I may have accidentally married into Galra royalty.

Keith and Shiro were friends and got married entirely without meaning to, but they don’t regret that, not now.
Now, Shiro is simply eager to meet his husband-turned-boyfriend’s friends and family. The thing is, Keith is kind of a celebrity, and that… that comes with perks.

Chapters: 9
Words: 27,067

don’t wanna walk alone (or run away)

Chapter 7


“I go undercover for a deca-phoeb and when I get back, the love of my life is married to another Galra?!”

Chapter Notes:

i promise, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds

It had been an uneventful quintant. Shiro and Keith are on their way to the dining hall, sharing a data-pad to check out the specs of a new, experimental fighter-class spacecraft when Keith’s comms line chimes.

He responds as soon as he checks the name. “Thace?”

The call is private, so Shiro doesn’t hear whatever the other commander says, but he watches as Keith stops in his tracks, eyes wide. Shiro stops too. After a moment, Keith nods.

“I’m on my way. Thanks, Thace.”

He hangs up and turns the other way, taking off into a jog.

“Shiro. Med bay.” is all he says, voice clipped and urgent.

Med bay? That rarely meant good news. Shiro doesn’t ask questions and simply follows.

Keith practically barges inside the med bay, demanding the nearest attendant, “Where is he?”

There’s a voice that Shiro doesn’t recognize.


They both turn towards the source and Shiro sees an unfamiliar Galra, covered in bandages but sitting upright on one of the beds. Ulaz is standing by the bedside, busy running diagnostics on a console.

The Galra brightens up and grins. “Keith!”

Keith scowls as he charges forward. “You!”

For a tick, Shiro thinks that Keith is about to attack the wounded Galra.

That’s not what happens, of course. Shiro watches as Keith throws his arms around the other Galra’s neck, and the Galra in turn scoops him up in his heavily-bandaged but steady arms, propping Keith up enough to be seated safely by the edge of the bed. They both let out a content sigh as they settle into the embrace.

“You scared the quiznak out of me.” Keith grumbles, hugging tighter.

The Galra chuckles breathlessly, patting Keith’s back. “Ah, little star is here and cutting off my airways. Now I really feel that I am home.”

Keith only clings more, and the Galra purrs.

This time, Ulaz speaks. “Regris is doing fine, Keith. Frankly, at the moment, I am more concerned about you breaking his ribs.”

That convinces the two to let go, but Keith doesn’t get up from his perch on the bed, and Regris resorts to carding his fingers through Keith’s hair instead.

Regris . The name rings a bell in Shiro’s head. Keith had mentioned him once or twice. They had been frequent partners during Keith’s first deca-phoebs with the Blade and both rose through the ranks together although with different specialties. Last time Keith mentioned him, he only said that Regris is in deep undercover for several phoebs.

He’s back now, apparently.

“Thace told me you just went dark. We didn’t hear anything from you for several quintants.” Keith tells his old partner, frowning. “Don’t you dare scare us like that again, Reg.”

Keith’s hand clutches on the medical gown, shaking slightly. Regris puts a large hand over it and smiles softly. Now Shiro can see that he does look very tired. “You were worried about me, little star?”

“Of course I was.” Keith whispers.

“Well, as you can see, I made it back. In one piece, too.” He chides. “I haven’t seen you in over a deca-phoeb and you’re the only one who hugs me. Come here.”

Keith lets himself be pulled close. “Ulaz is not a hugger, huh?”

“He’s not.” Regris laughs.

“I do not hug my patients, no thank you.” Ulaz confirms.

“Not even after they came back from a traumatizing deep undercover mission?” Regris asks pityingly. He noses Keith’s hair, taking a deep breath. Then he stops, brows furrowing. He draws back slightly and blinks at Keith.

“What?” Keith asks.

Regris leans forward and sniffs his hair. “You smell different.”

Ulaz coughs. When he gets their attention, he tips his head towards Shiro.

