I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Keith and Shiro were friends and got married entirely without meaning to, but they don’t regret that, not now.
Now, Shiro is simply eager to meet his husband-turned-boyfriend’s friends and family. The thing is, Keith is kind of a celebrity, and that… that comes with perks.

Chapters: 9
Words: 27,067

Story Notes:

Writing the Alien Bird Baby Wedding fic brought me so much joy and I’ve grown so fond of that AU.

This one won’t leave my head – I just needed to write a follow-up and pay a short visit to other characters.

If you haven’t read the first one, that’s fine! Here’s the quick rundown: there is no Voltron, Altea and Daibazaal are cool. Shiro is Galra, Keith is part-Galra, both are members of the BoM, which is Daibazaal’s intelligence and humanitarian relief organization. Krolia and Allura are Ambassadors for the Coalition. Krolia is poly and is with both Tex and Kolivan. Keith grew up with his parents and the Blades and his friends. It’s a happy AU. Last time, Keith and Shiro babysat baby bird aliens and got playgroud-married at their behest – but it turns out that’s a legally binding thing. Thats all, you’re set! Go go!

don’t wanna walk alone (or run away)

Chapter 1


Shiro tries to pen a letter.

Shiro came from humble roots.

He was born in one of the uncrowded, less eventful sectors of Daibazaal, raised by his grandparents after the accident that took away his parents. For as long as he can remember, he had always wanted to see more of Daibazaal, of the universe. He wanted to be a pilot. He also grew up with a strong sense of justice. It was no surprise that as soon as he learned about the Blade of Marmora, he just knew he wanted to be one of them.

It was considered ambitious for a simple Galran citizen like him, but his grandparents were supportive, and he hadn’t been afraid to put in all the hard work needed to get in.

The Blade of Marmora had always been known for impartiality and fairness. Shiro had the skills, the attitude, and he passed the training and then the trials. He got in. He was a Blade.

His grandparents were very proud of him, and Shiro had been very happy with what he had achieved. Even so, he knows better than to expect his whole life or social status to change. The Blade of Marmora may be an elite organization, but Shiro did not sign up to climb social ranks or anything. He just wanted to fly, to fight for a cause, and to earn enough units to give his grandparents a comfortable retirement.

So it stands that as a new Blade, Shiro had thought the most prestigious event he’d ever be part of would be the welcoming ceremony for his batch of recruits. Kolivan, a Galra he had always looked up to, congratulated them in a short speech, even handed each of them their own, personal blades. As he took mission after mission, Shiro had gotten the Leader’s acknowledgement for his good performance, and that was such a high enough honor he didn’t even think to expect more.

Enter Keith, who Shiro had been introduced to as the Blade’s youngest Commander, and his new CO. It surprised Shiro, how young and atypical he is, for both a Blade and a Galra.

He got curious then. The Blades never really publicized their achievements outside of humanitarian projects, but it was easy to search the mission logs and archives that he had clearance for.

If he had been impressed before, after searching, he was simply blown away. He wondered how someone like Keith could have pulled off so many risky missions, with such a high success rate. Some of them were even things Shiro had heard of in the news, but never knew was the Blade’s work.

But Keith never bragged. He was simply Keith , and Shiro did his best to keep up with his new commanding officer’s pace.

Keith’s pace had been fast and dangerous, filled with sharp turns and calculated risks – and it got the adrenaline pumping in Shiro’s veins. He’d always had to hold back the playful, reckless side of him, but with Keith, it always came out. Shiro had never been comfortable co-piloting until Keith assigned him to be his right hand, daring him to do tricks he knew he could pull off but had never risked attempting. He’d always held back during sparring because of his size, but against Keith, he usually had to go all out.

“You’re a good fit for each other. Keep him in check, yes?” Kolivan had told them, once. To this day, Shiro doesn’t know between the two of them, who their Leader had meant to address, and who he had meant to refer to.

When he became friends with Keith – and he meant friends , because they had taken to spending time outside missions and briefings – he discovered that Keith is the son of Krolia, Daibazaal’s most famous diplomat and one of the Coalition’s best. In that case, Keith might as well be Kolivan’s son too, as his relationship with Krolia was public knowledge. He had known Keith was of royal blood (someone had mentioned it before, he had forgotten who) but he didn’t know he was that royal. Keith talked about Emperor Lotor like some sort of annoying cousin – which he is, Keith said, when Shiro dared to comment.

That settled it, then. Keith is the most famous person Shiro knew, personally.

When Shiro told Keith, his friend only laughed and said, “Yeah, I guess I’m kind of a celebrity? I don’t feel like it, though. Never have.”

“I am friends with a celebrity…” Shiro repeated in wonder.

“Don’t treat me any different.” Keith warned, in that wry way of his that Shiro had learned to read as playfulness. “My friends never do.”

“O-Of course! My grandmother would want a photo, though. Or a signature. She loves the royal family. She has a poster of the Empress Honerva in our house.”

Keith had laughed again, and it was such a beautiful sound, Shiro could only stop and stare until Keith nudges him so they can go back to watching an Earth movie about an exiled alien creature who crash-lands on Earth and disguises himself as a pet for a little human girl.

Shiro didn’t treat Keith differently, except with growing fondness and admiration as he got to know the other better and they got closer, and none of those were due to Keith’s social status or titles.

As much as Shiro loved flying, he had always known to stay grounded. Knowing one famous person doesn’t change his simple outlook, his drive to work hard and lead a modest life.

Except within the same deca-phoeb, he’s donning the formal Blade uniform, Kolivan himself handing him a new, thicker, visibly more expensive cape to replace his old standard-issue one because “You must look your best today, recruit. We are meeting royals.”

Then he’s introduced to Krolia, who welcomed him with a warm smile and thanked him for his time , as if he’s the distinguished diplomat heading a trip to establish a brand new Coalition alliance, and not the lower-ranking Blade who just happened to get a free ticket from a friend.

Then he had Keith on his arm. Keith, his Commander and friend. Keith, who had been adorned with shiny stones, hair done up, looking perfect and ethereal in his traditional royal Galran robes of rich black, gold and red – a sight Shiro burns into his memories. He had this beautiful Galra-Human wonder in his arm and the two of them were smiling and laughing cordially with high-ranking officials and three Queens.

Then he’s being showered with flowers and being climbed like a playground attraction by said Queens’ twelve children and then…

Then he’s married to Keith. Legally. Recognized by around a hundred or so different planets and star systems.

Which also made him, technically, official Galra royalty.

By accident.

So much for a modest life.




I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Okay, no. There’s no way he could just drop that ball.

Maybe next message.

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