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We Are Young: Sidestories

Chapter 8
Operation: Kiss Everyone I Love


Bixlow is on a mission to smooch his friends. Sometimes they’re very willing. Sometimes they have to be chased around a parking lot. And sometimes, you have to drag Cana home because she’s drunk again.

(Additional scenes that happened during We Are Young Track 18: Basket Case (Bixlow’s chapter)

Chapter Notes:

I was feeling some Bixlow love, okay? And this was something I really wanted to include in WAY but I felt was too self-indulgent and would stray from the main story too much. So here it is!

This story is set during the downtime in WAY Track 18: Basket Case (Bixlow’s chapter).
Ever wondered how our guy was able to ambush some of his friends to give him smooches? Well, here’s some of them…

Bixlow hung around The Strauss’ for the rest of the day after his heart-to-heart-that-became-bet-tallying-session with Mira. Mira and the others appreciated the extra pair of hands on deck. Bixlow proved competent at minor chores, and was glad for the distraction.

Plus, he only demanded a free parfait in return.

Lucy’s shift ended just before dinnertime. He agreed to help her take the trash out on her way to the bar’s back exit. Because the streets were getting a bit dark, he also offered to accompany her as she waited for Natsu to pick her up in front of the bar.

Lucy graciously accepted the offer so there they were, standing under a streetlight. If it were anyone else, they would be standing in comfortable silence, or minimal small talk, but Bixlow was never really one for either. So to pass the time, they stood close to each other, watching passersby and sharing their theories about what those people might be talking about.

“Oh, look at those girls talking. They don’t look happy.” Lucy whispered.

Bixlow squinted a bit before he found them and he whispered back. “You think they’re talkin’ about a guy…? Or somethin’ more important like… like global warming?”

“Global warming, definitely.”

He hitched his voice a bit higher for his next statement. “I told you Barbara, the polar bears are dying! You have to stop using hairspray!”

Lucy didn’t miss a beat as she followed, “Well forgive me Karen if, unlike you, I care about my fabulous weave!”

“Fab-… Who even says ‘weave’ nowadays, Lucy?”

“Sue me, my favorite movie channel was having this Classics Week thing and it’s only played old movies all week— oh.”

“Oh. Barbara just kissed Karen. Ohhhhh.”

“Huh, I thought the taller one was Karen!”

“Oh yeah. Damn, Karen. Get it, girl.” he was about to whistle, then stopped because that would be offensive-… and then finally he remembered something. “Oh hey, Lucy, may I kiss you?”

“Yeah, su— What?” she looked up at him, blinking incredulously. “K-kiss me?”

“Yup.” Bixlow nodded, then when Lucy looked even more confused, he continued. “But not like, Barbara-Karen kissing. Like, uh, cheek kiss? Wait, like… I’m currently on Operation: Kiss Everyone I Love, so? Um, You’re so awesome and badass and I can’t do one cartwheel to save my poor ass but you can do like ten in a row and— Well, a lot of things. I just remember the cartwheels first because that’s beast. But you do a lot of other awesome shit and you’re still so kind and nice and sweet and I love you like you and Erza and the others are like the coolest, nicest little sisters ever?”

“Oh.” she said, visibly parsing through what was said before her expression turned fond. “Aww, that is such a sweet thing to say, Bixlow. You really think that?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, like… who doesn’t love you? They’re evil.”

Lucy giggled, smiled and practically glowed as she reached out and squeezed his cheeks. “Thanks. I love you too, for the record. You’re an awesome dude yourself.”


“Yup, don’t argue. And okay, you can kiss me now.”

Bixlow grinned. “Great! Oh, you wanna wait for Natsu for dramatic effect like, he’ll get jelly and realize he is in love with you and FINALLY—”

Her smile stayed but her tone became venomous. “Do it before I change my mind.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

He leaned down, dropping a quick kiss on her cheek and was pleasantly surprised when she also gave him a hug after.

“Man, I always say Mira gives the best hugs, but you’re a contender.” he mumbled against her hair.

“Mm-hm. Hugs are the best.” Lucy replied.

“Hugs are the greatest.” he agreed.

Then another voice joined in. “Um, what’s up… you guys?”

The two broke apart for a moment to see Natsu blinking at them.

Then Bixlow said, “Natsu! Come join the hugging!”

Natsu only blinked when they both pulled him in a weird three-way hug. He pat both their backs as he asked, “Okay, this is really nice but really… what’s… happening?”

“We’re feeling huggy.” came a mumble from Lucy, who was basically being smothered in Bixlow’s shirt and Natsu’s hoodie because they were both taller than her.

