Five Times Shiro and Keith Insist That Their Fake Relationship is Indeed Fake, and the One Time It Totally Wasn’t
(Snippets from my Bleach AU feat. Shinigami Shiro and Substitute Shinigami Keith)

Teen (13+)
Chapters: 6
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Speaking is Not Communication


This whole series is very slow-going but it’s… well… going. Anyway! Here’s the fluffy filler arc of the series! I planned to post this all in one go after I finished it, but I’m being lazy, so I’ll just… leave this here… post them up as I go. 😛

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favorite Chapter 1: Matt
29 Jul 2018

“How are you still pining over your own boyfriend?”

favorite Chapter 2: Hunk
02 Aug 2018

Keith and Shiro go on dates and have matching phone charms. Of course they’re not dating.

favorite Chapter 3: Coran
04 Aug 2018

Coran listens to Keith and Shiro talking heart-to-heart, holding on to each other because they’re definitely not gay.

favorite Chapter 4: Lance
06 Aug 2018

Lance signed up for an afternoon doing arts ‘n crafts with Shiro. How did he end up trying to salvage Keith and Shiro’s totally non-romantic relationship?

favorite Chapter 5: Pidge
09 Aug 2018

Pidge takes a scientific approach to the ‘Why Can’t Keith And Shiro Just End This Madness And Smooch’ case.

10 Aug 2018

A typical morning in the Kogane household. Shiro is there, because parents (and uncles) love Shiro.


Fic title is a reference to the iconic ‘Speaking Is Not Communication’ shirt that Ichigo has in the Bleach anime and manga.

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