I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Keith and Shiro were friends and got married entirely without meaning to, but they don’t regret that, not now.
Now, Shiro is simply eager to meet his husband-turned-boyfriend’s friends and family. The thing is, Keith is kind of a celebrity, and that… that comes with perks.

Chapters: 9
Words: 27,067

don’t wanna walk alone (or run away)

Chapter 5


“Oh.” he says, eyes wide. “I thought… It’s just-… It’s a family thing. I thought you were just letting me know.”

Keith shakes his head. “I want you to meet my dad, and my dad wants to meet you.”

Chapter Notes:

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Shiro wakes up that morning to a familiar weight on top of him and fingers running through the tuft of hair on his forehead. He opens his eyes and sees Keith peering at him, eyes open but sleepy. Keith has his head propped up on his arm, and the rest of him draped over Shiro lazily.

He takes Keith’s hand from his hair to press a kiss to his fingers.

“Good morning.” Keith says, smiling sweetly.

“Good morning.” Shiro greets back, letting go of Keith’s hand in favor of yawning. As he arches on the mattress to stretch, he jostles Keith, who laughs softly and clings to his broad shoulders to keep himself from falling off. Shiro wraps Keith in his arms again, loose enough to allow Keith to shuffle up slightly for a slow, languid kiss.

Waking up to Keith in the mornings has been one of the highlights of his days in HQ recently.

“So.” Keith says, settling back on his arms. “I was thinking of going on a vacation. Just a short one.”

Shiro hums, hands rubbing soothingly on Keith’s sides. “When?”

“Next month. Well. Uh. Phoeb? Roughly a phoeb.”


“Earth.” Keith answers, “It’s almost my dad’s birthday. I’m sure Kolivan will let me go. I usually do around this time of year, anyway. Mom does, too. We don’t throw a big party or anything special like that, we just wanna be there on the day.”

Shiro smiles lightly. “You miss your father?”

“We keep in touch, but. You know how it is. You miss just being with them.”

“I know what you mean.”

Keith looks at him, smiling back.

Keith keeps looking.

Shiro thinks he might have missed something here.

“I… am going to miss you, while you’re on vacation?” he tries.

Keith stares, then chuckles as he shakes his head. “Shiro…”


Keith looks at him, eyes meltingly fond. Shiro feels his legs go weak. “Shiro, I’m asking you to go with me.”

“Oh.” he says, eyes wide. “I thought… It’s just-… It’s a family thing. I thought you were just letting me know.”

Keith shakes his head, still grinning fondly. “I want you to meet my dad, and my dad wants to meet you. But if you’re not up for it, I understand.”

Shiro takes a deep breath. “I’d be glad to meet him. I just… I don’t know a lot about him. He might not… He might not like me?”

“Please. Not like you ?” Keith rolls his eyes. “Look, he’s fine with his wife being in a relationship with Kolivan, who’s an old grump. You’re, like, a space angel. He’ll like you.”

Shiro nods, appreciating the support. He’d have to look up what an ‘angel’ is, though. “You’re sure?”

“Yeah! I mean… You’ve seen how he cried when I told him about the wedding.”

Shiro couldn’t help but laugh, recalling the man who was dramatically sobbing into the holo-call because he wasn’t able to give his only child away. “Yes, those tears looked very real.”

Keith shuffled slightly, bringing their faces closer. “So… you’re coming?”

Shiro leans up to catch soft lips in his. “Happily.”

They kiss until Kosmo jumps on the bed and they both fall off.



Shiro stares out into the wide expanse of desert in fascination. He’d heard of desert planets and he’d seen images, but there were no deserts in Daibazaal, nor in any of the planets he’d visited during Blade missions.

It’s hot , is his first impression. But it’s beautiful. There’s a certain grace to these sand dunes and how everything seemed to dance under the scorching sun.

The wind helps with the heat, specially with how fast Keith drives. Shiro had thought that the old red-and-white thing wouldn’t be able to hold them both, but Keith only smirked at him and said that it can carry five people easily.

If they held on tight enough.

“C’mon, the girls didn’t even bat an eye when they rode with me on this baby.”

“The… girls…?”

“Uh… who was it… Romelle? Pidge, Allura and Acxa? Even drove off a cliff that time. They enjoyed it! Well… most of them did.”

