Young Dragons

10 Dec 2018

“Oh, you’re such men. Stop being so militant for a minute, would you? Natsu needs a purpose and you think soldier, overseer, political leverage – when he can just be himself. An Imperial Prince and a representative of the Emperor’s court.”

“Prince and representative?” Igneel raises an eyebrow at the woman. “Empress, aren’t we in this predicament in the first place because he’s so bad at diplomacy and table manners he punched a guest?”

(How Prince Natsu Dragonil of the Alvarez Empire is chosen to be Royal Ambassador to Fiore Kingdom, and how his entourage came to be)

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 4
Words: 47,032

Young Dragons


And so we return! I’ve been looking forward to writing this part of the story for a while, but life is getting in the way, and writing is HARD~
But here! It’s split into the 3 parts so I can get it out to you guys sooner. Hope you enjoy our trip to Alvarez!

AS USUAL: This story can be a standalone, or it could be read as part of this series in any order. Chronologically, this may fit in as concurrent to the events in The Duke’s Wife. Definitely before Stella and Salamander.

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03 Nov 2018

The Alvarez Empire ushers in a new era of peace. It’s what Natsu has fought for for the past few years, so he should find it easy to settle in, right?

11 Nov 2018

Natsu and Mavis take a morning stroll to the temples.

18 Nov 2018

Natsu gathers his team, but things aren’t always so simple when it’s about asking your friends to leave their home.

10 Dec 2018

Natsu gets to work – and learns a lot of things.

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