’m doing my job.” he said, expression resigned. “My job is to make sure my mistress the evil sea-witch wins. All the time. Because she’s a sore loser with powers.”

She looked at him in confusion, shaking her head. ‘I don’t understand.’

He continued. “You’re doing a very good job working on getting that true love’s kiss, so she got angry – because she didn’t think you could make it at all, see. So I’m here to… be a distraction.”

‘Distraction.’ she mouthed, looking pointedly at him.

“I’m supposed to seduce this prince of yours.” he said. “Or just stop him from kissing you until sunset today, I guess.”

This time, she gaped. At least she’s sure that’s what it looked like as she tried to exclaim ‘WHAT?!’ voicelessly.

“Calm down. I won’t do it, I-… We can’t talk about this here. I’m not even supposed to be talking to you- She’s watching. I cast an enchantment to hide us for a while, but it’s already wearing off. I’ll explain, just… trust me, okay?”

She looked at him, a deep frown in her face. ‘Why should I trust you?’

“You don’t trust me. Right.” he rolled his eyes. “Look. I’m your friend. And I not only warned you about this, I tried to stop you. And even after that, I broke rules of a magical contract for you, under an evil sea-witch’s nose. I’m breaking rules for you right now. I don’t have time to explain. So let. Me. Handle. This.”

Then his eyes seemingly lit up and his lips curled into a soft, charming smile. Mira realized it wasn’t directed at her, but at someone behind her.

She turned to see her prince walking towards them. What a majestic sight he made, with the morning light streaming from the windows and shining upon his golden hair and eyes. She couldn’t help but smile too.

“Your Highness.” she heard her companion say, bowing deeply. Oh, she envied how graceful he was! How did he know how to do those human… noble things? And so well!

The prince stopped in front of them, nodding curtly. “It is Freed, right? Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Please do not apologize. It’s an honor to be graced with your presence, Prince Laxus.”

“Likewise. I see you’ve met Mira. She’s my… uh. Guest.”

“Oh, yes. She is a very interesting girl.” Freed said, keeping his expression decidedly nonchalant when Mira stepped away from him to cling to Laxus’s arm.

“She is.” Laxus replied, blinking at Mira’s unusual behavior… She usually took to people more easily. But he brushed that off for now. He knew he had his duties to attend to. “Now, you came here to talk to me about… what was it, again?”

“Local unrest.” Freed answered. “My… uh, master… the governor, he wanted me to bring it to your notice. He is taking care of it, of course. But he said we should keep His Highness informed.”

Laxus nodded. “We can talk about it in the sitting room. Mira, if you would excuse us?”

She looked hesitant to let go, sending him a worried frown.

“I won’t take too long.” Laxus reassured. “That reminds me: you should go see the dresses I had sent to your room. Pick one you like for the party this afternoon. I imagine that would be more exciting for you, right?”

Finally, she nodded, and watched as the two men walked off towards a separate chamber in the palace, where the prince usually received guests to discuss more confidential business.


“So what happened to the governor’s aide before you? I didn’t hear anything about him replacing the fellow.” Laxus asked as the doors closed behind them.

“He… retired.” Freed said, looking around at the vast chamber. It was a library, from the looks of it. By the fireplace, there was a comfortable set of couches and a low table, where a tea set had been placed in wait for the prince and his guest.

Laxus sat on one of the couches, pouring tea for himself.

Freed observed this silently, and when the prince looked up to catch him staring, he looked away consciously.

“What, didn’t expect me to know how to pour some tea?” he asked, more amusement than condescension in his tone.

Freed tilted his head slightly, a corner of his lips quirking up into a small smile. “No, I’ve just heard some… things. About His Highness. And I’m curious to see if those things are true.”

“And those things are?”

“That he’s unlike any before him.” the man said, not bothering to sit with his host, preferring to stand by the window and look out at the marvelous view of the town and the ocean. “He doesn’t care much for pleasantries. He’s independent. He’s rebellious. He enjoys notorious company, most of which don’t stay for long… Ah, but despite that, he’s a good leader, treats everyone fairly and has his kingdom in order.”

The prince grinned a bit. “Now where did you hear that last one? That person must be incredibly kind.”

