The Super Cheesy Cliche High School Romcom no one asked for.

In which Keith and Romelle are siblings, Shiro and Sven are cousins, and everything changes when Sven sees Romelle and falls head-over-heels in love.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 6
Words: 14,178

we just fall where our hearts go

Chapter 4
we just fall where our hearts go




“Wait, wait – let me get this straight. Romelle, you and our good friend Sven here… are dating?”

Romelle grins proudly and nods. “Yes, Lance, we totally are!” She snuggles closer to her boyfriend’s side. Sven leans his head on top of hers and squeezes her shoulder. She had pulled him to sit with her and the Drama Club for lunch break, so she can tell her friends the good news.

Lance squints at them, trying to process the new information, then he leans sideways to stage-whisper, “I thought you said it was Keith and Shiro?”

Pidge has her chin propped up on her hands and was looking at the couple in scrutiny and confusion. She nods, “I did say it was Keith and Shiro.”

Romelle blinks, confused, while Sven frowns as he thinks about anything he might have missed.

“You see, all this time,” Hunk says, taking pity at the two and explaining. “We thought it was Keith and Shiro who were dating.”

As one, the whole group turns to Keith, who was busy sketching with one hand while holding his sandwich with another. He has his headphones on, and remains unaware of the attention until he glances up and realizes they were all staring at him.

He nudges his headphones down and asks, “What?”

Lance, King of Tact, bluntly asks, “You’re dating Shiro, right?”

Keith meets each pair of eyes staring at him, one by one, then shakes his head. “Uh… no.” he says. “Why would you think that?”

“You’ve been, like, flirting. A lot. Like, tons of giggling and whispering.” Pidge says.

“You spend like all morning before classes chatting by the lockers.” Hunk adds. “We kinda thought you two were… together, already. But you guys are both, like, really private people so we weren’t going to bug you about it, you know.”

“What?” Keith lets out a wary laugh. “I think you misunderstood. We just meet up regularly because these two,” he points his pencil at Romelle and Sven, “had this cheesy secret love letter thing going on. Complete with hidden identity stuff. Sven made Shiro deliver his letters and Romelle made me deliver hers, so that’s probably what you saw. Shiro and I are friends, we just bonded over how hopeless and sappy these two were.”

His friends all make noises of understanding. Lance and Hunk turn to properly congratulate Romelle and Sven now, while Pidge just snaps a photo because hey, they were adorable .

Pidge had been trying to take another photo when she catches two familiar faces entering the cafeteria. “Speak of the devils.” she mumbled, then raises a hand to call out. “Matt! Shiro! Sit with us!”

Matt and Shiro head over to them, Matt squeezing in between Hunk and sister, and Shiro sitting in the space Sven freed for him. The space beside Keith.

The others fill him in on what they had been talking about, and Shiro laughs bashfully. “We were just playing messengers.” he clarifies. “It’s nothing interesting. You guys should ask these two about their epic movie romance.”

It proves effective, because Romelle and Sven were all too eager to share the details of said ‘epic movie romance’, diverting all attention to them.

Shiro starts eating his lunch, now and then glancing at Keith’s sketch. It’s difficult not to – the lines were bold and vivid and the scene Keith was currently drawing already looked breathtaking.

Keith finishes his sandwich then rummages through his bag for something. He leans over slightly and whispers, “Hand.”

By now, Shiro knows Keith enough not to say anything and just hold his hand palm up.

Keith drops something on it. More origami , Shiro notes. This time it was a single red and green cube.

Shiro examines it first, before whispering back, “What is it?”

Keith goes back to drawing and shrugs. “Let’s see if you can figure it out.”

Shiro considers it again, then comes at a loss and just tucks the item in his bag. Later, he thinks. He’ll figure it out later.



Keith had been sitting on the roof outside his bedroom window, lazily strumming on his guitar, when he receives several texts from Shiro.


‘I’m about to give up’

‘Just tell me what to do pleeeease?’

It was followed by several crying emojis.

Keith doesn’t hesitate and starts a video call.

Shiro is still adjusting his phone on his desk when the video feed appears. What Keith can see of his room were bookshelves and white walls with dark-colored stars and planet stickers. He’d bet anything that they glowed in the dark.