Regris looks, probably noticing Shiro for the first time. Keith looks like he just remembered that Shiro is in the same room.

As for Shiro, he also remembers that he’s in the same room. “U-Um. Go on? Don’t… mind me?”

“Oh. Yeah.” Keith turns back to Regris. “That’s Shiro. My boyfriend.”

“Boy-… You mean… your mate?”

“Not yet. But he’s courting me.”

Regris stares. “Courting- You let someone court you?”

Ulaz coughs again. “They’re married.”

Both Shiro and Keith whine. “Ulaz!”

“Married?!” Regris exclaims. “I go undercover for a deca-phoeb and when I get back, the love of my life is married to another Galra?!”

Shiro freezes, but Keith just scoffs. “I’m not the love of your life, Regris. My name is not Killbot Phantasm.”

Killbot-… Isn’t that… a video game-?

Regris raises a hand to make a point, but couldn’t find one. He pats Keith’s head. “You’re a close second, little star.” Then he frowns, quickly withdrawing his hand. “You were letting me scent you!” He looks at Shiro. “You were letting me scent him?”

Shiro shrugs helplessly. “You… look like you had a rough time…?” When Regris looks at him like he’d grown two heads, he clears his throat and stands straighter. “And… I have no right to stop Keith from caring for and comforting his friends.”

Shiro means it, though he’d be lying if he says it didn’t concern him, that there is another person who so openly declares Keith as the (second) love of his life-

“So… you are married…” Regris says, slowly. “An arranged marriage? I don’t think I’ve met you, Shiro – which family did you say you were from?”

“He’s not royal.” Keith says. “And it’s not arranged. We just… got ourselves married.”

Shiro couldn’t help but chuckle. Yes, they did indeed simply got themselves married. Keith has always had a very accurate way with words.

Regris blinks. “Before establishing a mating bond?”

“It’s a long story. Just… that. Legally, we are married.” He pauses, looking up at his former partner. “Do you know what that means for you, Reg?”

Regris stares at him, eyes widening. “Little star…”

Keith nods.

Shiro waits with baited breath. Should he really be witnessing this? Keith letting down a Galra who seems to be sincerely fond of him-

Regris laughs as he clasps Keith’s arms. “This is great!”

“I know!” Keith says, excited. In a good way.


“Gods, you- Keith!

“I know!”

They hug again, this time actually bouncing happily together in the bed.

Also, it turns out Regris has a tail. Said tail is currently swinging back and forth happily.

Shiro looks to Ulaz for some sort of explanation.

Ulaz is watching the two younger Blades with a tired expression. When he sees Shiro’s confused look, he only shrugs.

“My father will finally stop pushing me to court you!” Regris says, giddy.

Keith laughs. “Yes! My mom says a lot of the others stopped asking about me, too!”

“Others ask about you?” Shiro asks.

Keith looks at him and shrugs. “A few.”

“A few?” Regris repeats, laughing. “You’re one of the most eligible royals in Daibazaal. Well… were.”

“Ew, no.”

“I’m less than a quarter royal and my father has been insisting I court you since I was… fourteen deca-phoebs?”

Keith shrugs again. “Didn’t work.”

Regris nods solemnly. “Didn’t work.”

“It comes as part of being an un-mated, unmarried royal-born Galra.” Ulaz explains to Shiro, who is still watching the two in confused fascination. “More so for Keith, as he is Krolia’s only kit, therefore the only heir. He didn’t tell you about his long list of suitors?”

Shiro thinks about it. Keith never mentioned any past relationships, he said there were none. Shiro knew the other Blades found his boyfriend attractive, but they were too intimidated to try courting. He also knew Keith and Krolia hold quite a high position in their society, though they were very non-traditional about it.

The suitors, though… that is new information.

“No…” Shiro answers. Because Keith never mentioned it, and he had no reason to think about it, himself. Neither of them were really all that concerned about this side of Keith’s celebrity.