“People can ignore some faults as long as someone does their job well.”

“And from what you’ve seen so far, do you think those things you heard are true?”

“I suppose.” Freed shrugged. “Most princes wouldn’t entertain an unknown aide in private, would usually keep their advisor nearby… Probably would have asked said aide to sit down by now. Or at least turn around and face him.”

Laxus raised an eyebrow. “Do you want to sit down?”


“And would you face me?”

That, he did. Freed remained casual as he walked across the room towards the other man. “I guess that covers ‘doesn’t care for pleasantries’ and ‘independent’ so far.”

“What about the others?” Laxus asked, watching as his guest sat himself directly in front of him. On the table, just beside the tray of tea. They were looking eye-to-eye now.

“Do I count as notorious company?” Freed asked as he leaned forward, his tone innocent.

Laxus saw right past the teasing. “Maybe. You lied about your whole reason for coming over. There’s no such thing as a local unrest in that village, and the governor’s aide is a bright young lady straight out of the schoolroom. I can’t see her retiring anytime soon.”

Freed simply smiled at that, and watched as Laxus raised his teacup to his lips. But before the prince could take a sip, Freed reached out to take the cup. “So I suppose it’s true, then.”

“Hey, I was drinking that.” Laxus said, but he didn’t sound offended.

He sounded amused.

He was enjoying this. He always enjoyed games like this.

Freed made a show of looking curiously at the tea.

Laxus leaned back against the couch, looking pointedly at his mysterious companion. “You should try it, our blend’s the best in the kingdom.”

Their gazes met, and stayed connected as Freed drank. After a short sip, he put the cup back down on the tray. “It’s fine.”

“So are you going to tell me who you are, then?”


“Are you a spy? An assassin? Someone with a ruinous story to tell the whole kingdom unless I give you money? You won’t be the first one. Let me tell you right now, it won’t work.”

Freed couldn’t help but laugh lightly. “Do I really look like I’m after your treasury?”

“I don’t know anything about you, but you look like someone pretty and fascinating enough to get away with anything.”

“You think I’m pretty and fascinating. Thank you.”

“So you’re not here for gold.” Laxus looked critically at him then. “Interesting. Why are you here then?”

Freed shrugged, this time propping his chin on his hands, as he leaned forward with his elbows on his lap. “For fun.”

A laugh. “Fun?”

“What if I say I’m here to piss my mother off? She’s a dreadful old thing. Age and royalty doesn’t make her any likeable either.”

“That’s better than the ‘local unrest’ thing. Maybe I’ll pretend to believe that.” and this time, Laxus sat straighter, considering the stranger before him.

He’s heard crazier reasons anyway.

He leaned forward, and reached out to stroke the green hair framing the other man’s face. He smirked when Freed leaned in expectantly, and his fingers moved to cup his companion’s chin. “Maybe I’ll help you with it. Like you said, for fun.”

“Hm, will you?”

Laxus stared at the inviting lips for a while, before he chuckled and drew back. “Sure, but not today.”

Freed blinked, before pouting. “Why?”

“I’m busy. There’s a party this afternoon. You should know how much time and effort it takes to prepare these things.” he answered. “Aw, don’t make that face. You’re making it hard to resist.”


“Another day.” Laxus said, tone final. He stood up. “Then we can have more time for… fun.”

Then Freed asked, “Is it the girl?”

Laxus stopped and looked down to meet the other man’s eyes. “What?”

“The people talk about it, you know. The very nice and charming girl you’re keeping here. You took her around town, and what a kind girl she is. The servants adore her. You look very taken with her. I was surprised when I heard about it. It sounds very different from your usual… company.”

Laxus shook his head, snorting. “You listen to a lot of things, don’t you?”

“But am I right? Are you refusing me because of the girl?”

“I’m refusing you because I’m busy at the moment.” he explained, looking away. “Mira is my guest. She’s different from my usual ‘company’ because she is. She needed help while she’s in my kingdom, and in assisting her, I’m only doing my duty. That’s it. Duty. Not fun.”

“Oh. Really?” Freed said, skeptic.

Laxus just looked at him pointedly. “Really. What now?”

“Nothing, it’s just that if someone didn’t know better, they’d think you’re changing your ways because you finally fell in love.”

