I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Keith and Shiro were friends and got married entirely without meaning to, but they don’t regret that, not now.
Now, Shiro is simply eager to meet his husband-turned-boyfriend’s friends and family. The thing is, Keith is kind of a celebrity, and that… that comes with perks.

Chapters: 9
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don’t wanna walk alone (or run away)

Chapter 2


Young Shiro would never have imagined that one day he will be served tea by the famous Princess Allura of Altea, darling of the Coalition and probably the entire known universe.
Yet here he is.

Chapter Notes:

are y’all ready?


Young, aspiring Blade-to-be Shiro would never have thought he’d one day be setting foot in the Coalition’s Official Embassy building in Daibazaal.

Well, not as a guest , at least. Maybe for a mission or something, as part of a high-profile official’s security detail.

But today, he is not security. He is a guest.

He is sitting on the softest plush couch he’d ever sat on. It’s a struggle to sit straight. Beside him, Keith doesn’t even try. Keith is lounging against the equally soft pillows, munching on one of the treats he called ‘cupcakes’ that he took from the table before them.

“Shiro.” Keith says, when he catches Shiro watching him.

Shiro didn’t mean to stare, he was simply curious at how one ate these cupcakes, because Keith had been taking his time picking on the tiny colorful blobs on top of it first, nibbling on them before they were all gone and he finally took a bite from the ‘cake’ part.

“Relax. We’re here to have tea.”

‘Tea’ is how Keith says it now, but Shiro could swear he used a different word before. It’s just the same, Keith had claimed. ‘Leaves, hot water, other stuff. Alteans have the craziest names for things.’

“Deepest apologies for the wait! This is quite a complicated brew, but well worth it, I assure you!”

Shiro looks up and sits straight as their companion strides towards them, carrying a very fancy-looking tray brimming with treats and various drinks, plates and cups. The tray is laid in the table, and their gracious hostess sends Shiro a winning smile.

“Shiro, how do you like your drink? This one’s got a bitter taste to it, but we have syrup to sweeten the flavor…”

Young Shiro would never have imagined that one day he will be served tea by the famous Princess Allura of Altea, darling of the Coalition and probably the entire known universe.

Yet here he is.

“Lots of syrup for me.” Keith chimes in, finally uncurling from the pillows. He casually licks the cupcake crumbs from his fingers as he nudges Shiro. “Maybe you could try it with a little syrup first, then see if you wanna add more later.”

Shiro nods to him, and then to the Princess. “Yes, I’d like that, thank you, uh, Your Highness.”

“Excellent!” Allura says, beaming again. “And none of the formalities when it’s just us. Call me Allura!”

Shiro nods again, watching with interest as Allura makes their tea, just as her guests would like it. It looked more like concocting a potion, if he were to be honest.

Meanwhile, Keith happily picks through the Altean treats in the tray and pops them into his mouth. He sighs as he chews one, then picks another of the same and raises it up to Shiro.

“Shiro, you gotta try this one.”

Shiro blinks down at him. Keith is holding the little biscuit up, to Shiro’s face.

He’s not handing it to him. Is he… Is he trying to feed Shiro?

That-… That’s something a mate does. They might be legally married, but their courtship has hardly started, Shiro has yet to talk to Krolia or Kolivan or Keith’s father-

“It tastes a bit like those candies from Arus you like.” Keith says, shaking the treat a bit.

No, wait. Keith may know a lot about the Galra and he may be comfortable with their culture, but he still spent half of his life on Earth. Some customs go over his head sometimes. Maybe this is one of those.

So Shiro leans down and takes the treat into his mouth. He chews and yes, Keith is right – it does taste like one of his favorites. “It’s really good.” he tells Allura.

“Why, thank you. Keith told me you like Arusian snacks. I figured these are quite a close match.” she says, then winks. She pushes forward two teacups. “Drink up! And tell me if I made it right!”

Shiro follows Keith’s lead, taking a cup and blowing on it before taking a sip. The drink leaves his throat warm, it’s flavorful, almost spicy, but mostly bitter with just an aftertaste of sweetness.

He almost spits it out when he realizes both Allura and Keith were watching him expectantly.

