Part 2 of We Are Young

Drabble collection of side-stories, outtakes and photo edits from ‘We Are Young’. Friendship-centric with some ships on the side.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 13
Words: 20,500

We Are Young: Sidestories

Chapter 4
Shopping Buddies


Freed and Bisca go shopping.

Chapter Notes:

Green hair is tricky to match, you’d need someone who really understands.

“I should get it. No, I shouldn’t. But it looks good. I should.”

“You should. It’ll go well with that skirt you bought last time.”

“Will it? Yeah, now that you say that…”

“Go on, buy it. It’s your birthday, treat yourself.”

“You’re right.”

“Of course I am. Go on, pick the right size and let’s see how it fits.”

They got the right size in no time, and it was indeed a great fit, and after finding nothing else that interested them in the store, they decided to go and pay for the item. As Bisca let the cashier ring up her purchase, Freed’s phone rang and he excused himself to answer the call.

As he walked away, Bisca noted the cashier’s eyes following her companion. When he was out of earshot, the woman smiled at Bisca. “I have to say, miss — you’ve got it good. My brother would rather die than go with me to shop for anything other than groceries!”

Bisca raised an eyebrow, then realized what the woman was saying before laughing pleasantly. “Oh, actually… we’re not, uh—”

“He is very handsome, too… Oh, you two are a sight, actually! Such pretty hair! Is it natural?”

“Oh. Yes, it is. Natural.”

“It’s so nice to see such close siblings these days, miss.”

Bisca paused for a while before simply giving up. “Well… yes, I think so too. I’m lucky, huh?”

“Very.” the woman said, voice down to a whisper because Freed had joined them again.

“Are we good?” Freed asked her, pocketing his phone and adjusting the several shopping bags he was already carrying.

“Yeah, let’s go.” Bisca replied, thanking the cashier again before walking with her companion out the store. As they walked around, Freed let Bisca hold on to his arm, both comfortable enough in each other’s company.

After a while, she decided to ask, “Do we look that much alike?”

“You mean besides our hair? I… don’t think so.”

“That lady in the store thought we were siblings.”

Freed chuckled. “Well, that lady in that other store thought we were twins.”

At that, Bisca burst out laughing.

“I always wanted a younger sister, though.” Freed considered. “I mean, I’ve got a ton now, what with Erza and… your girl gang.”

She pouted. “Hey, we’re not a girl gang.”

“You’ll make a cool girl gang.”

“Actually yeah, we would.”

“Just promise me you won’t try to beat Mira’s notoriety.”

“Oh, no, we can’t possibly top that.”

“Anyways, as I was saying… I always wanted a younger sister, to do fun things with. My older siblings are all too busy being such… Justines.”

“I don’t mind having a big brother like you either.” Bisca shrugged, grinning.

Freed smiled back, then looked up at the ceiling, sighing. “If the others heard us, they’ll say we’re drama queens.”

Bisca considered that, before scoffing and holding her head high. “Well, drama queens are still queens, so.”

“True.” This time, Freed laughed. “And this. This is why we get along.”

Chapter Notes:


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