Laxus scoffed. “Don’t be silly.”

Freed had to admit – the prince was a good actor.

Laxus started walking towards the huge double doors of the chamber. “Now, I think I’ve addressed your urgent concerns. I have to get back to work, so if you’ll excuse me. Ah, and it’s not the fun you came here for, but you can stay for the party.”

Freed also stood up, trailing after the prince. “You’re not going to kick me out? I think I took a good deal of your time for nothing. And I wasn’t invited in the first place…”

“Like I said,” Laxus started as they both stood by the doorway. He held the doorknob, not turning it just yet. “You’re pretty and fascinating enough to get away with anything.”

Freed looked visibly pleased with himself. “Then I have one last request.”

“What is it this time?”

“May I kiss you?”

Laxus looked at him. “If that will make you release me from your wicked clutches, then by all means.”

He let Freed tug him down, and he closed his eyes, expecting, but only felt soft lips press against his cheek for a second.

Laxus drew back with a bemused grin. “The cheek, really?”

Freed smirked back. “Is it me, or do you sound disappointed?”

“Strange. I am disappointed.”

“That makes two of us.” was all Freed said, but he didn’t sound so displeased. If anything, he sounded satisfied. He opened the door for himself and walked off ahead of the prince as if it was he who owned the place. He disappeared in the flurry of activity, among the maids and footmen rushing to and fro, carrying decorations and arranging the venue for the afternoon’s event.

Laxus didn’t bother tracking his mysterious, amusing and unexpected guest. The green-haired man was many things, but Laxus had the feeling that he was mostly harmless.


This new enchantment was costing him, Freed knew. He wasn’t a powerful spellcaster. Never had been. The sea-witch never really taught him how to be a strong magic-user. She only taught him to be an obedient one.

But it was worth nothing that she wasn’t an effective teacher.

Now he only had a few minutes of privacy, of concealment from the sea-witch’s watchful eyes – and he would use those to talk to Mira before the afternoon party starts. While Laxus was busy and away.

He found her standing in one of the castle’s many balconies, wearing a beautiful dark red and pink ball gown. She stared out into the sea.

“Mira.” he called out, and she turned to face him. He saw her anxiety, her worry… “Don’t make that face, you should be happy and glowing like your usual self.”

She shook her head, looking down, wrapping her arms around herself. She was scared.

“Look, you don’t have to worry.” he stood beside her and after some hesitation, laid his hands on her shoulders and gripped firmly, encouragingly. For once he dropped the sarcasm, the scolding, and the smugness. He simply smiled a soft smile. “Just be yourself today. Smile. Dance. Whatever it was that made him fall for you hard.”

She looked at him questioningly.

“Oh, he did. He does. He’s in love with you too. And I’m not just saying that. I can see it.”

Contrary to what his people believed, the sea-witch didn’t want him just for his potential for magic. She also wanted him because he was good at toying with other’s hearts, because he could see into them easily. Someone like Freed, who can be devious or gentle as he willed himself to be, was a useful tool under anyone’s employ, specially in a business such as the sea-witch’s.

Mira smiled back gratefully, but took his hands from her shoulders and held them in hers, squeezing. ‘Why?’ she mouthed.

He knew what she wanted to ask, really. ‘Why are you doing this for me?’

“I told you. You’re my friend.” he said, looking into her eyes. “I got cursed by the sea-witch and forced to work for her and you didn’t care, you stayed as my friend. Now I tried to stop you when you went to her for help, and now I’ve met the reason why you wouldn’t let me. Are you sure about this prince of yours? Will you really not regret leaving your world behind for him?”

She nodded, determined. She had already given Laxus her heart.

Freed knew that. Freed understood. “Did you know that part of the contract was that you feel pain with every step you take with those borrowed legs of yours?”

She blinked, shook her head.

“I was supposed to be the one to do it. You know why the sea-witch wanted me to work for her, right? Because my powers are pain and death. Two useful things to have, only magic I’m good at. I was not beyond using them on anyone stupid enough to sign a contract with her. Then there was you. And I didn’t have it in me to make you feel that pain.” he said, looking down and closing his eyes, sighing.

He felt her hands let go of his and cradle his face instead.

