The Road Home


Four young travelers - a librarian with a gift for finding lost books, a huntress with a list of places to go, an artist longing for a purpose and a healer with a special connection to nature - find themselves on a journey together.

Stories: 2 • Rating: T • Genre: family, friendship, romance, fantasy, adventureAuthor's Notes:
The novel is on break, I don't know if I'll ever be fully happy with it. But here's some standalone stories and excerpt chapters that I really like.

Kassia and Xander take on a job that turns out to be a bit much for them, but it leads them to a fateful meeting.

Words: 4,743 • Rating: G

Kassia allows Xander to dress her wounds. While he does, he takes note of his friend's scars, old and new - and thinks about their stories.

Words: 3,292 • Rating: T