favoriteShip: C.C. / Lelouch

The Third First Night

31 Dec 2013

On the third first night together, Lelouch didn’t hold C.C., as to him she was a stranger sleeping in his bed.

(Set in mid-R2.)

Words: 3,630

I Met You Once

31 Dec 2012

When she was in hiding and he had no memory of the rebellion he led, C.C. met Lelouch once.

Words: 2,379

On their second first night, Lelouch had been a fool to think that C.C. will willingly share the blanket.

(They adjust to having each other back. Set in early R2.)

Words: 2,982

Semper Fidelis

04 May 2010

She has always been a dreamer. She dreams of every past life. He was always there. They always meet. Always touch. Always collide. And always keep one step in between.

He wants to change that. She watches him try.

Teen (13+)
Words: 10,547

For A While

18 Jan 2009

Victory. No matter how uncertain it needs some sort of celebration.

(The aftermath of Lelouch’s victory against Schneizel and Nunnally in ep25 of R2.)

Words: 808
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