I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Keith and Shiro were friends and got married entirely without meaning to, but they don’t regret that, not now.
Now, Shiro is simply eager to meet his husband-turned-boyfriend’s friends and family. The thing is, Keith is kind of a celebrity, and that… that comes with perks.

Chapters: 9
Words: 27,067

don’t wanna walk alone (or run away)

Chapter 8
pidge, matt, lotor


Of course it would happen eventually.

How did Shiro not see it coming?

“Your first imperial gala! I mean, it’s not even one of the big ones, but still! Are you nervous?”

Chapter Notes:

this was originally meant to be two separate chapters but it felt weird to split them… and then it also felt weird to put them together.

but they’re already together so here we go haha

Of course it would happen eventually.

How did Shiro not see it coming?

“Your first imperial gala! I mean, it’s not even one of the big ones, but still! Are you nervous?”

He looks down at Romelle who is fastening the complicated ties in his Galran robes. He doesn’t understand what she’s doing. His eyes could hardly track the way her fingers were moving right now. He’s worn traditional wear before, being raised by grandparents like his, but he never had anything this fancy.

Fancy. And expensive. It’s for royalty, after all.

“I am nervous, yes.” Shiro admits. “I never saw myself attending any of these things, at all.”

“Don’t say that out loud in front of a journalist, a microphone or a camera. You seem like a private person, so you are going to regret that, very very much!” she says, voice chipper and smile bright despite the ominous warning.

Shiro gulps. “Okay.”

The door of the suite swishes open and then both turn to see… something… walk in.

“Quiznak, I just got here and I already wanna leave!” says the thing. “Why did I let Mom talk me into this…”

Shiro is sure there’s a… person… behind the mess of fabric, bags, boxes, papers, data-pads, computer consoles, tools and stuffed animals that just entered the room, with three differently-colored fuzzy space caterpillars hovering after it.

“Hi, Katie.” Romelle greets, not even looking up from fixing Shiro’s attire.

“Rommie, s’that you? Am I in the right room? This is Keith’s room, right? Matt didn’t prank me and send me the wrong directions?”

“You’re in the right place. Keith’s getting dressed. You should, too.”

There’s a loud groan and the creature named Katie hobbles towards a nearby couch and dumps all their belongings in it.

Katie is revealed to be a young woman, Terran, with short messy brown hair and lopsided glasses, still wearing rumpled clothes and a lab coat. She turns to them and blinks. “Oh, hey, you’re not Regris.”

“I am not.” Shiro says, smiling. “I’m Shiro.”

“Oh, you. Pidge, at your service.” she nods, looking him up and down. “You can call me Katie after you tell me all the dumb stuff Keith’s been up to lately.”

Shiro chuckles. “It’s nice to meet you, Pidge. Keith did tell me a lot about you.”

“Yeah? Good things, I hope.”

“You wish!” Keith calls out from one of the suite’s many adjoining bedrooms.

Shiro isn’t even sure where Keith really is. Keith had told him they’d have a room in the palace – and it turns out it’s a whole wing .

“Show yourself, Kogane!” Katie calls back. She grins at Shiro. “Good to finally meet you, husband-boyfriend. You clean up nice.”

“Excuse you, Shiro always looks nice.” Romelle says, patting down the robes one last time. She stands back to take in her handiwork and claps her hands giddily. “Oh, you look like a Galran prince!”

Katie whistles. “Wow. Yes, he does.”

Shiro blushes, looking down. “You’re both too kind.”

“No, they’re right.”

Keith strides in the room then, in his own expensive robes, hair braided intricately, the golden hoops on his wrists letting out a soft chime while he’s busy putting on an earring.

Shiro had thought he’d gotten a better hold on himself when he saw Keith dressed up like this the first time, back in that trip to Fluv.

It turns out he’s wrong.

He could only stare and… well… stare.

Keith smirks at him. It serves nothing but to bring Shiro’s attention to his perfectly-painted lips. “Like what you see, babe?”

“Holy shi- Is he flirting? God. He’s flirting. I never thought I’d ever see ninja-cowboy flirt. KeithKoganeisflirtingwithsomethingthat’snotaknifeoraplaneIcan’tdealwiththis.” Katie blurts out in one breath.

Keith frowns at his friend. “Thank you for your support, Pidge.”

