Homemade Dynamite


Andrei and Tristan had always been an odd but perfect fit, and they’ve settled into their odd but perfect normalcy. Hunter was new in town, and the two strangers who took him home from that one godawful party were the most fascinating people he’d met yet.


All stories in this collection are powered by a playlist filled with tracks from Taylor Swift’s 1989 and reputation albums, Lorde’s Pure Heroine and Melodrama, Charli XCX, Hayley Kiyoko, Tegan and Sara, and Neon Trees.
Yes, it’s that kind of #mood.

Andrei, Tristan, Hunter and Ragine are all characters recycled from older, abandoned novels, simply dusted off and given a fresher and more nuanced touch.

There are 2 works in this series.

“This was our thing. An needs and I give. An wants and I give. And that was fine by me.”

(Or: A study in love, friendship, intimacy and a relationship that stays in-between.)

Teen (13+)
Words: 11,575

slow down, boy blue.

18 Jul 2018

“Like they said, we want each other, it’s fun, it’s been a while, we were just fooling around.”

(Or: Hunter lets two strangers take him home and gets much more than he bargained for.)

Teen (13+)
Words: 14,496
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