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“So… what did we do? We’re only your favorite agents when we’ve screwed somethin’ up.” Alibaba asked, looking down at what he recognized was a mission profile.

Kougyoku sent him a chastising look before swiping through the opened documents in her tablet.

(Or: Partner Field Agents Alibaba and Kougyoku Have a Mission (And There Are Ferrets))
(A continuation of the ‘Dragon & Phoenix’ AU from my Alikou Week 2017 one-shots)

Teen (13+)
Words: 4,429


28 Jan 2018

It’s a gathering of all the nobles on the Hill, and the two most anticipated guests were late.

First was Duchess Heartfilia – always the center of attention and talk of the City – she was said to be bringing the City’s finest swordsman for the night’s entertainment.

Second was an Ambassador from the Alvarez Empire – fresh from his sea voyage – and he was reported to be the younger brother of the Emperor himself.

Teen (13+)
Words: 14,317

A Soft Place to Land

13 Feb 2017
Part of Volunteers Collection

Soren is in town on a mission. Clari is in town for auditions. His goal is to provide protection. Hers is to believe that she doesn’t need any.

Chapters: 3
Words: 23,268


30 Nov 2014

Kassia and Xander take on a job that turns out to be a bit much for them, but it leads them to a fateful meeting.

Words: 4,972
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