He whispered, “And I don’t have it in me to cast death if you fail to get your true love’s kiss.”

She was nodding, and tears were falling from her eyes now as her hands fell to her sides.

“So you will get it. He’s in love with you too, I know it.” he sounded just as determined as her. He wiped her tears with his thumb. “Don’t cry, you shouldn’t be crying. You should be perfect and so breathtaking he wouldn’t be able to hold himself back. Your voice isn’t with me. The sea-witch didn’t trust me with it, but if you fulfill the contract, you will have it back. She won’t be able to stop that.”

She looked at him now, question in her eyes. She raised a hand to touch his cheek. ‘How about you?’

He smiled a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry about me. She won’t get rid of me that easily. She needs me to do her dirty work for her.”

They heard music from inside the castle halls. They saw that people had begun streaming in the castle now. The party was starting.

She looked nervously towards the direction of the castle, then back at her friend. He nodded, and gave her a little push. “Go on. At least one of us should get a happy ending.”


True love’s kiss was sweet, and warm, and it was indeed true. It felt true. They shared it standing in the balcony of the castle with the best view of the ocean, just as the sun set on the horizon.

There was a dim light then, and both Mira and Laxus looked down to see the bright yellow glow seemingly coming from Mira’s neck. Mira closed her eyes and felt the warmth seep in her throat, and spread through her body. When she opened her eyes, Laxus’s bewildered face greeted her, and she knew.


Her voice was back.

He stepped forward, pleasant surprise evident in his expression. “Mira! You… You can talk now?”

“Yes.” she said, a smile blooming in her face. Before she clung to his robes excitedly. “Yes, yes! I can!”

They looked at each other and coming up with nothing better to say, they laughed as Laxus swept her off her feet for another kiss, twirling her around happily before setting her back down on her feet.

“I’m so happy. And I love you so.” she said tenderly, caressing his face.

He smiled back. “I love you too.”

“I can… I can stay with you now.”

“What are you talking about? You’ve always been welcome to stay as long as you-”

“No, I have to tell you the truth.” Mira frowned, looking into his golden eyes searchingly. “There was… I signed a contract. I’m… I’m not from here. Oh, this is difficult.”

His brows furrowed. “What? What contract?”

Was she an agent all along? Did he misjudge this mysterious woman who charmed her way into his life and his kingdom, only for her to be someone who was hired to do so?

Then she realized something, withdrawing from his arms. “Wait. I… Freed.”

He was confused now. “Freed? Who- What’s happening here?”

“He’s my friend.” she said, tears building up in her eyes now. And then all of Laxus’s suspicions were gone again. She couldn’t possibly be here to do him harm. But she looked distressed, all the same. “He’s my friend and he helped me get this far. This close! To you! He’s my friend, Laxus!”

“The man from this morning?”

Laxus thought Freed was amusing and interesting – but he only pegged the young man as a flighty, rebellious and mischievous noble’s son who was in over his head, out to make some trouble. Going for the prince because he decided he’ll go big or go home, and because everyone knew the prince had that kind of reputation anyway. It was very convincing, the way Freed said he was there to have ‘fun’. Now that Laxus thought about it, he didn’t see Freed during the party, but he only figured that the young man got bored and left.

Now he knew there was more to that stranger than meets the eye.

“He’s in danger.” Mira sobbed, decisive as she stepped back, trying to brush the tears from her eyes. She started to walk away. “I have to save him. He’s done so much for me-”

“Wait, what danger?” he asked, holding onto her wrist to stop her. “Where are you going? Mira, you have to tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m-… I’m a mermaid!” she exclaimed. Finally. There it was, all out in the open. She looked away from him guiltily. “I’m a mermaid and I signed a contract with a sea-witch, my voice in exchange for a pair of legs just so I can have the chance to be with you.”

What in the seven bloody seas…? This was not how Laxus expected this conversation to go.

He stood there, listened to all that, and instead of letting her go and telling her how crazy that all sounded, he only asked, “Why?”

She smiled softly, sadly. “You know why.”

“So why is your voice back?”

