Laxus hates dealing with the guild kids. Specially his peers’ children, and their equally young friends. He’s not made to deal with lovesick rants, teenage spats, tea parties, or broken crayons.

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 6
Words: 16,925

5 Times Laxus Tries to Deal with Children (& the One Time He Gives Up)


So! This is a thing I came up with while writing Hands, yeah that other futurefic about little Luna Dragneel goin’ round the guild asking her older lady mentors about their rough-from-the-times hands.

I mentioned in my author’s note from there that I’m fond of the notion of Laxus and Freed being happy gay uncles to a bunch of kids, and then I realized — oh dear Laxus wouldn’t have the patience for that.

It all went downhill from there.

So yeah. Presenting! A supposed drabble that turned into a mini six-chapter affair~ Also ALL CHAPTERS are done (haha bc I got stuck with We Are Young so I just kept on this one okay sorry sorry I swear I’m working on that) and I’ll be posting one every other day. ^_^

Quick age note: Team Natsu and company are around 38 to 39. Older members like Laxus, Mira and others around 41-42. Romeo is 34, Wendy is 32. The little spawns’ (aka kids), as well as new OC guild members’ ages will be revealed as we go along in the story.

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31 Jan 2015

“Bro, you’re channeling your mom and everyone’s drownin’.”

02 Feb 2015

“That’d be awkward, Team Marygold without Marygold..”

05 Feb 2015
“It’s not my fault I inherited dad bein’ rude, right?”
23 Feb 2015

I’m not cute! I’m a fierce warrior!

27 Feb 2015

W-W-Why d’you broke blue-chan?!

02 Mar 2015

I don’t want kids. Let’s never adopt please.

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