“Love you too, Keith.” she says, then grabs one of the bags from the messy heap on the couch. “Rommie, help put me in a pretty dress too.”

“I can’t, sorry, Katie. I have event stuff to check up on!” Romelle says, already swiping furiously at her data-pad and walking away. “See you guys later!”

Shiro snaps out of it long enough to thank her for helping with his robes, but then he looks at Keith and he’s lost again.

Katie groans and heads off to a random room on her own.

“Call if you need help.” Keith calls after her.

She stops in front of one of the doors and asks, “Do some little tiny braids for my hair?”

Keith gives her a thumbs up. Then she’s gone. He looks up when Shiro steps forward and takes his hand.

Keith grins up at him. “You look great.”

Shiro lets out a breathless laugh, shaking his head as he takes the sight of Keith in. “You look perfect.”

Keith scrunches up his face, pushing him back half-heartedly. “Shiro!”

“What?” Shiro chuckles, not moving away. He brings Keith’s hand up and presses a kiss to his fingers. “I mean it, starlight.”

“Geez.” Keith looks away, pouting. “Stop that… thing, with your face.”

“My face?” he blinks, worried. “Is there something-”

“Nothing. Nothing! Your face is fine. It just does this… smolder thing.”


Keith nods, still avoiding looking directly at his boyfriend’s face. “Yeah. Don’t make me blush.”

Shiro grins. “I make you blush?”

“Shiro. Stop.”

He looks concerned, now. “You look even more beautiful when you blush, though-”

“I-! How do you just say things like that?!”

“Things like what?”

“Dammit. You don’t even know you’re doing it.”

“Doing what?”

Keith gapes at him this time, but before he could answer, they hear Pidge call out, “Keith! I’m stuck!”

They both laugh lightly at that, and Keith sighs. “I should go help her.”

Shiro leans down and Keith stands on tip-toes as they share a short kiss.

Pidge shouts again. “Are you making out in there? You’ll ruin your makeup!”

Keith rolls his eyes, and Shiro lets him go.



Keith helps Pidge wrestle with the dress, and then he starts the battle with her hair. Like everything else between them, it’s all quietly methodical as they go about their own tasks. Keith braids, and Pidge applies what little makeup she’s comfortable with.

“Hey, Keith?”


“You and your boyfriend look so in love, you might as well stop saying you got married by accident. Because no one will believe you.”

Keith looks back into Pidge’s eyes in the mirror.

He chuckles as he goes back to braiding. “I’ll take that as your approval.”

“It damn well is.” She rolls her eyes. “He’s got those heart eyes for you, Kogane. It’s just mean to think you’re not perfect for each other.”

Keith smiles, soft and relieved. “Thanks, Katie.”

“Anytime, ninja-cowboy.”



When they return to the main suite, they find Shiro sitting in one of the couches, petting one of the space caterpillars in his lap while talking enthusiastically with a familiar face.

Matthew Holt jumps to his feet when he sees them.

“Keith-cat!” he exclaims, smile bright and arms spread wide. “Oh wow, no wonder my boy Shiro here can’t stop talking about you. You look gorgeous!”

Keith couldn’t help but grin a little as he throws his arms around his friend. “Long time no see, Matt- Whoa!” He yelps when Matt lifts him up and twirls him around, then glares as soon as Matt puts him back on his feet. “Do you always have to do that?” He pats his hair to make sure it didn’t get ruined.

Matt drops a kiss to his forehead and smirks. “I’ll stop doing that when you grow taller than me.”

“Jerk.” Keith says, shoving him playfully.

“Hey, don’t ruin my suit.” Matt says, patting down said suit. He leans sideways to look past his friend. “And who is that perfect specimen of pure ethereal alien beauty with you?” He asks, grinning toothily. “The prettiest Arusian I’ve ever seen-”

Pidge grabs one of the stuffed toys from her couch – because that’s hers now, yes – and flings it at her brother. “Fuck off, Matt.”

Matt gasps dramatically. “Oh, I’ve never heard one curse before!”

She doesn’t look up from where she’s rummaging for something through her clutter of belongings but Matt does get another toy thrown at him.

“Oh, it’s Katie! Didn’t recognize you without the lab coat, baby sister.”

Pidge just shakes her head, but lets out a triumphant “Hah!” when she manages to retrieve a pair of strappy shoes. She plops down on a plush chair to put them on.

