Some people were born with Gifts. When the hunt began for the laboratories to capture them, to study and weaponize, a group of ordinary and Gifted people stepped up to resist. They're not heroes, they're volunteers. They simply do what they can.

Stories: 3 • Rating: T • Genre: action, family, friendship, romance, science fiction, slice of lifeA/N:Find art and posts about this series in my art blog's Volunteers tag at: https://artsy-alice.tumblr.com/tagged/volunteers

Eli knows that he has been through a lot - lost, captured, changed and rescued - all by the time he turned fourteen. So it goes without saying that Eli has no actual idea what Valentine’s Day is.

Words: 7,572 • Rating: T • 02/18/2017

Soren is in town on a mission. Clari is in town for auditions. His goal is to provide protection. Hers is to believe that she doesn't need any.

Words: 23,617 • Rating: T • 02/13/2017

Duncan's gift was special, but dangerous. "Use it to look." his mentor had told him. "But only on the surface. Don't go deeper."

But could he really follow that advice, when his friends - his family - were plagued by nightmares, and he had the power to help them through it?

Words: 6,687 • Rating: T • 06/29/2015