Song of the Rain

12 Jul 2020

He looked different, he knew that. His hair was longer, body bulkier, skin scarred from battles and sun-tanned from the desert, face and ears pierced with iron. He was dressed in Empire robes.

He looked very far from that young guard-in-training she used to pass by everyday…

“You know my lullaby.” Lady Juvia said. Land, her voice was still as soft and delicate as he remembered, and when she spoke in dialect- “You speak my tongue.”

(Gajeel Redfox finally faces the last remaining reminder of an oath he took, and a purpose he had once thought would be his for the rest of his life.)

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 4
Words: 26,018

Song of the Rain


‘M BACK! Hello! It’s been a while! There’s… quite a lot of stuff that went down since my last update of this series. I’ve had the absolute worst couple of months in my life, and to be honest, I am still recovering. I’m coping! And this is one of the ways.

Anyways! HERE IT IS. JUVIA! GAJEEL! GRAY! LEVY! Friendship goodness! I’m splitting this into 4 parts to be updated as I go along this month.

TIMELINE NOTES: As always, this fic can be a standalone and the series can be read in any order. Chronologically, this bit falls after the events of Convocation. Gajeel’s backstory and current situation is also explored in Young Dragons.

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08 Aug 2019

Rain pours. Gajeel dreams.

19 Aug 2019

The Ambassador attends a meeting in Fullbuster House. Gajeel accompanies him, and is greeted by some familiar faces.

01 Mar 2020

The meeting finishes. Gajeel and Juvia say goodbye, and Juvia reminisces about her first days in the City.

12 Jul 2020

Gray seeks a friend’s help to send a message. Gajeel meets a little girl selling flowers. Levy has a visitor.

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