“I don’t like talking about it. Mom and I are both too busy to worry about that.” Keith says. “I don’t care for any of them, anyway.”

Regris makes a wounded noise.

“You don’t count, buddy.”

Ulaz clears his throat. “Kolivan is on his way for a quick briefing. He will probably ask to clear the room when he arrives.”

“Oh. We should get going, then.” Keith says. “Catch up soon, Reg?”

“Of course, partner.” Regris says. He seems to consider first before he looks to Shiro. “Uh… I… You won’t mind…? I’m sorry, it’s just… been so long since I’ve been with… anyone…”

Shiro looks at him in question for a moment, not quite understanding what he means to ask. Then he notices the other Galra’s arms, raised towards Keith but keeping a hesitant distance.


Keith looks at him too, expression open.

Shiro nods at them. “Of course.”

He watches as the two hug again, as Regris nuzzles Keith’s neck affectionately and Keith rubs his back. It’s intimate, but not in any romantic sense. It’s a gesture of comfort, a welcome home.

Shiro finds that he really does not mind it, not at all. If anything, he feels… relieved. The Blades always try to appear as tough and disciplined as possible. It’s nice to know they can be understanding and open about one’s vulnerabilities like this.

They bid Regris and Ulaz goodbye, and greet Kolivan when they meet him on their way out.



Later, they retire to Keith’s quarters and curl up together on the couch, Keith sitting on Shiro’s lap as they watch holo-vids of cute Earth animals.



“Regris going dark with no contact… Is that why you’ve been distracted lately?”

Keith nods. “A bit. Sorry, I know you worried about me. I couldn’t tell you why. Mission details were confidential, only very few of us had clearance for them.”

“I understand.” Shiro says, nosing the top of Keith’s head. He frowns slightly as he notices the unfamiliar scent mixed in with Keith’s, but he doesn’t comment in it. “You two were close?”

Keith seems to read his mind as he tilts his head to look directly at him. “He’s my first friend here in the Blades. We were partners all the way to being promoted to lieutenant. He’s from lower nobility, we see each other during fancy balls and stuff too. So yes, we’re kinda close.”

Shiro nods. “His father wanted him to court you. If… If he had asked, before-”

“I’m gonna stop you there, big guy.” Keith says. He has an amused little smile on his lips as he scratches Shiro’s ear gently. “He would never. Regris is… not into those stuff.”

Shiro blinks.

“He likes video games, music, computers and other nerdy shit. That’s his life. He doesn’t do the whole romance thing.”

“Oh. I see.”

“Also… thank you.” Keith says, reaching up to press a hand to Shiro’s cheek. “I got Ma’s ears and not her nose, but I know scent’s a big deal for Galra. Thanks for letting me help comfort my friend.”

“Keith.” he sighs, smiling. “Of course I’ll let you. You’re your own person. I’m not going to be a territorial, possessive mate. You were helping a friend, I understand that.”

Keith smiles back. “Okay. We’re good?”

Shiro leans down, kissing him softly. “We’re good.”

Keith steals a couple shorter kisses before he settles back to his seat and his data-pad. Shiro holds him a little bit tighter as he nuzzles the side of his head and down to his neck.

“Why does your friend call you the love of his life?” Shiro asks absently. No hint of jealousy or demanding, only curiosity.

“Oh, that’s an inside joke. His father kept giving him ‘advice’ for courting eligible Galra, and one of those advice is to declare his undying love.”

Shiro chuckles. “Okay. I learned so much about you today, though. Do many people call you ‘little star’? I thought it was just your mother.”

“Ugh.” Keith groans. “Not really. Reg thought it was cute that Ma still calls me ‘little star’, like a kit. So he started calling me that too, to tease me. It was effective, I always got annoyed. It kinda grew on me, though.”

“So… you don’t hate it?”

There’s a pause.