Bixlow reached over to ruffle pink hair. “Natsu, I love you so much, bro. Not as much as Lucy does, but still a lot.”

“Uhhhhh. I love you too, bro?” Natsu replied, sounding very confused.

When the three of them finally stood back from each other, Natsu asked, “Is this like… a new approach to that bet thing, or…?”

“Not that at all!” Bixlow said, laughing. “I’m gonna kiss you, though.”

Natsu took a step back. This was all happening so fast and he had no clue about what the hell was happening. At all. “Wha— Kiss me, what? Why?”

Bixlow looked towards their other companion. “Lucy, that cool with you?”

Lucy simply pat his arm. “Do it. Believe in yourself, like Karen did.”

Natsu was starting to give up. “Who the hell is Karen.”

Bixlow reached out and stepped forward. Natsu stepped back again. “Come here bro, let me give you a good smoooooooch—”


Lucy had to hold back her giggles as Bixlow loomed over poor confused Natsu, who continued stepping backward and backward—

“For the sake of smooching—”

“I don’t want to smooch anyone!”

“Just a little peck—”

“I don’t wanna be pecked!” was Natsu’s confused and dramatic exclamation as he took off towards the Strauss’ parking lot, and Bixlow ran after him.

Lucy doubled over in laughter as she watched the chase, Bixlow laughing while Natsu kept demanding for an explanation of what the hell was even happening.






“That’s not fair, Lucy can smooch whoever she wants! You can smooch Lucy too, you know!”

“We’re not ready for smooching! Erza said we’re too young to smooch and smooching is serious business!”

“Ohhhh but I saw Lucy smooch you that one tiiiiime—”

“That was on the cheek!”

“Wait, you think I wanna make out with you?!”


“Just a cheek kiss, bro!”

“Cheek?! Why didn’t you just say so you weirdo?!”

Natsu finally stopped running, and Bixlow barreled into him, laughing.

“Why are you so weird?!” Natsu demanded as Bixlow kissed his cheek sloppily. He glared towards where Lucy was still dying of laughter. “Both of you!”

“YOU LOVE US!” Lucy called back.

Bixlow draped an arm around his shoulders as they walked back to where Lucy was waiting for them. He was panting slightly. “Dammit why did I think I could outrun a track star?”

“I wish I got a video of that.” Lucy said. “But I was too busy laughing.”

“Yeah, we saw.” Natsu deadpanned, but he was smiling now. “What was that, anyway?”

Operation: Kiss Everyone I Love.” Bixlow answered. “Mostly everyone, at least.”

Natsu blinked. “Is that some kind of college project?”

“No, I’m just bored.” Bixlow said, patting both teenagers’ shoulders. Then he looked towards the bar again and stopped. “Was that Gildarts?”

Before either Lucy or Natsu could reply, he had already taken off. He waved at them from the front door. “Take care, you two! Be good kids! Smooch when you’re ready!”

Lucy just shook her head, laughing again while Natsu shouted back. “YOU FIND GRAY AND SMOOCH HIM TOO!”

“Come on, Gildarts. Just do it! When did I ever let you down?” Mira asked sweetly.

Gildarts took a swig from his beer before relenting. “Fine, fine. Here goes nothin’.”

He put his beer down and closed his eyes, waiting. He froze when he felt a pair of lips on each of his cheeks.

When he opened his eyes again, he was blushing. “Aw, was that Mira-chan and Cana-chan—”

Instead he was greeted by the sight of Mira giggling and Bixlow smiling toothily at him. He looked around and saw that Cana was at the far end of the bar, cleaning up a table for new customers.

He groaned in resignation and grabbed the nearest object he could reach — a small magazine — then hit Bixlow on his head.

“You’re a creepy kid.”

Then, much more lightly, he hit Mira too.

“And you’ll never stop being a troublemaker, eh?”

He simply sighed when the two high-fived.

“Anyone ever told you you’re hella tall?”

Bixlow hummed, considering the question mumbled against his jacket. He was walking Cana home after they helped Mira close up the bar. Cana was a bit drunk, and very sleepy. Or was it the other way around? He lost track. Even him, with his almost unlimited amount of energy, was tired. Working the late shift at the bar was tiring. Not that he didn’t before, but damn it made him admire Mira and her staff even more.

So there he was, walking — or more like, dragging? — Cana home. They were huddled together because it was getting cold and it was turning out to be quite the effort to keep walking straight.

Really, they should have taken a cab — Bixlow would gladly pay for it because he still had some extra cash — but they were just a few blocks away from their destination by now so it would just be a waste.