Well, it’s not like Shiro could afford not to hold tight, since Keith drove like he’s riding the wind – and anyway, Shiro always likes the feel of Keith in his arms.

“We’re here!” Keith announces, shouting over the noisy engine.

Shiro makes out the fences first. Then he sees the two-story house in the distance with a shack beside it. There’s a lone tree in front and more scattered around, then rocky cliffs beyond. Parked by the house is a black hoverbike and what looked like a larger land vehicle.

Keith parks beside the other bike easily. Shiro hops down and stumbles a bit because of the unfamiliar terrain on his feet, but he steadies himself quickly afterwards.

Keith lands much more gracefully and as they retrieve their bags from the compartment, he calls out, “Hey, Pop! You home?”

There’s shuffling inside the house, and the door swings open just as they make their way towards it.

The man on the doorway grins as he sees them. Shiro sees Keith’s face light up as he starts jogging. Keith’s father steps out from the porch, arms outstretched. He meets Keith halfway with a warm hug.

“Good to have you back, kiddo.” he says, as he ruffles his son’s hair.

Keith laughs, half-heartedly swiping the man’s hand away. “It’s good to be back, Pop.”

Shiro finally catches up to them. “Mr. Kogane.” he greets, catching the man’s attention. “I’m Shiro. It’s nice to meet you, sir.”

Keith blinks up at him, surprised. Shiro had never taken initiative to introduce himself to Keith’s friends and family before, but now he’s standing tall and dignified, obviously a little bit nervous, but eager to make a good impression.

It makes him proud.

His father raises an eyebrow, but keeps his grin as he eyes the Galra from head to toe. He tips his chin up, not intimidated by Shiro’s size or stature. He’d been friends with Kolivan and other Blades long enough. “Likewise. Call me Tex. Everyone does.”

He offers his hand and Shiro takes it, shaking firmly.

“So, you’re my son-in-law, eh, Shiro?”

“On paper.” Keith quickly interjects. “I know that you know that.”

Shiro nods. “Only on paper, sir, but it’s still an honor. I am fortunate enough that Keith has allowed me to court him. I know we’re doing this out of order, but I will try my best to do right by your son. He’s… He means a lot to me.”

“Huh.” Tex huffs, squinting at the Galra. Then, he leans sideways, whispering none-too-quietly to Keith, “Naw, boy, you’re dating a nerd?”

Keith just looks… done. “You know he’s a Blade, right? He can throw you. He can throw Antok .”

Tex scoffs, unconvinced. “Why does he talk like that? Kolivan doesn’t talk like that.”

“Kolivan doesn’t talk. Period.” Keith shrugs. “He’s just trying to be nice to you. Also, he’s right there, and he can hear us.”

Shiro doesn’t know whether or not to pretend that he does hear them, so he just… smiles.

Keith frowns. “Dude, don’t smile like that, makes me wanna jump you and my dad’s here.”

Shiro blushes dark purple. “K-Keith!”

Tex flicks his son’s ear. “Boy! The mouth on you!”

“Who do you think I got it from?” Keith whines, then ducks when his father tries to flick his ear again. “Let’s go inside, Pop. Before the sun roasts my boyfriend.”

With that, he grabs Shiro’s hand and pulls him towards the house. Tex follows them, complaining. “No goddamn way I raised you to talk like that, you little hellion- and don’t get sand on my carpet!”

And Keith counters that with, “There’s already sand on your carpet.”

The easy familiarity charms Shiro. Keith looks right at home here.

Shiro grew up within the dark and cold atmosphere of Daibazaal, so the air conditioning inside the house is a relief. He follows Keith upstairs to put their bags away, then they both hurry back when Tex calls them down, saying they have to help make dinner.

They make it to the kitchen in time to find Tex laughing as he greets Kosmo, whose tail is wagging as he proudly drops two dead bloody rabbits at the man’s feet.

“Good job, boy.”

“Really?” Keith grumbles. “We can’t get sand on your carpet, but Kosmo is excused with sand, blood and corpses?”

“He brought game. He’s excused.” Tex shrugs, picking up the rabbits and handing them to Keith, who takes them without flinching but holds them away from his body. Kosmo yips happily. “We’ll have this for lunch tomorrow ‘cause I’ve already started on the barbecue tonight. You know what to do.”