“Because I’ve fulfilled the terms of the contract.” she deliberately left the details for him to figure out. “But before that, Freed helped me. The sea-witch sent him here to keep you away from me, to break us up – but he didn’t do it because we’re friends. He didn’t do it even though he was cursed to obey her! Now he’s probably going back to her, and I don’t know what she’ll do to him, she might hurt him- Please, Laxus, I have to find him and tell him not to go back to her!”

Their gazes remained locked into each other for a while. Mira’s eyes, blue as the sea, pleading. Laxus’s eyes, gold like the sunset, searching.

“Where is he?” Laxus asked.

“He must be going back to the sea by now-”

Finally, he let go of her wrist. “Lead the way.”


Freed was on the shore now. He walked until his ankles were submerged in the water, took one last look at the palace, and smiled wistfully. It was time to go back and face the consequences of his actions.

But before he could take another step, he heard a familiar voice call. “Freed! Freed, wait!”

He turned around and gaped when he saw Mira running frantically towards him, Laxus in tow.

“Mira, what-”

She cut him off when she threw her arms around him and pleaded. “Don’t go back, please!”

He took one look at Laxus and instantly recognized the expression of a man who knew the truth. Freed sighed and looked down to take Mira’s hands and pry them away from him gently. “Mira, I have to.”

“What will she do to you?” she asked, clinging to his shirt.

“Probably punish me, but I’ll live.” he said, with what he hoped was a convincing shrug. “I told you, she needs me to do her dirty work for her. She won’t get rid of me.”

“That’s not fair. You should just stay here.” Mira insisted. “You’re my friend. You helped me- us! You helped us! Laxus will let you stay.”

Freed looked up to meet Laxus’s gaze. The prince nodded quietly, and Freed let out a small smile. Laxus was a kind man. Freed could see why Mira fell for him. Freed could see why the people love him. Freed could see how he found himself believing in him.

“I’m sure he will.” Freed said. “But I have to go back. You’re not the only one under a contract, Mira. The sea-witch saved my life once and I agreed to do her bidding because of it. I was foolish to agree to it, but what’s done is done. It’s not your fault. You know this.”

“Is there no way to break that contract?” Laxus asked this time.

“I have nothing valuable to offer in exchange of my freedom.” Freed look down, the sighed. “I can offer my powers, but I don’t want to. She has taken advantage of it enough in my hands, I shudder to think what she’ll do with it in her own hands.”

There was silence between the three of them, only broken when Mira looked up and asked quietly.

“How about me?” she whispered. “I can offer her something.”

Freed shook his head quickly. “Mira, you shouldn’t. Your voice again?”

“No.” she said, then looked at Laxus before turning back towards Freed. “Something I worked hard to earn, fair and square. Something that I can hold over her for the rest of her existence. Is she watching us right now?”

Freed was confused, but he answered. “Probably.”

Then before any of the two men could say further, Mira started undoing the laces of her gown.

“What are you doing?” Laxus asked.

“The right thing.” she answered, stripping off the beautiful gown until she was left in just the thin white knee-length dress she wore underneath it. Then she walked into the water, and only stopped until it reached her waist.

“Sea-witch!” Mira called. “I want to make a bargain!”

“Mira, stop, what are you doing?!” Freed shouted as he and Laxus followed her.

“You free my friend from your chains, and you can have these legs and feet back!”

“What?!” Laxus exclaimed. “You said you just got them-”

Mira ignored him. “It should mean something to you, right? These legs are something I obtained fair and square from a magical contract. It was something you had no control over, and it shows everyone – all of YOUR people, that I won against you! It proves that things don’t always go your way. It proves that you’re weak!

“Now I’m offering to let them go.” she continued, smiling daringly. “You can have them back, and everyone will think that I’m just another foolish mermaid who made a deal with you and couldn’t go through with it. Or that I gave up because I was losing the game and was scared to lose my soul next. Put my silence in the bargain. Forbid me to talk of this. No one will know your failure.”

“It won’t work.” Freed despaired. “It can’t possibly work-”

“It should.” Mira insisted. “Everyone knows the sea-witches are a nasty lot. If they find out your mistress lost a bargain against a weak little lovestruck mermaid, she’ll suffer the shame of it forever.”

And it looks like she was right. Because right then a glowing item appeared in front of them, floating in the water towards her. It was a seashell, glowing golden against the early night sky.

