I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Keith and Shiro were friends and got married entirely without meaning to, but they don’t regret that, not now.
Now, Shiro is simply eager to meet his husband-turned-boyfriend’s friends and family. The thing is, Keith is kind of a celebrity, and that… that comes with perks.

Chapters: 9
Words: 27,067

don’t wanna walk alone (or run away)

Chapter 6


“That’s… Lance McClain?” Shiro asks, slowly.

“The only.” Keith answers. “Is he everything you expected?”

The skies are clear, it’s a bright, windy day, and there is so much… green.

“I’ve never been on a farm.” Shiro says, looking out at the hectares of green fields ahead as far as the eye can see.

“Really?” Keith asks, looking up at him through the brim of the hat he borrowed from his father. “Not even in Daibazaal?”

“All farm areas in Daibazaal are far out in the outskirts.” Shiro says. “The only places with this much green that are not farms are the Imperial Palace’s gardens. And I’ve never been to either of those places.”

“Huh. Well, we gotta make the most of our visit here, then.” Keith says, grinning. “It’s not often we get the chance to go strawberry-picking. Look, Kosmo’s already out there.”

Indeed he is. Kosmo is already out in the field, happily chasing a butterfly.

Keith slings an empty wicker basket over his shoulder, grabs Shiro’s hand and drags him into the rows upon rows of strawberry shrubs.

As they walk, Keith does a quick explanation about the strawberry fruit, how to know if they’re ripe, and how to pluck them from the plant properly. Then they both crouch over one of the bushes and start picking.

Shiro gets the hang of it quickly. On his first pick, he hands the fruit to Keith for inspection. Keith smiles before blowing imaginary dust from it and taking a bite.

Keith sighs. “Mm. Amazing.” He holds out the other half for Shiro. “Here, try.”

Over the past few months, Shiro has gotten used to Keith’s tendency for casual intimacy. Keith likes sharing food, and it’s just another fact about him that Shiro is fond of. This time, he doesn’t blush or think twice about eating the fruit off Keith’s fingers. He still couldn’t help the lopsided smile though.

The strawberry smells delicious, and tastes delicious – sweet with a little hint of sour.

“I understand why this is your favorite fruit now.”

Keith laughs. “Yeah? Then let’s go get some more.”

As they fill their basket and move further into the field, Shiro asks, “Did you spend a lot of time here? In your friend’s farm?”

“Not really.” Keith says. “We’re not that close.”

“Really? His mother seemed fond of you.”

Keith shrugs. “Eh, she’s like that with everyone.”

“She… asks everyone what they’ve been up to for the past deca-… year?”


“And what their parents have been up to?”


“And she makes everyone sit down and eat home-made treats?”


“And packs a whole bag of it enough for a small squadron to take home?”

“Never fails.”

“And then she gives out baskets and just… tells everyone to go out and get whatever they want from the field?”

“Yes, Shiro, Mrs. McClain does that to everyone.” Keith tips the hat in his head as he looks back to the cozy family house in the distance and smiles fondly. “I told you, she treats me and the others like family.”

Shiro nods. He deposits a few pieces of strawberry on the basket before he looks out to admire the view again.

Across the field, he can see some animals grazing. In speaking of animals-

“Uh, Keith-… Is… Is Kosmo allowed near the animals?”

Keith is busy scrutinizing a strawberry. “Hm? Yeah. Why not?”

“He’s, uh… he’s a hunter, right?”

Keith still doesn’t look up. “Yeah, but he knows better than to hunt farm animals.”

“Okay…” Shiro answers slowly. It’s an effort to take his eyes off the sight of Kosmo prowling around one of the… what did Keith call them? Cows? But the cows doesn’t seem concerned, and Keith trusts Kosmo, so Shiro goes back to picking strawberries.

Then there’s a very high, very loud shriek.

There’s a person running across the field, waving frantically. He shoos Kosmo away and latches protectively on to one of the cows.

Shiro’s ear flicks as he picks up what the person is shouting about.

“Stay away from Kaltenecker, you nasty wolf! You’re not having any piece of her! Or any of my beautiful cows! Where’s your weirdo owner?!”

“Oh, good. He’s here.” Keith says, though he doesn’t sound like he means it.

“That’s… Lance McClain?” Shiro asks, slowly.

“The only.” Keith answers. “Is he everything you expected?”

Shiro takes a moment to think about it. He knows Lance McClain as one of the most famous Terrans in recent date, for his intergalactic career in acting and modeling. He’s a favorite of clothing brands that advocate diverse inter-specie fashion lines. He has also been in films playing either a dashing casanova or an action hero. Shiro knows he wrote a book about his humble beginnings and his rise to fame, and that he’s a social butterfly who often works with the Coalitions as a host for their galas or a handsome face advocating for peace and harmony across the universe.