“W-What…?” he squeaks out, wary.

“How do you like it? More syrup?” Allura asks, eyes wide and curious, the tiny syrup pitcher ready in her hand. “Maybe salt? Coran puts salt in his…”

“Ew.” Keith whispers.

“Um, maybe just a bit more.” Shiro answers, offering his cup. “Syrup.” he adds hastily. Then, because he didn’t want to seem rude – “Please.”

Allura looks charmed, and reaches out to pour a bit more syrup in the cup. “That should do it, I think.”

“How sweet is that by now?” Keith asks.

“Not as sweet as yours. I seem to need an entire pitcher for you.” Allura shakes her head. “But it should be enough to even out the bitterness. Isn’t it, Shiro?”

He takes an experimental sip before nodding. “It’s just right, Princess.”

Her eyes narrow.

“Allura.” he concedes.

Keith hums thoughtfully, sipping his own drink.

Then Allura leans over, smile coy. “Taking notes on how your husband likes his tea?”

Shiro almost chokes.

Keith rolls his eyes at his friend, hiding behind his cup. “I was just curious.”

Shiro tries to think the pink in Keith’s cheeks are from the heat of the tea, and nothing else. But now that he’s looking, he couldn’t help but notice the strands of hair curled against Keith’s cheek, on the verge of dipping into his drink. He raises his free hand to carefully draw the strands away and tuck them behind Keith’s ear.

Keith blinks up at him, more curious than surprised.

“Sorry. It was getting into your cup.” he hastily explains.

“Oh. Thanks.” is all Keith says, before going back to his tea.

They look over when Allura giggles. She’s looking at them, eyes shiny and smile dreamy. “You two make adorable newlyweds.”

Keith pouts. “It’s not-”

“-like that. I know, I know.” Allura says, appeasing. She starts pouring tea for herself. “That is actually why I invited you two over.”

Keith raises an eyebrow. “Really?”

Shiro sits up a bit straighter. He didn’t really know what he’s here for, in the first place. Keith had just popped in his quarters a few quintants ago and asked him if he wants to go with him to visit a friend, just to hang out. Apparently, said friend wanted Keith to take his husband along, and Keith figured he might as well bring Shiro anyway to clear up the misunderstanding.

Of course, Keith hadn’t told him that said friend just happened to be the Princess of Altea herself, not until Shiro specifically asked, and they were well on their way to the Embassy by then.

“I’d like to apologize, formally.” Allura starts, and takes a deep breath before she continues. “I got excited, and I should have known better. I am sorry for spreading misinformation about the two of you, and your relationship.”

Keith sighs. He doesn’t look or sound angry, only a bit resigned. “Allura-”

She holds up a finger, as she always does, to quiet him. “Krolia has told me about how… enthusiastic everyone’s been, and that for the past few quintants, you’ve been avoiding our friends because of it. I’m really sorry, Keith. I know you’re a private person, I really should have considered-”

This time, Keith is the one who raises his finger, and Allura stops, caught off guard. “Allura, I told you already, it’s okay. It’s not… that bad.”

She looks unconvinced.

“The worst was Lotor, and that’s been taken care of. I managed to convince him to cancel the honeymoon suite.”

She frowns, then she turns to Shiro. “Of course, you too, Shiro! Did my big, reckless mouth get you in trouble too? Tell me, I’ll do anything I can to help-”

Shiro shrugs, uncertain. “Actually… nothing much has changed for me?”

Allura blinks. “Really?”

“He lives in HQ. You didn’t tell the Blades.” Keith says. “Small blessings.”

She sighs, relieved. “Oh. Yes, of course. So… you two… you’re okay?”

“Yep.” Keith nods. “We’re alive.”

“We’re okay, Princess.” Shiro agrees, less sarcastic.

Allura looks from one to the other, the tension in her shoulders slowly easing.

“No need to keep apologizing.” Keith adds. With a chuckle, he says, “And here I thought you made me come over and gave me all this food to butter me up so you can drag me to go gift shopping for Lance’s birthday. Again.”

“W-Well…” She looks like someone caught her red-handed, but she hurriedly waves it off. “No! Of course not, that’s… that’s quite a few phoebs to go, isn’t it?”