Mira smiled as she took it in her hands.

“Mira… you don’t have to do this.” Freed said softly. “Her punishment… I can bear it.”

“Well, I can’t.” she said.

“Are you sure about this?”

Mira looked at him, then turned to face Laxus. She smiled up at the blonde. “Do you love me?”

The prince smiled back softly, raising a hand to touch her cheek. “You know I do.”

That was all she needed to hear. She lifted the glowing seashell to her lips, drew a breath and breathed in it. It hummed a low tune before it dissolved into tiny glowing pieces and then disappeared into thin air. The bargain was sealed.

Almost instantly, Freed looked down as he felt warmth in his arms. The previously invisible shackles in his wrists that bound him to the sea-witch was glowing gold. Then they also shattered and were no more.

Meanwhile, Mira felt magic surround her legs again – a sensation she only felt once – when they were given to her. The warmth of the magic filled her body as she slowly felt herself sinking in the water. Laxus reached out and held her as her legs and feet transformed back into her mermaid’s tail – silver scales flecked with rose, glinting beautifully in the moonlight.

She smiled nervously at him. “What do you think?”

Laxus shrugged, smirking – a reassurance that he could hardly give a damn to whatever form his beloved took. “It’s not so bad. I like the color.”

They heard a splash behind them, and turned to see that Freed had returned to his true form, too. His scales were a deep red color.

“You too?” Laxus asked.

“My legs were given by the sea-witch’s magic. Since she released me, her magic has no hold on me anymore.” Freed explained, swimming around them. “Ah, I really do prefer my tail.”

The three of them stood in an awkward silence for a while. Laxus, in his majestic attire, waist-deep in sea water. A mermaid and a merman swimming leisurely around him. He walked back to shore so he can sit on the sand, and the two followed.

Laxus would have to admit – he’s been with his fair share of crazy company, but this blows all of those out of the water. Pun not intended.

“So… what now?” he asked them. Mira had crawled up to him to fold her arms over his lap and rest there like a child. Freed was lying with his back on the sand. “I guess we’ll have no use for those shoes I ordered for you, then.”

“Oh, keep them.” Mira said. “I think it’s time I talked to father and ask him if he could please let me have some legs and feet once in a while.”

“Which is exactly what you should have done in the first place.” Freed grumbled.

Laxus raised an eyebrow. “Your father can do magic?”

Mira nodded. “Yes. He’s the mermaid king.”

“You’re a princess?!”

“The most foolish, most troublesome princess.” Freed supplied. “Unstoppable, notorious, listens to no one – huh. You two make a good match, actually.”

“Why didn’t you ask your father in the first place, instead of making shady deals with shady witches?” Laxus asked.

“Because he’s overprotective and he’ll never agree to it!” she complained.

“What changed this time? Why do you think you can convince him?”

“Freed can vouch for me. He couldn’t, not before, because he was stuck with the sea-witch. But he could now! And maybe if father knows I’ve got someone trustworthy with me, he’ll let me visit you.”

Laxus sighed. Somehow this was all was going more insane by the minute. And that was saying something because the ‘legs-turning-to-tails’ part just finished. “Why would your father trust Freed, and not you?”

“I was his advisor.” Freed sent him a smirk. “He’ll be glad to see me back. The old one wants to retire already. See, I wasn’t lying about that.”

Laxus looked at him blankly. “I can’t tell if you’re messing with me or not.”

“Well, I’ve been told that I’m pretty and fascinating enough to get away with anything.”

“Don’t play that card right now. I’ve got tons of questions and you WILL answer, or I’ll go insane.”

“What’s happening?” Mira asked, blinking. “You two get along too well, did I miss anything?”

Freed looked back at her. “Did he tell you that he let me kiss him?”

Mira looked up and clung to the prince’s shirt. “What?! When?! Laxus, is that true?”

“Uh. Well…”

“He said we can have ‘fun’ together some other day.” Freed added.

Mira was tugging at the blonde’s shirt by now. “Laxus, what is he talking about?”

Laxus groaned as he looked up at the heavens. What did he get himself into?


Chapter Notes:

They convince the mermaid king eventually. And they lived happily ever after. All three of them.

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