When Keith had told him that they’ll drop by to say ‘hi’, Shiro didn’t expect they’d end up in a farm, fed by the man’s very hospitable mother and then picking strawberries while they wait for Lance to come back home.

“I didn’t expect anything, really.” Shiro says. “But this is still… different.”

Keith nods in understanding. “He’s good at his job.”

They watch as Kosmo lunges at Lance and licks his face, to which Lance just shrieks again and then begs the wolf to leave him alone.

Keith lets out a little self-satisfied laugh before deciding that his friend has been punished enough. He presses purses his lips and then lets out a unique whistle.

Kosmo stops licking.

Next thing Shiro knows, he and Keith are backing away as Kosmo, Lance and Kaltenecker all blink in before them.

Lance stumbles forward but latches on to his cow for support.

“There you are!” he grits out, pointing an accusing finger at Keith. “Your pet was about to eat my favorite girl!”

“Hi, Lance.” Keith sighs. “It’s good to see you, your home is lovely as always, and your mom told me and Shiro to go strawberry picking while we wait for you. She’s very sweet.”

Lance looks at Keith, then at Shiro, and then back at Keith. “She’s only so nice to you because somehow, she thinks you’re part of the family.”

Keith raises an eyebrow. “I… am, though?”

“Why? Because you’re like second or third cousins with Lotor who is second or third cousins with someone who is also second or third or fourth cousins with Acxa, who is married to my sister?” Lance demands. “No! I don’t even know how to trace that far out!”

He’s right. Shiro got lost somewhere around Lotor’s unnamed second or third cousin. Keith tried to explain that to him on the way over too but they both gave up on that family tree early.

“I mean, who does? Acxa’s my cousin. Veronica’s my cousin-in-law. Simple.” Keith shrugs. “And I just wanted to thank your mom for her well-wishes, because Acxa said that Veronica said she’s really happy for me and my new husband.”

“You just wanted the free strawberries.”

Keith shrugs unapologetically. “You forget the tamales. My squad loves them.”

Shiro nods at that. They do love those tamales.

Lance scowls, then notices that Kosmo is still sniffing at him. “Good for you. Now get your dirty dog away from my cow! Look at her, she’s terrified!”

“Geez, relax.” Keith chuckles. “Kosmo likes Kaltenecker. They’re friends. And look, she’s really chill.”

Shiro tilts his head slightly to get a better look at the cow. He doesn’t know cow body language,  but he has to agree with Keith. She’s just… munching on some grass with what looks very much like a less than impressed look in her eyes.

Lance looks rightly corrected, but he is stubborn. “He’s prowling!”

“He was gonna surprise her but you ruined it.”

Shiro blinks. Oh, that’s what it was? Yeah, it… makes sense.

“That doesn’t make sense! What kinda surprise? Pouncing on her, going straight for her throat?”

At this, Kosmo makes a small wounded sound, and looks at Lance, affronted.

Lance looks back at the wolf, wary. “How… How is he doing that?”

“He can understand you, and he’s offended you thought he’d hurt a friend.” Keith says, starting to glare now.

Shiro has had many moments where he had to physically steer Keith away from someone important but also incredibly stupid,  because they were about to get hurt. He idly wonders if it’s time to start planning for another one of those moments now.

Lance frowns, but visibly backs down. “You’re a weirdo, Kogane.”

“I’m on a strawberry-picking date with my boyfriend and my dog. You’re the one hanging off a cow, McClain.” Keith points out.

Lance crosses his arms across his chest, slowly standing straight. He makes a show of it, like he’s totally not withdrawing from the cow he had been hugging, no, this is all part of very normal human behavior.

With a huff he says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Keith shakes his head, but Lance lets that pass and nods at Shiro instead. “Is this your Big Galra Husband who everyone absolutely loves, including my very best friend Hunk and the beautiful Princess Allura?”

“His name is not that long, buddy.” Keith says. “It’s just Shiro.”

Lance scowls and looks like he’s about to start another round of bickering so Shiro stands up and offers his hand. “It’s good to meet you, Lance.”

Lance gapes up at the Galra in his full height for a moment before finally shaking his hand. “G-Good to meet you too… big… really big guy.”

He looks at Keith’s smug expression before looking Shiro up and down again. “Man, you’re like a big tough dude, like Kolivan-styles? Wow.” He looks at Keith. “You and your mom have a type.”