Keith walks towards Shiro and lets himself be pulled into the other’s lap. “I see you’ve met Matt.”

Shiro noses his cheek briefly and then smiles. “Actually, I know Matt.”

“What, really?”

“Keith-cat, you didn’t tell me your instant husband is my friend Shiro, the hero.” Matt says, sitting back on the couch with them.

“Wait, he’s that Shiro?” Pidge asks.


“Oh, wow. Nice.”

Keith blinks at his friends, then as his boyfriend. “Wait, how do you know each other?”

“Shiro was mine and dad’s pilot when we went to gather rock samples in Kerberos for dad’s research.” Matt says.

Keith looks to Shiro, who smiles. “It was one of my first missions, before I got assigned to your squad.”

“I see.” Keith nods, taking that in. Simple escort missions were commonly given to new Blade inductees when they start out, to get them used to pilot-and-escort duties, usually with Coalition representatives. A short and harmless research trip to a quiet, uninhabited planet’s moon is safe enough for a novice’s solo mission.

“We got attacked by rogue pirates but got out safe because of our trusty Blade escort.” Matt adds. “So me and dad kinda owe Shiro our lives.”

Keith looks to Shiro, grinning. “You didn’t tell me you were a hero.”

“I’m not.” Shiro says with an awkward chuckle. “I was just doing my job.”

“Still, man.” Matt shakes his head. “You’ve got that standing invite to dinner at our house.”

“You can take Keith.” Pidge chimes in.

Keith narrows his eyes at the siblings. “Like I haven’t been having dinner at your house since we were in diapers?”

“Sorry, Keith-cat.” Matt sniggers, poking Keith’s nose. “Shiro is our favorite Galra now.”

“Ouch.” Keith deadpans. “Even Colleen?”

Matt nods solemnly. “Uh-huh, even Mom.”

“Okay, now I’m really hurt.”

They all turn when the door hisses open.

“Ay, por dios! I’ve been looking everywhere!” Lance exclaims, throwing his hands up. “You-” he pauses, quickly counting the people in the room. “Yes, good. You four get off your asses, now .”

Matt checks the time in his data-pad. “Slow down, McClain. What’s up?”

“The party is about to start.” Lance says, face turning serious.


“Allura will be there. I can’t make a fool of myself!”

“Actually, you can. You’re really good at it.” Keith says, leaning back to snuggle closer to Shiro.

Lance scowls at them. “Believe me, I wanna ask nice people, like Hunk or Romelle, but they’re busy. So I got no choice but to go with you jerks.” He stops. “Except you, Shiro. You’re cool.”

Shiro looks at the others awkwardly before saying, “Thanks?”

“Please?” Lance whines. “You’re my best friends! My only hope! You guys gotta stop me from messing up.”

“Aw, Lance, buddy.” Pidge says, sounding touched, hands flying over her heart. Then she grins, smug. “You need more than four people for that. ”

Lance stares at her for a moment before he straightens up and huffs. “I know you’re just being mean. I’m gonna walk off now and you will follow me because you actually love me. Okay. Bye.”

Then he does exactly as he said.

Matt looks at the others. “So do we give him that satisfaction, or…?”

No one answers.

After a while, Pidge sighs. “Dammit, I feel bad. Let’s go.”

They go.



The gala is extravagant, and everything is shiny, and all the guests were practically glowing.

Shiro realizes too late that he got so busy worrying over what he looked like, staring at Keith in awe, and chatting with Matt that he completely forgot about a very important part of the gala: the guests.

He didn’t know any of these people.

Okay, no – he knows them, have seen them on broadcasts and in the news.

They don’t know him.

And he and Keith were supposed to mingle?

Lance had somehow managed to find himself with an impeccably-dressed, breathtaking Princess Allura in his arm, the Holt siblings flanking the two as they go around the room.

As for Shiro, he has found himself stuck with Regris when Krolia pulled Keith aside to talk to her son about something.

Getting stuck with Regris has its perks, though.

“A lot of these people know Keith, and they’ll try to talk to you. Most of them are okay. Most. Not included there is… ah. The big guy. You know him?”

Shiro looks and nods. “Lord Sendak?”

“The only. You know how he is?”

“I’ve heard that he’s… a lot. Keith doesn’t like him.”

“Yeah, can’t stand him, so just better steer clear.”