“Hey.” he greets.

Shiro clears his throat first, then says, “Hey.”

Keith blinks, noticing something different- “Holy shit, you’re wearing glasses.”

Shiro looks surprised, and self-consciously adjusts his thick-framed square glasses. “Yeah, I, um, I wear contacts to school. The glasses make me look old. With the white hair, all.”

“That’s crap, you look good.” Keith says, and grins when Shiro laughs bashfully, scratching the back of his neck. Even with the poor lighting, he can makes out the blush on Shiro’s cheeks.

“Thanks.” Shiro mumbles, then it’s his turn to squint at Keith. “Are you… on the roof? Is that a guitar?”

“Yeah, I was just trying to figure out this song.”

“You play guitar.” Shiro’s expression is unreadable.

“A bit. I was in a band, but we moved, and one quit, and two graduated, so.” he shrugs. “I’m rusty, anyway.”

Shiro is quiet, looking like he was trying hard to process all that. After a while, what comes out is a quiet, “You’re so cool.”

Keith snorts, and starts to tell Shiro that he’s not that cool, but Shiro moves, and Keith notes something else. “Is that Keef?”

Shiro freezes.

Keith holds back a laugh as his eyes zoom in on the white bunny plushie in Shiro’s arms, sandwiched between Shiro and his desk. “Are you hugging Keef right now?”

Shiro buries his nose on the white fur and Keith could barely make out his muffled defense. “He’s soft, okay?” Then he raises Keith’s mystery cube in his hand, trying to get back to business. “So, what do I do with this? I figured I should be unfolding it a certain way, but I don’t wanna ruin it trying.”

“You could’ve Googled it, you know.”

“I don’t wanna ruin your surprise.”

Keith pauses at that, and he smiles lightly before sighing. “Fine, you big baby. Okay, hold it up, I’ll tell you what to do. It’s really cool.”

He walks Shiro through it, telling him where to pull or pinch, how to pry a side loose carefully. Shiro is an attentive listener and followed instructions well.

When they finish, Keith decides that he made the right decision starting this video call, because gets to hear Shiro’s small gasp and see his priceless, surprised and fond expression.

Shiro holds up the little red paper rose in his hand like it was fragile glass. “Keith, it’s lovely…”

“Right?” Keith grins. “That’s not all of it.”

“Oh… yeah…” Shiro says, then pries a tiny paper star from inside beneath the rose petals. He squints at it, then starts unfolding. His eyes read the written words and Keith finally knows how a person looks like when they melt . “Keith… This is really sweet. Thank you.”

“I know the Math League’s this Friday.” Keith explains. “Figured I’d wish you good luck. And remind you that I keep my promises.”

Shiro is quiet, delicately tracing the paper petals in his fingers.

Keith watches for a while before saying, “I want to go take the Ultimate Nerd to Waffle House, got it?”

Shiro laughs, soft and affectionate. “Got it.”




The following week, Shiro avoids most everyone like the plague.

Keith finds him anyway in one of the science labs.

“Takashi Shirogane, I know you’re in here. Matt ratted you out after I gave him a burger.”

Shiro groans, curses his best friend for the betrayal, and crawls out from under the teacher’s table.

Keith gapes. “Under the-… Someone your size? Seriously? I thought you’d at least hide behind a shelf or something.”

“Yeah, well, I didn’t have time to squeeze in between the cabinet and the wall.” Shiro grumbles, looking away.

He knew there was no use running, so he stays unmoving on his spot, staring at the floor, as Keith approaches him. He risks a glance to see Keith hop up to sit on the table.

“So… what, you’re avoiding me now?” Keith asks, and he doesn’t sound angry. He just sounds… concerned.

“It’s not you-” Shiro starts, and realizes that he’s about to deliver a major cliche. Still, there was no other way to say it, so he just cringes and continues, “It’s me.”

“Did you seriously use that line?”

“I know, it sounds really bad.”

Shiro finally looks up to meet Keith’s eyes. Keith looks both resigned and amused, and he just shakes his head. He says, “Hand.”

Shiro thinks he doesn’t deserve whatever sweet little cheer-up present Keith made for him this time, but he holds out his hand anyway.

Keith doesn’t put anything on it. Instead, he covers it with his own and twines their fingers together.

