Cor Aut Mors


Cor Aut Mors, lit. "Love or Death". Independent stories about the members of Dwyre House, a noble family of weaponsmiths, warriors and enchanters. (Original concepts and characters taken from an old unfinished novel.)

Stories: 2 • Rating: T • Genre: drama, family, fantasy, romanceA/N: Because I've been drawing my Dwyre family OC's again!Find art and other stuff over at my art blog: #keeping-up-with-the-dwyres

Garrett knew strength. He was the image of the strength and might of Dwyre blood. He was his father's pride and is grandfather's favorite, the heir apparent. And yet, Garrett just wanted to be a soldier.

Words: 8,881 • Rating: G • 08/22/2018

For quite a time, it was just her - Edlin Dwyre Fairchild - daughter of a weaponsmith and a hydromancer, and the grudges she cradled and nurtured to her chest. Then, there was Nate. But he was a commander, and she was only a single archer.

Words: 5,919 • Rating: G • 01/02/2012