“Next, see that guy? Tall, thin, looks slimy? That’s Throk, he thinks he’s better than everyone, including the Emperor. He doesn’t really like hybrids, likes stirring up trouble. Just stay away from him altogether too.”

Shiro nods. Yes. Yes, of course, he can remember that.

“That lady he’s with, though, Commander Gnov. She’s scary, but fair. Just hold your ground and try not to look totally terrified if she talks to you.” Regris continues looks around, humming. “Oh. Governess Dayak – you see her heading for you, you run.”

“Uh… why?”

“She’s a governess, Shiro. We just run. Even the Emperor does.”


“Over there. You already know Thace, that guy he’s talking to is Morvok. He’s lower nobility and he always tries to charm Keith during these events. Keith knows how to handle him, but do not – I mean it – do not mention his height.”

Shiro looks at the small Galra man who barely reached Thace’s chest. “Got it.”

“Finally, you see that ancient-looking Galra there by that plant? Three eyes, blue robes?”


“Avoid him too.”

“Who is he?”

“My father.” Regris shrugs. “He thinks you beat me to Keith, so hates you.”

Shiro takes a deep breath. “Alright.”

A pair of hands cling to Shiro’s arm and a new voice joins in. “What are we talking about?” Keith asks.

“Regris’s father hates me.” Shiro answers.

“Oh.” Keith says. After a bit of consideration, he asks, “Want me to fight him, husband? For your honor?”

Shiro chuckles, “No, but thank you for the offer. I am flattered.”

“Ah, he’s heading this way. I think I’ll take him off your hands.” Regris says, sounding resigned.

“Thank you, Regris.” Shiro says with an earnest sigh of relief. Regris simply gives his arm a firm, reassuring pat.

“He looks grumpier than usual, Reg.” Keith remarks. “Good luck.”

With that, Shiro watches as Regris strides across the hall to intercept his father, saying something as he steers the older Galra towards another direction.

Keith turns to look up at Shiro. “How are you holding up?”

“I’m… good.” Shiro says, nodding slowly. “The people I’ve talked to have all been nice so far. But everything is just… very… fancy. I feel out of place.”

“You and me both.” Keith laughs. “But don’t worry so much. You’re tall and handsome and dressed to kill. Just don’t slouch, and you look like you were born in this.”

“I do?”

“Yes. And I know you don’t believe that – so let me tell you, on my way around, I’ve been approached by at least five other people-”

Shiro begins to frown, but Keith reaches up to poke his cheek.

“-and for the first time, they’re not asking me for a dance, or a date – they’re asking me where I found you .”

“What? Me?

“Shiro, you’re a catch. Shut up and accept the truth.”

Shiro smiles at him, fond.

“-and stop with the smolder.”

“I’m not doing anything!”

“You so are.” Keith says. Then his eyes catch something. “I see Hunk’s cakes. C’mon.”

He takes Shiro’s arm and pulls him towards one of the food tables. “I don’t see Krolia anywhere. Is she very busy?”

“There are a lot of Coalition members in attendance. More than they expected, so yes, she’s busy making sure all the, uh, tourists, are accommodated. Allura, too. Lance turned out to be a big help, come to think of it.”

Shiro looks across the room and sees Allura and Lance taking selfies with guests whose specie he’d never even seen before.

When they get to the food, he lets Keith pile up their plate with desserts.

“Oh, Mom said the Queens of Fluv are expected to arrive too. She said if we see them, to welcome them warmly, since it’s their first time in Daibazaal.”

Shiro smiles. “Are the kits coming?”

“Not sure, but they like showing their kits off, right? Maybe some are coming? Or… God. If all twelve of them came. Wow.”

Keith bites on a cupcake and nods in approval before offering it to Shiro to try too. Shiro has gotten used to that and goes with it all-too happily. As expected of Hunk, it’s a pure treat. They pass a bit of time this way, munching on snacks and sweets, Shiro holding the plate for both of them and Keith picking what they’re trying next.

Some guests pass by, greet Keith and introduce themselves to Shiro, congratulating them on the wedding, saying they’re very happy for the two but must admit that they were surprised to hear about it.

They tell the same excuse everytime – that they wanted the whole thing to be quick because of their schedules, and private because “You know how everyone gets with weddings, they always make it a bigger deal than it is, right?” . Mostly, they get nods of understanding.