“How are you doing?” he asks, rubbing his thumb over Shiro’s knuckles comfortingly.

“Trying to hide from the Math Club.” Shiro sighs, involuntarily giving Keith’s hand a squeeze. “It’s so stupid.”

Keith frowns. “Hey, you got sick and couldn’t go to school. That’s not stupid.”

“Why that day of all days?” Shiro whines, looking up at the ceiling. “It’s my last year, the biggest competition for our club, and I couldn’t make it. It’s pathetic.”

“They still won.” Keith points out.

“Barely.” Shiro grits out, and he knows it sounds petty, but he couldn’t help himself. “I just wish I could’ve been there. They were counting on me.”

Keith keeps quiet and just holds his hand. Shiro feels bad for unloading this on him. Thankfully, Keith is being supportive and understanding-

Now Shiro feels worse.

“I let you down, too.”

Keith tilts his head and tugs at Shiro’s hand to make the taller teen turn towards him. “How is this about me?”

“Our deal.” Shiro says, sheepish. “Or maybe I was the only one looking forward to that- I just-… You went out of your way to make me that good-luck thing-”

Keith lets out an annoyed huff, this time shifting his position so they were fully face to face. “You know,” he starts, and tugs at Shiro until he stepped closer. “I never stated my terms in that deal.”

Shiro blinks, and tries to stay calm because Keith was so close and wow, are those freckles- No. No, Takashi, get yourself together-

“W-Well… Well, I lost, so… What… what were your- your terms, then?”

“You take me to Waffle House.” Keith answers, short and simple.

“But that’s-… the same-?”

Keith shakes his head. “Nope. You said if you become the Ultimate Nerd, I owe you a trip to Waffle House. Now, my terms are-”

“I owe you?”

“Yeah.” Keith grins and leans forward. “So, are you gonna honor that deal, or what?”

Shiro’s cheeks were the color of Keith’s motorcycle now, and he babbles incoherently for a couple of seconds first before he managed to form actual words. “T-The- The-… The game.”

Keith raises an eyebrow. “The what?”

“Sven has a game tomorrow, I have to be there.”

“Yeah, I know about it. Romelle’s going so I’m going.”

“Would you go with me to Waffle House? Before? Or after, I don’t mind either.”

“Sure.” Keith says, looking very satisfied. “Also, everyone’s worried about you. Stop sulking. It wasn’t your fault. You’re not less of a nerd if you got sick and missed one quiz bee.”

“It was a big quiz bee.” Shiro pouts, ducking his head, but he feels the beginnings of a smile on his lips. “For cool nerds.” He swings their clasped hands a little. “Did they send you?

“No. I sent myself, because I wanted free waffles.” Keith teases.

Shiro looks up with a fake hurt expression. “Keith, is that all I am to you? Free waffles?”

“Maybe.” Keith laughs. “I’m still deciding.” His phone chimes, and he clicks his tongue. “I gotta get back to the auditorium. We’re painting a lot of walls today.”

He lets go of Shiro as he slides off the table, and Shiro mourns the loss of the warm hand in his.

“May I go with you?” Shiro asks, before he could even think about it. “I mean- I like- I like watching you draw… and paint, I guess.”

“No, you’re not watching.” Keith scoffs. “Big guy like you, Professor Smythe’s gonna make you carry stuff around.”

“I don’t mind.” he says, and is all too happy when Keith holds his hand out again.




Shiro had always gone to Sven’s games with Sven’s parents or the Math Club. He has never experienced high school football games in the company of Drama Club.

Turns out, they are all very… passionate.

“GO LIONS!!!” Pidge screams at the top of her lungs, riding on Hunk’s shoulders.

“GET THOSE WILDCAT SUCKERS!” is from Lance, waving a pom-pom one of the cheerleaders had accidentally thrown at the crowd earlier. Matt slaps his back and joins in the screaming.

And then there’s Romelle standing on her seat, gripping both Shiro and Keith and shaking them back and forth when Sven scores a goal- “YES! THAT’S MY BOYFRIEND!!!”

“THAT’S HER BOYFRIEND!!!” Pidge, Lance and Hunk echo. Matt whistles loudly.

“LIONS!!!” their adviser Coran Smythe, joins in, waving a Lions banner.