Keith grins and turns to Shiro. “You’ll love dad’s b- Shiro?”

Shiro looks pale. They didn’t even know a Galra could pale. He is staring down at the dead rabbits dangling from Keith’s hands.

Tex frowns. “What’s the matter? Never seen a dead animal before?”

Shiro swallows. “Are… Are these the same creatures we were watching holo-vids of, the other day?”

Keith stares at him before his eyes widen in realization. “Oh. O-Oh! Babe, no!” he soothes, vehemently shaking his head before stopping because… Well, Shiro is not entirely wrong . “Well… Yes?”

Shiro’s mouth drops open.

“No! I mean- They’re the same species! But… different… There are little cute ones you keep as pets. There are wild ones. We typically hunt them for meat! These… these are the wild ones.” Keith tries his best to explain, hiding the rabbits behind his back. “Right, I’ll just… I’ll just get these outta your sight, okay?”

Shiro could only nod. “Okay.”

Keith heads straight for the back door. He also clicks his tongue at Kosmo. “You come with me, Kos. Let’s getcha cleaned up a bit.”

Then they’re gone. Shiro is left there, standing awkwardly with Tex who is scrutinizing the droplets of blood and sand on the floor that Keith and Kosmo left behind.

After a few moments, the man seems to come up with a decision as he shrugs and nods. “They’ll clean that up too.”

That seems to snap Shiro back to reality. “I can do that, if you’ll let me, sir.”

“Nah, Keith’s dog, Keith cleans. House rule.” Tex says, turning around and starting to shuffle around the kitchen. “And you’re a big softie, aren’t you? You won’t eat rabbit tomorrow, then?”

“Oh, I’m sure I can… try it. It just… took me by surprise, I think?” he says. Tex hands him something – a cooking utensil, perhaps, and then a big bowl, and he holds on to them without question as he continues, “Keith always watches those holo-vids, and he talks about how much he adores those little rabbit creatures. He says they’re precious. He never mentioned that he also hunts and eats them… ”

Tex laughs. “Yeah, he does have a soft spot for the little ones. The big wild ones are game around here, though. They taste good if cooked right, so you’d be missing out if you don’t try.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll definitely give it a go tomorrow.” Shiro nods and tries to hold steady as Tex throws in unfamiliar fruits and vegetables in his bowl.

Tex chuckles as he grabs his own stack of cooking utensils and gestures for Shiro to follow him to the kitchen island. “C’mon, son, just call me Tex. We’re cookin’ a family dinner here.”

“Yes, Mr. Tex.”

Tex looks up at him with a mildly surprised grin. “A total gentleman. Does Keith find that cute?”

Shiro smiles, bashful. Thace told him that too. Maybe Keith does like that about him? He’d have to thank his grandparents for raising him to be unfailingly polite. “He… humors it?”

“Ah. He totally finds that cute.” Tex shakes his head as he assesses their inventory. “Alright, let’s get this started. Make it special. This is Keith’s favorite, and Krolia hasn’t been back here for a while.”

Shiro follows the man’s lead as they begin laying out their ingredients and equipment on the island countertop. A lot of the food look foreign to him, but many of the tools he recognizes from some episodes of Hunk’s cooking videos.

“What are we making?” he asks. Keith knows his favorite snacks and Galran dishes. He thinks it’s fair he gets to know Keith’s favorite Earth foods, too, and really, there’s no one better to learn from than Keith’s favorite cook.

“Well, we’ll be grillin’ some meat and vegetables. We’ll marinate the meat – it’s a family recipe so you’re very lucky to be here for that. Some coleslaw, ‘cause Krolia loves that. Then fruit salad, I’m thinkin’ sweet and creamy, for dessert.”

Shiro nods, eager to find out what all those words meant. “I can’t wait.”

“Well, wash your hands and grab an apron, then. There’s one big enough for Kolivan in that there drawer, it should fit you.”

Shiro heeds the instructions, finding the apron easily and slipping it on. When he comes back, Tex is cracking his knuckles, grin eager. It reminds him so much of Keith, he had to smile.

“Right, we’ll make the marinade first, ‘cause we gotta soak the meat in it for a bit. We got our own recipe, a real good one. Folks call this Heath’s Barbecue Sauce.”

“Um… Who is Heath?”

The man raises an eyebrow. “Me. My name is Heath.”