A stern-looking Galra woman stops by and spares them a smile. “You are looking great today, Keith.” She opens her arms and Keith indulges the short hug with a smile back. “I’m happy to see you finally picked a mate, kitling. Good on you, he is a fine Galra. What is your name again, young one?”

Shiro clears his throat before speaking. “It’s Shiro, milady.”

“Shiro. Everyone is saying it’s a waste that Keith chose a commoner. Don’t listen to them, you two are young, and can ensure the future of your line just fine.”

Shiro nods politely. Keith smiles again. “Thank you, ma’am. We appreciate it.”

She pats Keith’s cheek once and then disappears in the crowd.

“Babe.” Keith steps closer to Shiro and gestures for him to lean down. When Shiro does, Keith whispers to him, “I don’t know who that was.”

Shiro’s mouth drops open. “Are you serious?” he whispers back.

Keith tries to muffle a giggle behind his hand. “I don’t know half of all these people talking to us.”

Shiro stifles his laugh with a snort, but it’s still too much, and both of them dissolve into barely-contained giggles, huddled close and holding on to each other.

“Ah! I’ve finally found the happy couple.”

They break apart and look up, because they both know that voice.

Emperor Lotor stands before them with a charming, gallant smile.

“Oh, this guy.” Keith says.

Shiro nods, wide-eyed and speechless.

Yes, he’d met Princess Allura. Lance McClain. Hunk Garrett.

Why did it never occur to him that he’d also eventually meet Emperor Lotor?

“Keith. Last time I saw you, you were shouting at me over a holo-call.” Lotor says, raising outstretched arms.

“Because you’re being a dramatic diva.” Keith says, but despite his snarky remark, he steps forward and shares a short hug with his cousin.

When they pull apart, Lotor nods at Shiro. “And you must be Shiro. It’s nice to finally meet my dear cousin’s husband.”

“Y-Your Majesty. It’s my honor.” Shiro hurriedly bows, doing his best to make it appear dignified while holding a half-full plate of desserts.

“Oh, please. We’re family. Just call me Lotor.”

Shiro only looks at him, open-mouthed. All he can think about is that his grandmother would freak , if she knew that her grandson is allowed to refer to their Emperor by first name.

“I’ll… try.”

“Please do. It’ll be no worse than all the things your boyfriend calls me.”

Keith hums as he nods. “Mm, yeah. I once called him ‘jerkface’ during a formal dinner.”

Shiro turns to his boyfriend, scandalized, but he quickly gets distracted when Lotor only laughs and then sighs fondly. “I miss your presence during formal dinners, kitling. Why did you stop coming to them?”

Keith shrugs. “Ma banned me after I set Throk on fire, remember?”

“Oh, yes. That.” Lotor nods. “A pity they put it out so quickly.”

At this point, Shiro has given up trying to make sense of all this new information, and decides he’s just in for the ride.

Keith tilts his head as if to look for something behind Lotor. “Where’s your girl gang?”

“You noticed!” Lotor says, grinning proudly. “I am completely free tonight! Someone might have urged Zethrid and Ezor to drink more than usual, and I’ve heard that they left early, very much tangled up in each other. Acxa is on vacation-”

“No, she’s not.” Keith says, looking unimpressed.

Lotor rolls his eyes. “Fine. I bribed Veronica to convince Acxa to go to a week-long vacation… that just so happens to coincide with this event.”


“Narti is… well, she never goes to these things, I’m sure she’s having a nice night with her cats.”

“Why are you trying to ditch your bodyguards?” Keith asks, looking very confused.

“Well, they… Hm, how do I say this… Like in that Earth movie we watched once… Oh!” Lotor snaps, looking pleased with himself. “They throw off my groove.”

That startles a short laugh out of Keith. “W-What?”

“That reminds me. Have you seen Allura?”

Keith shakes his head, groaning. “Is that it? Are you trying to win her back? After five years?”

“No.” Lotor huffs. “I invited a very special friend of mine, Ven’tar, and… um… I don’t want Allura to talk ill of me-”

“Oh. You don’t want your new girlfriend to meet your ex without you.”

Lotor closes his eyes and heaves a heavy sigh. “…Yes.”

Keith seems to consider before he says, “It’s easy to spot her. She’s with Lance. They’re very shiny when they’re together.”

“Thank you.” Lotor smiles at him fondly. He paused. “Wait, Lance McClain? Are they together ?”

