Part 2 of We Are Young

Drabble collection of side-stories, outtakes and photo edits from ‘We Are Young’. Friendship-centric with some ships on the side.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 13
Words: 20,500

We Are Young: Sidestories

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favorite Chapter 1: Gold
29 Nov 2016

Jet and Lucy being sports buddies.

29 Nov 2016

Juvia and Natsu helping poor Elfman out.

29 Nov 2016

Alzack and Erza. Cake.

29 Nov 2016

Freed and Bisca go shopping.

29 Nov 2016

Gray and Laki go to an art show, Gajeel addresses Juvia’s concerns.

29 Nov 2016

I’m thiiiis close to just throwing them all in a cuddle pile, okay.

28 Dec 2016

Or, Five Times Mira asked Laxus How He Felt About Freed

10 Apr 2017

Bixlow is on a mission to smooch his friends. Sometimes they’re very willing. Sometimes they have to be chased around a parking lot. And sometimes, you have to drag Cana home because she’s drunk again.

(Additional scenes that happened during We Are Young Track 18: Basket Case (Bixlow’s chapter)

favorite Chapter 9: TLC
15 Apr 2017

Evergreen refuses to be called spoiled or pampered just because she’s the only girl in a rock band of four but sometimes… she really has no choice but to rely on one of them.

27 Jul 2017

Juvia and Gajeel were used to distance. So it kind of took them aback, this new… thing. There was the new school and the new friends, but what would take the most getting used to is how it seemed like no one in this weird friend group they found themselves in knew the meaning of personal space.

09 Oct 2017

Headcanons in Fake Instagram Post Format

03 Apr 2018

Headcanons in Fake Instagram Post Format, part the 2nd because there were just too many of them ^^;;

30 Jun 2018

Scenes in Fake Movie Screenshot Format, for fun!

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