Shiro blinks. “I thought-… I’m sorry, is ‘Tex’ a title?”

“No.” Tex chuckles. “It’s just a nickname. Everyone ‘round here calls me ‘Tex’ because I’m Texan.”

“You are Texan?”

“You bet I am.”

Shiro’s brows furrow in confusion. “How many names do humans have?”

At that, Tex bursts out laughing. Shiro just stands there, more confused than ever, until Keith comes back inside carrying a wrapped package – the rabbits, probably skinned and prepared for storage – with Kosmo trailing behind him

“What’s up? Why are we laughing?”

“K-Keith- Keith, your boyfriend is a riot!” Tex manages to say before he starts laughing again.

Shiro looks at Keith helplessly, and Keith stuffs the meat in the fridge before walking up to them, standing beside Shiro. “Shiro, is he bein’ mean?”

Shiro notes a little bit of accent slipping in Keith’s words now.

“No, no, no, I’m not- It was just- He’s hilarious!” the man sighs, finally catching his breath. “He thought-… My name-… Nevermind.” He shakes his head and raises a hand up in defeat. “Just… Let’s just go with Tex , alright, son? You call me that.”

Shiro nods. “Okay… Mr. Tex?”

Tex lets out a shorter laugh, but holds his ground this time.

Keith snorts, leaning on his elbows on the countertop as he grins at Shiro. “That’s real cute that you call him ‘mister’.”

Shiro smiles back, and when he looks at Tex, the man mouths, ‘Told ‘ya.’ then he frowns as realizes what Keith just said, “Hey, I do deserve to be called ‘mister’!”

“Eh.” Keith shrugs, then looks at the ingredients on the table and whistles. “Are we having barbecue?”

“Yes.” Tex answers, and just as Keith opens his mouth to ask, he’s already nodding. “With my sauce, yes. But you’re not joinin’ us. We have enough hands. You go clean your dog’s mess on my floor. You know where the mop is.”

Keith pouts, but only grumbles under his breath as he steps back from the counter and goes off to find said mop.

He leaves a water bowl for a smug Kosmo who has settled comfortably on the back door mat.

When Keith finishes cleaning the kitchen floor, Tex tells him to replace the sheets in his bedroom with the fresh ones laid out on the couch.

Keith rolls his eyes. “Just say you wanna keep Shiro to yourself, old man. Call me when you want me back.” He picks the sheets up and heads upstairs, but not before sending Shiro a reassuring smile. “Kos, you’re with me again.”

Shiro smiles back and watches him and Kosmo go. When he turns back to watching Tex, the man is looking at him with a little grin. It’s quick enough that he nearly misses it as Tex tells him to grab the container of meat on the sink and start chopping.

“So Krolia told me that you’re… what, courtin’ Keith, that’s your term for it, is it?”

Shiro nods. “I am.”

“You’re traditional like that?”

“Not too much by myself, I think. It’s simply what my grandparents have taught me.” Shiro answers, following the man’s lead as they start chopping up the meat into smaller pieces. “But I admit that it can be a bit… dated. Keith and Krolia told me I don’t have to be so formal with that, too. If I followed all the rules, then I wouldn’t have started a relationship with Keith until I was able to ask his parents for permission. Keith wouldn’t have liked that.”

“He would’ve hated it!” Tex laughs. “We’re not traditional. At all. Even Krolia, and she grew up practically a princess.”

“Keith really is far from what I expected, when they told me my new commanding officer would be a senior Blade who’s also part of the royal family.” Shiro agrees. “Keith is just… very down-to-earth.”

“It is easy to forget that the kid’s, like, your emperor’s cousin, yeah.” Tex says. “Sometimes he visits here and just hangs around, drops by his friends’ place, binge-watches a show on my couch with the wolf. Totally normal kid freeloading off his old man. Then I remember when he was born, we got a baby care package the size of a small car and signed ‘Zarkon and Honerva’ . It’s just… real bizarre, ‘ya know?”

Shiro smiles. “I think I understand. It didn’t quite hit me though, until I saw him all dressed up and we were attending a luncheon with queens.”

“S’that when those baby aliens got you married?”

“Yes. It was… it happened very suddenly. We admit that we didn’t know what we were getting into.”

“Who does, right?” Tex chuckles. “But you were dating before that?”

