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up on melancholy hill

06 May 2021

At any other time, Nie Mingjue would have teased his brother relentlessly and given Jiang Wanyin the worst terrifying talking-to of his life. But they’re in hiding and on the run, being hunted by both their own people and the rest of the world – and this is such a painfully normal teenage thing to experience in the midst of all the bullshit they’re dealing with.

Nie Mingjue figures that he can let his brother have this much, at least.

(Snapshots of some quiet moments during a war)

Chapters: 10
Words: 21,652


29 Nov 2020

Then: Jiang Cheng was trying to find himself after his band took an unexpected break. Nie Huaisang was trying to prove he could be independent doing his art. They were roommates.

Now: An incident with someone who claims to be their fan leaves them shaken and second-guessing their choices.

Teen (13+)
Words: 23,923

a loving kind of boy

23 Jul 2020
Part of MDZS Modern AU Collection

5 Times Nie Huaisang Comforts Jiang Cheng Through the Power of Cuddles, Heart-to-Hearts and Cute Animals, and the 1 Time it was the Other Way Around

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 7
Words: 20,189

(An AU based on Marvel & Freeform’s Cloak & Dagger series)

Shiro and Keith were survivors of a life-altering tragedy that took away their loved ones but gave them special abilities and a mysterious connection to each other.

Shiro lived everyday wishing for closure for his brother. Keith for justice for his father.

Years later, fate brings them together once again – light & dark, hope & fear – to restore an upset balance and find answers to their questions.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 2
Words: 11,813

The Dreamcatcher

29 Jun 2015
Part of Volunteers Collection

Duncan’s gift was special, but dangerous. “Use it to look.” his mentor had told him. “But only on the surface. Don’t go deeper.”

But could he really follow that advice, when his friends – his family – were plagued by nightmares, and he had the power to help them through it?

Teen (13+)
Words: 6,448

Thane and Maiden

07 Nov 2014

Jarek and Kirr, and how they met.

Words: 2,613

The Third First Night

31 Dec 2013

On the third first night together, Lelouch didn’t hold C.C., as to him she was a stranger sleeping in his bed.

(Set in mid-R2.)

Words: 3,630


15 Jul 2012

How did Sophia deal with her son Kail’s death?

Words: 1,111

Something Lasting

08 Jun 2012

How Kenji sees Sophia through their long partnership

Words: 4,090
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