your universe

01 Oct 2017

My humble contributions for Alikou Week 2017.

Day 1: Sweet | Friendship – Modern/University AU
Day 2: Fate | Reassurance – Soulmate AU (matching soul marks)
Day 3: Power Couple | Fairy Tale – Empress and Prime Minister feat. palace servants
Day 4: Blooming | Zepar – Empress and Prime Minister feat. a confused Koumei
Day 5: Family | Dragon & Phoenix – Spy/Field Agents AU
Day 6: Opposites | “We Are The Same” – fanart: Sun King and Moon Queen
Day 7: Alternate Universe | Intimacy – continuation of Day 1

Chapters: 7
Words: 38,049

your universe


I missed Alikou Week last year so I thought I’d challenge myself this year and try to do both prompts each day. Also I might do either fanfic or fanart through the week.

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17 Aug 2017

College AU. Judal and Aladdin start a prank war. Kougyoku and Alibaba get caught in between.

27 Aug 2017

Soulmate AU. “You’re so lucky, Princess. Your soulmate is a prince.”

Whenever Kougyoku heard those words said to her, she would always look down and trace the soul mark on her wrist. The lines seemed to shimmer faintly, and she thought she heard the crackling of flames.

10 Sep 2017

Alibaba decided he was going to make his steps louder, maybe he should cough or something, let them know someone was coming. He didn’t want to eavesdrop after all-
“…-you mean the Prime Minister? Alibaba-sama?”
-and mission aborted. He stepped closer to the walls, out of sight, and walked more cautiously.
Normally he would mind his own business, but technically it was his business now, now that the topic was him.

11 Sep 2017

Koumei, shortly after his return to Rakushou, observed a couple of things:
– first, Kougyoku was always smiling;
– second, she was always smiling at flowers;
– and third, the palace staff were all up to something.

Or alternatively: Awkward Big Brother Koumei Trying to Big Brother.

13 Sep 2017

Alibaba fell on his back with a groan, pinned under Kougyoku’s lithe but strong figure.
For the fifth time that night.
“Do you know,” he said, breathless, “that I always sleep better after you kick my ass?”

(Or: The Spy AU But There’s No Spying, Only Cuddling and Talking About Feelings)

16 Sep 2017

What is more beautiful? How the moon lets the sun shine throughout the day? Or the way the sun lets the moon glimmer at night?

01 Oct 2017

College AU. After two years, Aladdin and Judal are done with the obviously mutual pining going on between Alibaba and Kougyoku.
So they do what they have to do: form a truce and rally their friends to try and end this once and for all.

Or, Five Times Their Friends Tried to Get Alibaba and Kougyoku to Hook Up and One Time They Didn’t Have To.


Fic title is a reference to Your Universe because it’s the purest very wholesome most Alikou song in existence.

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