Shiro shakes his head. “No… We were close for colleagues, even for new friends, that’s for sure. I wasn’t able to ask him to dinner until a few quintants after the trip. I’d been thinking of asking Krolia’s permission, but I thought I’d just… go ask Keith, because he’d appreciate that more. I knew that’s how he is.”

Tex glances at him, one eyebrow quirked, considering him. Shiro is relieved when he finally nods in approval. “Attaboy. You know the kid well, huh?”

“I like to think so.” Shiro shrugs. “He’s my best friend.”

“Good.” Tex says. “Ya know, I was thinking of telling you that human courting is complicated too. You’d have to gain approval from the whole family, serenade your desired partner, shower ‘em with presents, the works. You won’t be able to talk or spend time together without a chaperone until your wedding day, which your parents would plan and approve of, of course.”

Shiro has gone silent, so Tex looks up to assess his expression.

The Galra is focused on his task of chopping meat, brows furrowed and lips curled into a small frown. “Keith… didn’t tell me any of that…” He looks up. “Is that… still being practiced?”

Tex laughs, then sighs. “Aw, hell. Can’t get past you twice, huh?”

Shiro grins proudly. “I read up on human customs too.”

“I don’t care what Keith says, you’re a nerd.” Tex declares. “Now, I don’t get to see our boy often, and he’s a very unreliable storyteller, so tell me. How’d you two meet? Krolia said you’re new to the Blades? One year in?”

Shiro does a quick mental math, thankful that the inter-galactic standard time terms isn’t that far off to Terran ones. “Closer to two now, actually.”

Before he could continue, they’re interrupted by Keith making his way down the stairs.

“Don’t stop on my account.” he says, casting them a bright, easy smile. “Mom just called, I’m picking her up at the Garrison base. Anything you need that I can buy while I’m out?”

Tex waves him off. “Nah, we’re good here. Go fetch your Ma. Dinner will be ready when you get back.”

“Roger that.” Keith says, slipping on his riding jacket. He strides over to them and tugs on Shiro’s sleeve until the tall Galra leans down so Keith only has to tip-toe to press a kiss to his cheek. “I’ll be back soon. Bear with the old man a little longer?”

Tex lets out an exaggerated gasp. “Hey! What do you mean ‘bear’ with me? Shiro is not bearing with me, we’re havin’ a nice talk, aren’t we, Shiro?”

Shiro chuckles and nods. “We are.” He nuzzles the top of Keith’s head and drops a kiss to his hair. “Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.”

“I know. I just wanna annoy him.” Keith smirks.

“Don’t make me separate you two.” Tex grumbles. “Off you go, spitfire. Your Ma’s waitin’.”

“Yes, yes. You’re so eager to get rid of me today.” Keith complains, but extracts himself from Shiro and walks out, avoiding his father’s attempt to ruffle his hair on his way.

They wait until the sound of the hoverbike fades into the distance until they start to talk.

This time, it’s Shiro who starts.

“I actually never met Keith until I got assigned to his squad.”

Tex spares a glance at his companion, and notes the fond little smile on Shiro’s face. He nods. “Go on.”



Keith can already smell the grilled barbecue and vegetables when he parks the hoverbike.

Behind him, Krolia hops off the vehicle, breathes in the cooling early evening air and the scent of dinner, and sighs. “Oh, that smells good.”

“Welcome home, right?” Keith says as he takes his mom’s bag. They exchange grins before heading inside.

The smell makes his mouth water when they get inside. The table is all set and ready. Shiro is sitting on the floor by the couch with Kosmo sprawled over his lap, curiously watching the evening news. Tex welcomes his wife with a tender hug and a kiss.

Keith heads straight for Shiro and Kosmo, expecting his parents to go on and be soppy for a few more moments, but he freezes when his father’s deep voice rings out across the room.

“Keith Yorak Kogane.”

Keith blinks. His dad doesn’t sound so happy. “Uh… Pop?”

Krolia raises a brow too, but observes quietly.

Tex narrows his eyes at his only child and says, “I heard from a certain boyfriend of yours… about some of your… adventures, up there with the Blades.”

Keith looks to Shiro, who looks back innocently. He turns back to his dad. “Yes?”

“You… jumped out of an airlock?”

Oops. So they were talking about that .