“Freed complains about it sometimes.” he finally answered. “But it’s ’cause he’s like… short. Compared to me and Laxus. But Laxus says he likes that Freed is smaller? He says it’s ’cause… ’cause Freed is already scary as hell and if Freed also got taller, then that’s the end, he’s unbeatable.”

“Damn right.”

“And Ever calls me a tree when she’s angry like… she shouts ‘OUT OF MY WAY, YOU TALL TREE’. Or something like that.”

Cana laughed tiredly. “Shit, that’s the best she got?”

“Yeah, Ever’s not creative when cursing.”

“You’re hella tall. It’s great.” she repeated. “’Ya know what I love ’bout it? You’re fucking cuddly. Like… the only other guys this tall are… Gajeel and Elf… and Laxus? If I tried hugging them, they’ll prob’ly run. S’good you’re a hugger.” a pause. “A really tall hugger. Oh my God. You’re a fucking gift from God.”

“I can’t tell if you’re drunk or not.”

“S’okay, I can’t tell if you’re high or not. So.”


“Totally quits. But like… I think I’m drunk right now? Shit. I always tell everyone I never get drunk though, so… ssssshhhhhhh…” she made a show of shushing him REALLY hard. “If you tell anyone, I’m not gonna give ’ya that love operation kiss you want.”

“Naw, yer secret’s safe with me.” he assured her. “And hey, m’not walking you home ’cause I want a smooch, okay? That’s like… just a thing I got while I’m bored and alone. Right now m’walking you home ’cause someone should! I happen to be… someone!”

“Bro, I know. Don’t worry, I know you’re cool. Very cool and decent like. And you’re so weird? All my friends are weird. Every single one of ’em-… except Kinana, maybe?”

“But isn’t she like… dating that Cobra guy?”

“Oh shit, definitely weird.”

They laughed about it as they reached the apartment. He held her bag while she rummaged for her keys and watched her open the door. She was visibly relieved to be home as she dropped her bag and kicked it inside.

“Thanks for doin’ this, Bix. I’m drunk but you know I’m an honest drunk, so you know I mean it.” she said, turning to him to give him a hug.

He chuckled and hugged her back. “Anytime, Beer Queen.”

“I’m sorry if you smell like beer now.” she sniffed, drawing back and patting down his rumpled jacket uselessly.

“I helped at the bar, I’ll prolly still smell like beer anyway.” he shrugged. “You gonna be fine?”

“Yeah, but I should stop getting drunk without Gray.” she groaned, then finally looked up at him and smiled. “Ah yeah, c’mere, lemme give you that goodbye smooch so you can brag to your band ’bout kissing like three different girls in one day.”

He laughed and was about to lean down when Cana suddenly stopped him.

“Wait.” she grinned. “Wait wait wait, let’s see if I can reach you.”

“You can’t. I’m hella tall.” he pointed out, sniggering.

She pouted. “Humor me, you fucking tall tree.”

“Fine, fiiiine.” he groaned, but couldn’t hide his amusement as Cana walked right up to him, leaned up and stood on the tip of her toes.

She didn’t even reach his shoulder.

“Mmmmm, should I go down now?” he teased.

“Don’t move.” she warned, reaching up to latch on his shoulders. “If you move, I’ll miss.”

“Miss? Wha—”

She jumped up then, obviously to press a quick peck to his cheek, but Bixlow made the mistake of tilting his head slightly, and Cana was clumsy due to drunkeness and—

Well, he could say that was the first time a girl headbutted him on the nose.

“OW!” he cried as he bent over, hands flying to his face. “Dude! WHY?!”

“Shit! Shit, I’m so sorry!” Cana cried, grabbing his shoulders and trying to help. “I’m so so so so sorry, man. Fuck, my head hurts now too. C’mon, c’mon, let’s see it so we can work on it. Oh my god. I’m sorry.”

He whined pathetically as she moved his hands away from his face. “Is it broken?” he asked, trying not to cry.

“It’s not bleeding, there’s that?” she said, hands on either side of his face and tilting it this way and that to examine the damage. “Doesn’t look broken, either.”

They both sighed, then looked at each other.

“You’re really hella tall.” she snorted.

“You’re really hella drunk.” he shot back.

Then they dissolved into sniggers, that turned into giggles and then to full out laughter, still in that position.

“I’m-… I’m really sorry, Bix. That was stupid— really fuckin’ stupid.” Cana leaned forward and kissed the tip of his nose. She bit her lip when he winced slightly.

“S’fine.” he laughed weakly. “I’ll survive.”

“Be honest. 1 to 10?”

“Eh… it was a 10 upon impact? Now it’s just… 6? Maybe 5?”