“Sven did good, right?” Romelle asks Shiro. “I don’t understand football but he scored something, right, so that’s good?”

Shiro blinks. “Uh, yeah. He did great.”

Romelle nods, then goes right back to screaming. “THAT’S MY MAN!!!” Sven must have heard her because he waves widely at them with both arms. He blows a kiss to Romelle, who catches it and beams, “GO GET ‘EM, SWEETCAKES!!!”

“So you don’t really get what’s happening?” Shiro asks his companions.

“Nope.” Romelle says. “But like, the score says we’re winning, so whatever.”

“We just like screaming.” Lance chimes in. “We have no idea what they’re doing 80% of the time.”

“I’m the only one who really gets it ‘round here.” Matt adds. And, Shiro laments, he’s not in Drama Club. So he doesn’t even count. “Katie is actually allergic to sports.”

Doing sports.” Pidge corrects her brother, eyes intent on the game. “I like shouting about sports-” she stills when their Linebacker gets knocked down, and- “GET THE FUCK UP, ROLO!

“Language.” Hunk chastises.


Shiro turns to Keith, who has contented himself with simply holding half of their ‘GO LIONS’ banner to show his solidarity. “Please tell me you understand football.”

“Of course.” Keith says. “Just run around, tackle each other, something-something goal… score higher than the other team, right?”

Shiro looks at him in utter disappointment. “Oh, Keith…”

Keith pouts. “Don’t judge me.”

And then Sven scores another goal, people scream “LIONS!!!” again, and Romelle strangles Shiro and Keith as she cheers for her boyfriend.




Keith threatens Sven with his black belt, Romelle’s black belt, and his mother’s knife and sword collection exactly ten times, then lets Sven drive Romelle home.

Romelle had narrowed her eyes when Keith first told them that he’s going with Shiro, but Keith only said, “Shiro lost a bet and owes me waffles. Tell mom I’ll be back before curfew.” and then she lets it go.

Shiro looks ridiculous wearing Romelle’s pink helmet, but there weren’t that many options. He puts it on happily and hops behind Keith on his motorcycle very creatively named ‘Red’.

“If I’m the one taking you out, shouldn’t I be the one driving?” Shiro asks.

Keith twists a bit to look at him. “Do you know how to drive a bike?”

Shiro grins sheepishly. “I’ve always wanted to try.”

Keith rolls his eyes and reaches out to pat the ridiculous tuft of hair escaping from Shiro’s helmet. “Let’s take a raincheck on that one. I don’t wanna get in a crash for my first date.”

Shiro catches the shy lilt in Keith’s voice. Keith has always been confident and sure of himself, even when he’s flustered or confused, that it takes Shiro aback when he notes that Keith can be shy .

Something clicks in him then.

“This… This is your first date?”

A shrug. “I mean… yeah. Is that a big deal for you, or-”

And Shiro-

Shiro is horrified . “Are you kidding? I’m just taking you to some cheap Waffle House, after a football game you didn’t really get, wearing your sister’s helmet- And I’m making you drive- Keith, I’m so sorry-”

Keith stops him with a hearty chuckle and a playful punch to his shoulder. “Okay, now you’re channelling Sven-”

“No, Keith, I should’ve made this more special-”

“Shiro.” Keith says, firmly this time, and looking so fond that Shiro just shuts up right away. “Shiro, it’s fine. I’m enjoying it so far.”

Shiro still looks torn. “Really?”

“Really.” Keith nods. “I’m not my sister, I don’t need an all-expense paid trip to the amusement park.”

Shiro manages to muster up a smile as he leans forward. He had planned to touch their foreheads together, but couldn’t quite achieve the same effect with helmets on. Keith didn’t seem to mind, leaning as close as comfortable.

“So… just waffles, then?” Shiro asks.

Keith hums in thought and then smiles back. “Maybe add a milkshake.”

Shiro nods. “Anything you want.” he says, and means it.




Chapter Notes:

they kiss in the motorcycle on the waffle house parking lot but i won’t write that because that’s too spicy for this G-rated fanfic.

(it’s not. i’m really just lazy.)

this is technically the supposed end of the fic! the next chapter is a short coda, and then a bonus scene!

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