Keith looks to Shiro, and Shiro lets out a pained smile. “I mean… they’re… trying.”

“Oh. Is it like that?”

“It’s like that. It’s cute, but painful for all of us around them.”

Lotor shakes his head, then seems to remember something. “Another reason I was looking for you two…”

“What is it this time?” Keith asks, bordering on whining.

“Patience, kitling.” Lotor says as he reaches into his robes. He retrieves a small box and offers it to Keith. “This is from Mother and Father, for you and your new husband.”

Keith and Shiro look at the box, at each other, and then back at the box.

Lotor smirks. “It’s not a honeymoon suite, Keith. You can’t make me send this back to my parents with a carefully-worded ‘there’s been a mistake’ message.”

“They-… But-…” For the first time in their conversation, Keith is speechless. “Didn’t you tell them-?”

“I tried to, I swear on Daibazaal’s name.” Lotor says. “But they already had it the moment they knew, and when I called to correct them later, they were stressing out because apparently Kova went into labor and they didn’t know how to deliver kittens. I couldn’t possibly distract them from that.”

They both stare at him.

“It was successful, by the way. A full litter of five. I’ve never seen Father cry so much before.”

Keith and Shiro exchange another look before Keith finally takes the box from his cousin. “Sounds like they’re really having fun in retirement.” he says. “I… still don’t know if we should accept this…”

“Just open it.” Lotor urges, gentle. “I think you’ll change your mind.”

Keith opens the box and his breath catches. Laid carefully in a deep red silk-like material are two crystals, deep purple in color, neatly-carved and roughly the size of Keith’s pinky finger. They remind him of amethysts.

“They’re beautiful.” Shiro says, setting aside their plate to stand behind Keith and look more closely over his shoulder.

“Careful. I was given instructions.” Lotor says. “Both of you, touch one each.”

They both follow the instruction, too curious to question it. The crystals glow dimly. To Shiro, that’s all that happens, but Keith withdraws his hand, surprised. By reflex, Shiro lifts his hand too.

“What just happened?” he asks, frowning down at the crystals and then at his fingers.

“I always forget that you’re quintessence-sensitive.” the Emperor chuckles. “ That , just stored a bit of your quintessence inside the crystals. Now, you try touching the other one.”

Keith does, and slowly, the other one – the first one he touched – glows a beautiful purple.

“They’re a pair.” Lotor explains. “If you touch the other, the one with your quintessence on it will glow, like that. It’s one of Mother’s experiments. You know, her little toys that she makes. I don’t know what she planned to do with these originally, but she told me it’s based on the same concept as your Marmora blades, only, as you can see, they come together.”

“Oh…” Keith breathes, drawing his hand away. The other crystal’s glow fades slowly. “Wow.”

“There’s a note.” Shiro points out. Indeed, there’s a small piece of paper tucked underneath the top cover of the box.

Keith takes it and reads it out loud.

Little Keith,

I made these little trinkets for Zarkon and I, before I realized that we are already stuck together most of the time these days and would have little to no need of it. Can you believe that?

However, after hearing of your marriage, I immediately went to dig these back up. I believe they might be of more use with you and your cherished one.

Truly, your uncle and I are very happy for you.

– Honerva (with Zarkon, who is busy looking after Kova and five healthy newborn kittens! Come visit soon!)

Keith huffs out a small, fond laugh. “Auntie…”

“It’s got your quintessence now.” Lotor teases. “You can’t give it back.”

Keith chuckles as he tucks the note back in the box and closes it carefully. He clutches it to his chest. “Don’t worry. We won’t.”

“I… don’t know what to say.” Shiro says, feeling choked up. He looks at Lotor and hopes his expression conveys the appreciation he holds for the gesture. “Please tell them ‘thank you’.”

“I will.” Lotor nods, looking very pleased at their reactions.

He starts to speak again, but ends up yelping when something crashes against the back of his legs. He looks down to see a colorful ruffle of feathers emerge from his cape to stand before him, six glass eyes looking right back at him.

“I-… I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to run.” The kit says, shaking slightly. “I was… I was jus’trying to find Master Kee.”

Lotor blinks. Kits aren’t usually brought to these events. And who-

“Well, it seems like you’ve found me, Your Highness.” Keith says, sounds very fond and amused.

The kit gasps and whirls around. Her tailfeathers fluff up as she chirps excitedly and practically latches on to Keith. “Master Kee!”