She cringed. “You don’t deserve a 5. You’re such a good guy. I’m gonna make you all the parfaits you want tomorrow.” Then she leaned forward again and peppered more kisses in his face, making him laugh again. It was on the forehead first, then on each cheek, and on the side of his lip.

That last one made her nose bump his a bit, and he could help but utter a soft “Ouch.”

“Oh shit. Sorry. Really sorry.”

“S’fine, still alive. Still a 5. Also, lots of healing smooches. S’all good.” he chuckled, waving it off. “You do this to everyone?”

“No, only to guys who don’t deserve a headbutt by Drunk Beer Queen.”


“And Gray when I want to annoy him.”

“Huh. Gray’s lucky.”

Cana squinted at him then. “Really? Okay. Last one. Ultimate Healing Smooch.”

He blinked, then only nodded. “Just— uhhh-… avoid the nose, okay?”

“Yeah, wouldn’t want to turn that 5 into a 10 again.”

This time, she was careful to tilt her head just right to avoid their noses brushing as their lips did. They couldn’t move too much, with the pain on Bixlow’s nose, but the kiss lasted for several seconds anyway, and was followed by several shorter ones.

When they parted, Cana winked, finally letting go of his face. “Gray’s not that lucky.”

Bixlow sniggered. “Ohhh, to be one of the few.” He straightened up again and winced when he poked lightly at his nose.

“Stop touching it!” Cana scolded. “Come inside, I’m getting dizzy again and we need to get some ice for that.”

“Yes, Madame Beer Queen.” he groaned, following her inside the empty flat and promptly collapsing on the couch as Cana stumbled her way towards the fridge. “Where’s Gray?”

“At Juvia’s. Doing some artsy stuff, couple bonding.” she said from the kitchen. “Want anythin’ else? Coffee?”

“Nah, just the ice, please.” he said, pulling a nearby pillow and propping it behind his head. “How old are you again?”

She sang her reply. “I am sixteen, going on seventeen~”

“WHAT?!” he sat back up. “I MADE OUT WITH A MINOR?!”

She came back from the kitchen with an ice bag, still singing but with altered lyrics. “-and my dad’s a cop~”

Bixlow slumped back against the pillow as he pressed the ice bag to his nose. “He’ll kill me. I’m gonna die. Tell my band they made my life worthwhile.”

“Relax, bro. I’m eighteen.” she chuckled, sitting on the couch’s armrest, drinking ice cold water for herself. “Shit, though, that wasn’t terrible. Why don’t you have a girlfriend?”

He shrugged. “Dunno.” He stopped to yawn. “Aw, I’m beat. Can I crash in your couch? S’a very good couch.”

“Everyone crashes in our couch, it’s like a rite of passage or somethin’.” Cana said, patting his leg reassuringly. “I’ll go get some blankets so we can both get some shut-eye and I can wake up in the morn’ with a hangover.”

“I’ll make you breakfast.” he volunteered, taking his jacket off and making himself at home on said couch.

She disappeared somewhere and returned with a pile of blankets. “You can’t make breakfast. I’ve heard Freed complain enough.”

Bixlow frowned. “Coffee and instant ramen?” he tried.

Cana considered it, then finally nodded. “God bless you.”

They fist-bumped, greeted each other a good night while Cana flipped the lights off and then effortlessly drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Gray and Juvia arrived in the flat to find Cana slumped on the dining table in a heap of blankets and swearing about her hangover while watching as Bixlow sleepily burned water.

Juvia blinked. Gray groaned.

“I’m not even going to ask. Both of you, get off my kitchen. I’m making breakfast.”

Chapter Notes:

Bix kissed Gray while he was cooking breakfast. Wrong move because Juvia was also in the kitchen with access to knives.

Bixlow’s “Operation: Kiss Everyone I Love” didn’t finish there, but those seemed to be the best parts. Maybe I’ll continue with the rest sometime?

To be clear, none of these stories really change anything in the WAY-verse. They’re additions, not changes. So to anyone worried, don’t worry — I don’t really ship Bixlow and Cana romantically so it’s not like this is a new side “ship” in the WAY AU. The Ultimate Healing Smooch is a playful, casual thing.

Originally, when I was writing the main chapter in WAY and Bixlow mentioned to his bandmates that ‘Cana kissed [him] back’, I was already thinking “I bet those two actually made out for the fun of it and then laughed it off. They would.” It just didn’t make much sense to add or mention that in the conversation at the time. So finally yeah I wrote this snippet for the fun of it. I just lessened the ‘make out’ part and added the headbutting part because. They would.

Anyways, I’ve still got like two or three shorts about others right now so. Watch out for that too.

And you can also check out my new AU, The Duchess Gambit!

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