Part 2 of We Are Young

Drabble collection of side-stories, outtakes and photo edits from ‘We Are Young’. Friendship-centric with some ships on the side.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 13
Words: 20,500

We Are Young: Sidestories

Chapter 3


Alzack and Erza. Cake.

Chapter Notes:

Alzack and Erza bonding through their sheer love of Bisca.

“Well, it looks like we’re not the only ones spending our Saturday cooped up in the kitchen.”

Alzack looked up from his complicated task of cake decorating. Every twirl of icing and every position of chocolate chips, sprinkles and strawberries should be precise. He wanted this cake to be perfect. But what Erza said intrigued him a bit.

“What?” he asked.

Erza looked back at him and opened her mouth to say something before closing it again and smiling. “You have… something…” She pressed a finger to the tip of her nose, and then pointed at his.

Alzack blinked before understanding the gesture and he reached up to wipe the icing on his nose. “Thanks. What were you saying?”

“Juvia sent me this.” she said, showing him a picture on her phone.

Juvia was the one taking the photo, her free hand covering her mouth to suppress a giggle. Behind her, Elfman was freaking out while probably avoiding getting splashed with cooking oil because Natsu was holding the frying pan up, and holding the spatula while laughing, obviously oblivious to the threat he posed to everyone in the kitchen.

Alzack snorted, then chuckled. “Well, that’s an unlikely combination to see.”

“She says they’re teaching Elfman to cook for Evergreen.” Erza said, putting her phone aside again, then going back to helping her companion. Her cake decorating pen hovered over a slab of chocolate, tracing loops in the air — a name in cursive, thinking of how to write it down in the chocolate they’ll be using as the cake’s centerpiece. Maybe she can put flowers on the corners?

“…and you’re teaching me to bake for Bisca.” Alzack sighed, going back to decorating the cake that he and Erza had worked all afternoon on. He’ll give it to Bisca tonight. They planned a dinner date together, for her birthday.

Erza laughed. “But you already know how to bake! I’m just helping out.”

“No, really. You did most of the work, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Like I said, just make sure Bisca texts me tonight singing praises in your name.” she finished the design off with a flourish. It wasn’t as impressive as… say, if Gray or Juvia had done it. She wasn’t an artist. But it was pretty decent, if Erza would say so herself. ‘Bisca’ written in a neat cursive script, with a border and simple flowers in the corner of the design. Erza felt a bit of pride — Bisca would love it, and she’ll be delighted that Alzack took the trouble of baking a cake just for her special day. “Here we go, the final touch.”

“It looks great, Erza.” Alzack said, holding his breath as the red-head finally laid the nameplate in the center of the cake, cradled by chocolate-dipped strawberries, icing and other decorations.

They looked at their masterpiece for a while, savoring the feeling of accomplishment.

He gave his companion a slight nudge with his elbow. “How do guys survive without their girlfriends’ best friend?”

Erza chuckled, returning his nudge. “They survive by wrapping the cake up as soon as possible and taking off, because their girlfriends’ best friend loves cake, and the cake looks really delicious right now.”

“Hey, we made an extra, right? For you.”

“I know, I know. I’ll gobble it up later.” Erza said shrugged. “In speaking of Bisca… She wanted to spend the whole day together, right? What did you tell her to get her to agree to just a dinner date?”

Alzack looked at her bashfully. “Well… I didn’t say you’re the only one I asked to help out today, right?”

Erza raised an eyebrow. “…and who is this other accomplice of yours?”

Another voice spoke up, making them both jump.

“Well, his girlfriend took my boyfriend away from me today, so there’s your answer.”

They turned to see Laxus retrieving something from the fridge before closing it back again. The blonde took a fork from the cupboard, and then left them in the kitchen again.

Erza looked at Alzack. “Freed?”

“He took her shopping.” Alzack shrugged. “They like shopping.”

“Oh. That’s really smart, actually. Should be effective and Freed’s really good at— Wait.” Erza stopped, dashed towards the fridge, swung it open, did a quick scan, gaped at the sight that greeted her and then took off, screaming. “LAXUS, THAT’S MY CAKE!”

Chapter Notes:

Laxus is a petty person.

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