Keith laughs as he scoops the kit up and settles her in his arms. “It’s nice to see you, Your Highness. But you shouldn’t be alone. Where are your mothers?”

“They’re talking to a lot of people, grownup talk. I don’t like grownup talk so I go to find you because moms said you’re here too.” the kit says, cuddling close. “It’s so bright, Master Kee. Everyone is bright but not everyone is glowy. You’re still glowy, though.”

“I am?” Keith asks.

“Yes.” The kit nods. “Because you’re bonded with Master Sheero, right? You’re happy. So you’re glowy.”

“Oh. Okay.”

The kit looks up at Shiro and chirps happily. “Master Sheero is glowy too!”

“Thank you, Your Highness. I feel very happy indeed.” Shiro says. The kit reaches for him, so Keith promptly hands her over. She snuggles against Shiro’s chest, and giggles when Shiro deliberately purrs in return.

Lotor clears his throat. “I’m guessing this little darling is one of those sweet Fluvakian royal children you made friends with?”

“One of them, yes.” Keith nods, patting down the kit’s rumpled dress.

“Mister, you are also glowy.” the kit tells him.

Lotor raises an eyebrow. “Am I now?”

“Yes.” the kit nods, solemn. She looks around, happy to be so high up. After a while, she tugs at Shiro’s collar. “What’re those?”

They all turn to where the kit is pointing at.

“Oh, those are desserts. Snacks.” Keith answers. He picks up the half-full plate of desserts Shiro had put down earlier. “They’re sweet and they taste really good. Do you want to try?”

The kit eyes the colorful treats in the plate before nodding. “Okay.”

Lotor watches as his cousin feeds the kit in Shiro’s arms and patiently answers her every question. Shiro is content to listen to them, but sometimes he shifts the kit in his arms and chats with her too. Then Keith holds up a small colorful cake, and Shiro beats the kit to it.

The kit squeals. “No! Master Sheero, that’s mine!”

“Well, I am hungry too, your Highness.” Shiro teases.

“Hmp! I’ll be fast with the next.”

“Faster than me?”

“Don’t make this a game.” Keith warns.

This time when he offers up the cake, the kit pointedly pushes Shiro’s face away to get to the piece first. Shiro whines for effect, saying that he’s been defeated. Keith says it’s a shame for a warrior to be defeated by a kit. The kit hugs ‘Master Sheero’ and says they could share the next cake.

The three laugh together.

Lotor watches, and thinks – he doesn’t need six Fluvakian eyes to see the affection between Shiro and Keith, not at all. One would be blind not to see it, and even then, they’d still hear it – in the way they talk, the fondness in their voices, the sincerity of their laughter.

He shakes his head fondly and quietly excuses himself.





Before anything else, I would like to clarify something.

You probably watched the broadcast of the latest imperial gala. You may have seen that bit with one of Emperor Lotor’s cousins, his husband and an adorable Fluvakian kit.

Yes, that was me.

I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Shiro pauses and takes a deep breath.

His fingers hover over his data-pad, hesitant to continue.

He looks to his side, to Keith, already sleeping soundly under the softest blankets Shiro had ever touched, his dark purple hair strewn across the pillows. The moonlight streaming from the tall window of the palace makes his pale skin glow. He looks like a dream, and Shiro couldn’t resist leaning over to press a kiss to his temple.

Keith stirs a little, but only sighs and burrows comfortably in the pillow.

As Shiro sits back up to continue typing out his message to his grandmother, his eyes catch on the little box on the bedside table, sitting unassuming, beside their Marmora daggers.

It’s just what he needs. Shiro goes back to his data-pad and types, and types… and types.

He doesn’t re-read it when he’s done.

He sends the message.

He also sends a heads-up to his grandfather, as promised.

Chapter Notes:

deleted scene:
“hey shiro babe what if we just unleash this kit on allura and lance?”
“keith… starlight… my love…. no”

zarkon and honerva enjoying their retirement in a small countryside house, honerva free to tinker in her lab while zarkon sits back to admire his beautiful nerd wife with a bunch of cats draped over him… pls… it’s what they deserve… (also i based auntie honverva’s personality on what vld showed us when she and zarkon first met bc god they were cute af)

and yes the gift crystals bit is my nod to the series’ sheith-zaggar parallels <3


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