“Shiro. Are you planning to call me ‘little star’? Like my mom does?”

He drops a kiss to Keith’s neck first. “It… It’s nice…”

“No.” Keith pouts.

“How about something else?”

Keith turns to look at him. “Why do you have to call me anything ?”

Shiro looks away, awkward, as he tries to answer. “I just… you… you call me ‘babe’ all the time. It’s fine in Earth language for you, but it’s strange in Galran for me because we don’t have informal versions of words and I’d have to use the word for ‘infant’…”

Keith chuckles. “Oh, yeah. That’ll be so weird.” He shifts his position, so that he’s straddling Shiro instead and they are face to face. Shiro easily adjusts his hold, wrapping his arms around Keith’s waist. “Do you really wanna call me a corny Galran nickname?”

“I want to… try.”

“Okay. What do you got in there? Hit me.”

“My heart?”


“Cherished one?”


“Dear witch?”


“It’s from that old Galran fairy tale about an emperor who fell for a wicked druid-”

“Okay, next.”

“I don’t have anything else- Lover?”

Keith smirks. “Can you say that? In public – like, can you say that out loud?”

Shiro groans and hunches forward, hiding his blush in Keith’s shoulder. He breathes deeply and nuzzles Keith’s neck again.

“…also, you said that me being scented by someone else isn’t a big deal, but you’ve been going at my neck the whole night.” Keith points out, teasing. Shiro nips lightly at said neck in retaliation, and Keith  squeaks . “Shi-! Did you bite me?!”

“Only a little.” Shiro says, grinning. “I didn’t know you could make that sound.”

“Jerk.” Keith grumbles, half-heartedly shoving his face away. “When will you get enough of my neck?”

“I don’t know. Never?” Shiro chuckles, simply going to pepper kisses on Keith’s face.

“Oh my God, you’re worse than Kosmo.” Keith says, laughing and just letting Shiro have his way.

Gradually the kisses turn from playful to sweet to tender, until Keith is catching one with his lips, and letting Shiro guide him to lie back down on the couch.

He’s breathless when he opens his eyes and looks up to see Shiro hovering over him, looking at him with dark cheeks and bright eyes.



Keith blinks. “What?”

“Can I call you ‘starlight’?” Shiro asks, soft and affectionate.



Still sappy, but-


Shiro swallows, looking somewhere else like he’ll find an answer there. “Because you’re beautiful? Like starlight? I thought, your eyes? They look like the universe. Whole galaxies in them. But I’m pretty sure you don’t want me to call you universe, or galaxy-”

Keith stares.

“Oh. That sounded stupid out loud. I-”



Keith reaches up, fingers curling behind Shiro’s neck. When he speaks, it’s in a whisper. “Let’s start small.”


“Mm.” he pulls the other down for a kiss. When they break apart, he says, “I love you.”

It’s the first time he says it.

Shiro closes his eyes and leans down. They breathe together.

He’s smiling as he says, “I love you too.”





You made Grandmother and I very happy that you’ve found someone you want to be your life mate.

Now, I was out drinking with my friends last night when we came across some Blade of Marmora agents. They seem to be taking a break from their duties.

I mentioned to them that my grandson is one of them, and from there, we had the most interesting conversation going.



When were you going to tell Grandmother?

Don’t get me wrong, young one. I am not angry.

All I ask is make sure to let me know when you are going to tell her.

I would like to be there when she finds out, so I can capture the look on her face.

Say hi to your lovely husband for me!



“What is it this time?”

“Oh, Mother of Gal.”

Keith drapes himself on Shiro’s shoulder and reads the message.

He snorts.

“I’m gonna call to say hello.”


Chapter Notes:

my human brain wanted james to be keith’s ex-partner but my monkey brain was like… why make galra!james when there’s big tol nerdy already-galra!regris lmao

is this chapter just an excuse to set up that keith had many royal suitors and also to have shiro call keith “starlight”? WHY YES.

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