The Super Cheesy Cliche High School Romcom no one asked for.

In which Keith and Romelle are siblings, Shiro and Sven are cousins, and everything changes when Sven sees Romelle and falls head-over-heels in love.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 6
Words: 14,178

we just fall where our hearts go

Chapter 5




“So you guys are dating now, too?”

Shiro nods in behalf of Keith, who is again in his headphones with his head on his sketchpad, tuning out the rest of their table.

“Huh. That’s cool.” Lance says, nodding approvingly.

“We’re happy you finally found love, Shiro.” Pidge adds. “After suffering from Sven’s disaster attempts for years.”

“I think we could have stopped after than first sentence, Pidge.” Hunks remedies kindly. “But we mean it. You guys look great together.”

Shiro ducks his head to hide his blush. “Thanks, guys.” He sends a smile Keith’s way even though he’s still lost to the world.

Then a low, cold voice cuts through his moment of appreciation and promptly sends shivers down his spine. “They do, huh. They look good together.”

“They’re perfect for each other.” says another voice. The words sound positive, but the tone is far from it.

Shiro looks up to see Romelle’s and Sven’s matching narrowed eyes.

“It’s a shame they never told us.” Romelle continues, sounding very, very betrayed.

Sven hums. “I kept asking him if he likes a certain someone and he just kept avoiding the question…”

“Then I learn from everyone that he’s been flirting-”

“-getting cute presents and he doesn’t tell me anything about them? Me? His favorite cousin-”

“Now it makes sense why he agreed to chaperone for us as soon as you said Shiro was coming too.”

“Me, his only cousin-”

“I shared every single love letter with him and he couldn’t even tell me he promised someone a date-”

“Me, his best friend -!”

It’s Matt who scoffs and tells them off. “Suck it up, you losers. You’re just bitter you two have been so wrapped up in your secret love letter exchange, you didn’t notice that your middlemen were getting cozy with each other.”

Shiro looks at him, wary but at this point, he’ll take all the support he can get. “Thank you for your input, Matt.”

“Hey, man, if this was a Cutest Couple contest, I’m Team Sheith.” Matt shrugs. Shiro considers forgiving him for all the times he sold Shiro out for food.

Sven and Romelle glare at Matt as one, then they go back to glaring at Shiro.

Shiro ducks again, this time hiding his face on Keith’s shoulder, but it looks like Keith really can’t be bothered at the moment because he just tilts his head to press a kiss on top of Shiro’s head and then goes back to drawing, not even glancing up at the others.

Lance, Pidge and Hunk simultaneously ‘awwww’ .

Romelle breaks and lets out a squeak. “God, I can’t stay mad! They’re too cute!” she whines, clutching at her boyfriend’s sleeve.

Sven sighs, shaking his head as he rubs Romelle’s back comfortingly. “I know, love. I know.”




Chapter Notes:

matt holt is, and will always be, the shining beacon of hope and sense in all sheith fics. the mvp.

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