Death and Ninja Mullet


“I’m a shinigami and certain circumstances happened that forced me to pass my powers to Keith. Now we’ve been informed that there’s a monster in town and we have to fight it before it can harm innocent people, both living and dead.”

…or the Bleach AU feat. Shinigami Shiro and Substitute Shinigami Keith.


No prior knowledge of Bleach required! 🙂

(Series has been discontinued for the meantime.)

There are 3 works in this series.

“Um, Keith?” Hunk started, voice gentle, as if he was about to break a very harsh truth to an unsuspecting person. “You’ve been sneaking out of class and someone reported finding you two walking out of a broom closet, and apparently – while the credibility of this one is questionable and I swear I’ll believe you if you say it’s not true because I trust you – Shirogane was seen sneaking out from your bedroom window.”

Well, shit.

He’s gonna kill Shiro.

Wait. Keith is gonna take a sword to the gut for Shiro so they’ll finally be even… and then he’ll kill Shiro.

Teen (13+)
Words: 10,727

“I’m like catnip for spirit-eating monsters, they’re going after my friends, I get my soul knocked off my body at least five times a day, my class thinks I’m a freak, Lance McClain of all people is all up on my case-… and my worst problem is that I have a fake boyfriend.”

Shiro listened, as he always did, and he laughed when Keith eventually said, “Fucking high school.”

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 5
Words: 0

Five Times Shiro and Keith Insist That Their Fake Relationship is Indeed Fake, and the One Time It Totally Wasn’t
(Snippets from my Bleach AU feat. Shinigami Shiro and Substitute Shinigami Keith)

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 6
Words: 0
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