Keith blushes, but holds his ground and scoffs. “Well, at least that type doesn’t have us pining after a princess we’ve known for like a decade.”

Lance’s expression darkens. “Low blow.”

“Is it?”

“Yes! I’m not gonna jump on her right after that break-up with Lotor! I’m not that kind of guy…”

“That break-up was… five years ago.”

“I’m patient!” Lance whines, a last minute resort. “Unlike some people, who finds one guy and then runs away to elope.”

This time, both Keith and Shiro blurt out, “We didn’t mean to!”

They all fall silent.

A butterfly flies by and Kosmo starts chasing after it again.

“Fine.” Lance says with a resigned sigh. “Yeah, Hunk did tell me about that weird bird alien thing, but he said you’re actually dating now?”

“I am courting Keith, yes.” Shiro crouches next to Keith on the grass so Lance wouldn’t strain his neck looking back and forth at both of them.

“Courting?” Lance raises a brow, watching the couple. Keith is back scrutinizing a strawberry and Shiro is watching him fondly. “Is that a Galra thing? Acxa and Vee never mentioned something like that. Sounds romantic. Didn’t peg you for a romantic, Kogane.”

“I’m not.” Keith says.

“Figures. You gotta have feelings to be romantic.”

Keith chucks dirt and leaves at him.

Lance splutters, shaking them off. “What the quiznack, man?!”

“I have feelings, Lance. Right now, my feelings are ‘Throw Things at Lance McClain, He Deserves It’ .”

Shiro hides his laugh behind a snort.

“Aw, you’re laughing. You think he’s cute like this, don’t you?” Lance points an accusing hand at Shiro. “This is your type? Grumpy and rude half-alien hobo ninja cowboy?”

Shiro shrugs. “I mean, I married him, didn’t I?”

Keith looks Lance dead in the eye as he says, “Yeehaw.”

Lance holds on to Kaltenecker as he pretends to throw up. Unfazed, Keith bites another half of a strawberry before passing the other half to Shiro.

“Gross. You’re both gross.” Lance says, giving up for the meantime, slumping next to them on the grass and picking through their basket. “How do the others stand you?”

“They adore us. We’re adorable.” Keith says, tossing another strawberry towards the basket. Lance catches it and tries to eat it but Shiro very gently plucks it from his fingers and puts it where it belongs with a smile.

Lance just glares before turning to the strawberry plants and picking his own.

Grudgingly, he tosses some to their little half-full basket as well.

After a while, Lance coughs. “So… uh. Keith.”


“Uh. You… Have you… seen Allura lately?”

Shiro looks to Keith in time to watch him heave a long, heavy sigh. Keith looks back at him and sends him a ‘Do I really have to?’ look. Shiro only smiles and plucks a stray leaf from his hair.

“What… What’s with the sigh?” Lance demands. “What’s with the being sappy together? Do you two know something?”

They hear a voice calling from the distance.

“Lance! Put Kaltenecker back! She’s eating the fruit!”

Lance gapes as he turns to call back to his mother. “It’s Keith’s wolf’s fault! Make him put her back!”

“They’re guests! You put her back!” The woman then waves sweetly at them. “Keith, Shiro, you two stay for dinner, okay?”



On the way home, Shiro says, “You said you and Lance weren’t close.”

Keith shrugs. “Yeah. We’re not.”

“You’re good friends, though.”


“You listened to him talk about Princess Allura for two whole hours.” Shiro says, chuckling. “I think you like him a little bit, after all.”

Keith doesn’t say anything for a while. When he does, he says, “I did it for the strawberries. He’s a good picker.”

“Of course you did.”





Grandfather and I are doing well. The photos you sent last time were absolutely lovely, as is this package of sweet Terran fruits!

I had to hide them or else Grandfather will eat all of it in one sitting.

Now, dear, please ease our tired old hearts and tell us that while you stayed with your friend’s parents, you finally asked for their blessing to court their son.

Ah. See? I bet you are making that one face right now.

Did you really think you can get anything past your grandmother?



Keith looks up. “What is it?”

Shiro chuckles, shaking his head. “Grandmother is scary.”

Keith leans over to look at the message. Shiro lets him. When Keith finishes reading, he simply grins before going back to his own data-pad. “I love her already.”

Chapter Notes:

i wrote this actually after i just ate tamales. provided by someone’s lovely grandma. tamales and grandmas are great.

the decision to make lance as a model-actor-celebrity-socialite in this AU is inspired by his overall attitude to The Voltron Show. beb is a star in front of that camera. he didn’t have to do those aerial gymnastics but he did. he likes taking selfies with fans. he’s a star. i love my boy ! ! !

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