Keith bites his lip, trying to smile. “Umm… yeah? It’s… it’s a valid escape route?”

“Four times?”


“Without a ship to catch you.”

“They… found me eventually. And Shiro caught me two of those times!”

“You also came and infiltrated a terrorist base all on your own, without backup?”

Keith pales. “I… uh… it was a contingency plan… that… I came up with… on the spot…”

“And you also got on a ship you’ve never flown before while it’s trying to self-destruct?!”

Keith narrows his eyes at Shiro, who now looks mortified – he probably didn’t know he was basically providing Keith’s dad with ammunition to grill his son about his trademark death-defying stunts.

“It looked close enough to an Altean pod!” Keith insists. “And I-… I was able to land it in the enemy’s hangar and get out before it exploded!”

At that, Krolia finally speaks. “I did not know that one.” They all look to her, then she says, “Good job, little star.”

Tex looks at his wife in disbelief. “Kro! He… He’s been doing this on the regular?!”

Krolia shrugs. “He’s a Blade. It happens. And he’s a damn good one, too. I’m really proud, Keith.”

Keith smiles. “Thanks, Ma.”

“The one with the self-destructing ship must have been fun.”

He nods eagerly. “It was!”

“Fun?!” Tex exclaims. “That’s not supposed to be your idea of fun! I’m terrified , and I wasn’t there!” He gestures at Shiro. “I bet you scared the hell outta Shiro, too!”

They all turn to Shiro this time, and Shiro only keeps quiet for a beat before nodding. “I mean… it was scary…”

Tex huffs. “See?”

“…but it was sort of fun.”

Tex gapes, then shakes his head in disappointed. “You traitor, I thought we bonded.”

Shiro smiles nervously. “I’m sorry, Mr. Texan, sir.”

“Oh my God.” Keith snorts, covering up a bubble of a laugh with his hand. “He’s sassing you already.”

Shiro winks at him and Keith throws himself into the couch, arms instantly wrapping around his boyfriend’s shoulders.

“Don’t try to get out of this by bein’ cute.” Tex warns. Keith just snuggles against Shiro more. “Nope. No, don’t- Not the eyes, Keith, you know it works!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is.” Krolia points out, absently ushering her husband towards the dining area and away from where Keith had just ensured his victory through big puppy eyes.

“The problem,” Tex starts, heaving a deep breath, “is that all of you Galra have a death wish.”

Krolia only raises her brows, looking appalled before she smirks. “Says the man who runs back into a burning building to rescue a kitten.”

Tex could only freeze and stare slowly at Krolia.

She is the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen, the woman he loves with all his being and the mother of his child.

She also happens to think that piloting a self-destructing ship is fun.

He declares, “You win this time, gorgeous.”

Krolia leans forward, their noses touching. “I win everytime, my love.” she says with a smug grin, and steals a kiss from his lips before pulling away to look at the feast on the dining table.

“Keith, Shiro! Get over here before the food gets cold.” she calls as Tex retrieves drinks from the fridge.

“Coming!” Keith calls back. He’s still snuggled against Shiro, so it’s easy to lean forward and ask quietly, “Are you gonna make barbecue for me from now on?”

Shiro tilts his head so they can press their foreheads together. “That’s what a good mate does.”

“Oh?” Keith asks, playful. “Then I guess I’m never divorcing you.”

“Ah, I’m very lucky.”

“No, I’m the lucky one.” Keith says. Finally, he pulls back and gets to his feet. “C’mon, they won’t start without us.”

They walk to the dining table hand in hand.




I am sending this message from Earth. (Or Terra, as you call it.) I haven’t had the opportunity to visit that many places yet, but I can already say that it’s a beautiful planet.

I am here with Keith. I believe I’ve told you about him before. He has become a very dear friend to me. I am staying with his family and they treat me as one of their own.

I learned a new recipe for some delicious Earth food, as well. Now I know that I always say I miss your cooking, but this time, I just miss you.

I think I might try cooking this for you when I come visit home.


He sends the message, because watching Keith with his family really did make him miss his own.

They might ask why exactly he is on Earth with a friend and said friend’s family.

He’ll gladly answer that question when they do.

Chapter Notes:

why did no one tell me that writing tex is this HEALING?

anyways with this and the next chapter i have realized that this fic is just keith and shiro going on a food trip.

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