labelTag: Friends to Lovers

“Is Jiang Cheng my boyfriend?”

Nie Mingjue looks at his brother, and just looks at him. He waits just a bit longer for Nie Huaisang to crack – to whine that he’s not answering, or even to laugh at the joke-

He doesn’t.

(Or, Nie Huaisang missed a very important memo.)

Words: 10,561

beads and blues

06 Jul 2021

Jiang Cheng and Nie Huaisang babysit little Jin Ling. Bead bracelets happen.

Words: 4,282

Soft Around You

10 Feb 2021

A companion fic to “Homemade“, in Jiang Cheng’s POV

Teen (13+)
Words: 9,771


29 Nov 2020

Then: Jiang Cheng was trying to find himself after his band took an unexpected break. Nie Huaisang was trying to prove he could be independent doing his art. They were roommates.

Now: An incident with someone who claims to be their fan leaves them shaken and second-guessing their choices.

Teen (13+)
Words: 23,923


26 Feb 2020

To combat a mysterious virus threatening to spread war and violence throughout the galaxy, the Galactic Coalition decides to form Tactical Sound Unit VOLTRON – fronted by galaxy-famous popstar Allura Altea and mechanic/pilot Keith Kogane, and backed by Captain Takashi Shirogane and the crew of the Macross-class ship IGF-ATLAS.

(Or: the Macross Atlas AU)

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 3
Words: 16,512

Shiro, the Altean royal family’s ward, had never been very interested in romance.
He’d much rather train and study.
Then he gets told that he’s about to meet his one true love.

Words: 9,759

Keith and Shiro babysit royal children in the name of interplanetary diplomacy. They end up married.

Words: 9,910

slow down, boy blue.

18 Jul 2018

“Like they said, we want each other, it’s fun, it’s been a while, we were just fooling around.”

(Or: Hunter lets two strangers take him home and gets much more than he bargained for.)

Teen (13+)
Words: 14,496

Ten Things

04 Sep 2010

Daidouji Tomoyo, in the eyes of Hiiragizawa Eriol, through the years.

Words: 1,253
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