Keith squints at her, frowning. “Huh… So you were planning on it?”

“You’re the easiest to get a hold of, Keith.”

“Easiest- I’m a spy! ” Keith says, looking affronted. “Hunk is a chef, Pidge lives in her lab! Go with them.”

“Hunk is on tour the whole year. Pidge has her laboratory on lockdown, and only her brother knows how to drag her out of that place.” Allura counters. “Meanwhile, I know your parents!”

Keith buries his face in his hands. “Ugh, I don’t even like your boyfriend.”

“Oh, you do . And I do not have a boyfriend, Lance is a good friend.” Allura huffs, indignant.

Keith huffs right back. “Uh-huh.”

“Enough about me! I promise, that really is not the reason I invited you and Shiro.” she says, and like a good diplomat, she brings her hand to her chest and looks beseechingly at them both.

Shiro almost reaches out to comfort her, just from how helpless she looks.

“From the bottom of my heart, again, I am sorry for spreading misinformation that made you want to avoid people you care about-”

“Allura.” Keith groans. “You make it sound so dramatic. Stop. You made the Emperor of Daibazaal make a fancy hotel reservation on Earth, so what? It’s no big deal. We both survived. Besides, we’re… uh…”

At this, he looks towards Shiro, and Shiro looks back, coughs, and gingerly sips his tea.

Keith swears he learned that from Kolivan.

“You are…?” Allura prompts.

Keith picks a treat from the tray and pops it into his mouth.

He takes his time chewing.

Allura watches.

When he reaches for another, she snaps. “Keith.”

Keith squeaks out his answer. “We’regoingtodinnertonight.”

Her brows shoot up. “Pardon?”

Keith sighs, then finally gives in. “We’re going to dinner tonight.”

She stares. At Keith, then Shiro. “Dinner?”

They both nod.

Allura takes another second to process, then she practically glows as she claps her hands together, letting out excited squeals. “ Aaaaahhhh! A date? You two are going on a date?!”

Keith rolls his eyes, but spares her a smile. “Yes, Princess, we are going on a date.”

“So you two are together after all!”

Shiro shakes his head. “I… I have yet to ask for Krolia’s blessing to court Keith, but I will, as soon as I can.”

“You know she’ll just tell you to ask me , right?” Keith sighs. “And, that I’ll date you even without asking her?”

Shiro smiles, fond. “Even so. It’s just… important to me, to let her know first.”

“How traditionally Galra.” Allura says, sounding impressed. “You found yourself a good and honorable suitor, Keith.”

Keith shrugs. “Don’t freak out over it this time.”

She smiles, nodding. “Cross my pinky.”


“Oh! Cross my heart.” she corrects. “The next time someone asks me, I promise to give them correct information.”

“Good.” Keith says, crossing his arms across his chest. “So… you feel better now?”

“I feel amazing.” Allura laughs. “And I am very very happy for the two of you.”

“Thank you, Pr-… Allura.” Shiro says. “It means a lot.”

Allura smiles, appreciative. “Now, we’ve got plenty of time left… Do you two fancy doing anything else? Besides stuffing your faces full of snacks?”

Keith looks unapologetic as he takes a bite on another cupcake.

Shiro shrugs, thinking about it. Allura hums as she does the same.

After a few moments, she breaks the silence again.

“Say…” she starts, and Keith knows that tone. It’s that tone she has when she believes she has a great idea. “Are either of you up for a quick spar?”




Today, I had the privilege of having the Princess of Altea, as my friend says it, ‘kick my ass’ in a sparring session.

Said friend is Keith. I’ve told you about him before, how he’s a good leader, commanding officer and friend.

He is now my husband, who I have just decided to court-

Yeah, no. There’s entirely too much to unpack there.

Next time, maybe – after he’s asked Krolia for her blessing. Yes, definitely after that.

Chapter Notes:

hi it’s me ali and i don’t know anything about tea but this is alien tea so HAH.

the dinner date goes smoothly, fyi. next stop: the BoM base. *wink wink* but uh imma post that tomorrow because i’m literally gonna crash now. night night guys mwah

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